Bornakk Discusses Heirloom Items in Cataclysm

According to a post by Bornakk, the World of Warcraft team doesn't have plans to make the currently available heirloom items auto-update to level 85 in Cataclysm. Throughout the thread, Bornakk explains that "heirloom items specifically state that they go from levels 1 to 80" so you get a lot of mileage out of using them for the first 80 levels. Bornakk does say the team has "thought of providing new heirloom items that must be earned at level 85," although nothing is set in stone at this time.

As for the experience bonus from some heirloom pieces, Bornakk said, "I think it makes sense that we won't want players to get a 20% exp bonus when leveling to 85." In response to a question regarding giving heirloom items to Goblin and Worgen alts, Bornakk said it seems highly unlikely they'd take that option away from players.

With the Cataclysm release date targeted for 2010, it's important to remember that plans can always change regarding heirloom items (and everything else for that matter). Still, what do you think about Bornakk's comments?


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It's only 5 levels and zones of content, so it's not going to matter. People will blow through it, XP bonus or not.

If I put the work and effort into obtaining the BoA gear I think I should be given the opportunity to use it until the level cap.

If they let you use what will then be old emblems in the new expansion, it takes away their ability to make you burn the new emblems in the new expansion. :P Nearly everyone has BoA gear, it would be like the whole game just got a 20% boost through levels 80-85, so they'd then just raise exp costs 20% to level... In the end you'd think you were going faster, but you wouldn't be. And in 2 months they'd just reduce the cost to level 80-85 :P
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Bornakk ...
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20% experience although useful is not make or break. Some very "simple" options.

- The experience bonus from heirloom items is either halved from 80-85

- The experience bonus will not work on any character on your account on a server that does not have a level 85 toon already. (similar to the cold weather flying tome)

- The experience bonus does not stack with rested bonus after level 80 (or altogether).

I only have one character right now worth using BoA gear on. A 20 priest. The rest of my characters are 80 or so close to 80 I'd rather just save the emblems. It would be nice to be able to have a reason to use BoA gear. The main reason I have BoA gear isn't for the XP bonus, but so I have a decent piece of gear that I do not have to upgrade.

If I put the work and effort into obtaining the BoA gear I think I should be given the opportunity to use it until the level cap.
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I don't need the XP bonus, but I'd still like to see heirloom items scale to 85.

It's only 5 levels and zones of content, so it's not going to matter. People will blow through it, XP bonus or not.
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# Sep 01 2009 at 12:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Maybe keep the old, change a few of the old for good or better. THEN At 85 be able to get even better heriloom items. 50% xp. (i guy can hope)and higher stats 8)
No heirlooms after level 80? Fine with the Rhenny
# Sep 01 2009 at 11:58 AM Rating: Decent
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I think not allowing those heirlooms adding xp from 80 to 85 within the first few months after launch makes sense. People will enjoy the new stuff, instead of rushing through.
However, once its possible to change a character to worgen or goblin, the heirlooms could be raised.

Or, from the point of view of the in game economy. Having level 80 to 85 heirlooms might be a decent gold sink that will help to fight the in game inflation of gold.
And finally... Its just 5 levels, people can do that without heirlooms.
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It shouldn't be a problem even if players have to WORK to get to 85. Heirloom items are nice and should stay were they are at, it won't bother me if the 20% xp boost stops working at 81 since it does state the item is from 1-80 they should retain the effects until level 81. But level 85 Heirlooms I think should benefit players in the later teirs of the game not just the beginning. Maybe they could add 15% experience bonus at level 20 or higher? BoA gear has changed the way people level and it makes them hurry through the game more because they don't need to waste time grinding for decent green/blue shoulders, chest pieces, and weapons. Hopefully with Catacylsm we'll see a change to the way people rush through content since they are changing everything pretty much.
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Any BoA gear you have with the 20% xp bonus sits at 80 until you ding 85, and pay or do a requirement of some sort allowing all BoA gear to upgrade past 80?

I could see how having to re-buy it may be a bit tedious for a lot of people, but it'd be nice if they didn't implement them. Once you're 80, and only have 5 levels left towards the dead wall/level cap, I don't see how you could want that much more motivation.
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