Chilton Talks About Frostmourne, Legendary Armor

We've seen a huge amount of WoW coverage during the past week as Blizzard celebrates the MMO's five-year anniversary, including our own interview with Cory Stockton and Greg Street. The developers have participated in a staggering number of press events, as evidenced by the sheer volume of WoW-related features posted across the blogosphere. One of the most recent is the noteworthy coverage of the GFI (Game First International) carnival in Taiwan, where Blizzard gurus Jeffrey Kaplan, Shane Dabiri, Rob Pardo and Tom Chilton made an appearance.

The team over at recently posted a commentary of Tom Chilton's interview at the event, in which he talks about the future of WoW, the upcoming patch 3.3 and the reason why players won't have the chance to wield Arthas' legendary Frostmourne sword (like everyone thought we would last year). Chilton said that "Frostmourne will absorb the player character's soul when picked up, and the player character will be gradually out of the player's control, which will finally lead to the truth that the Frostmourne will play WoW instead of the player," according to the story. However, the developers are looking into the possibility of introducing legendary armor into the game, once they figure out the logistics. The story also features a 9-minute video of the interview; check out the full piece here.


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