WoW Still F2P in China During Elongated Beta

As we've reported, World of Warcraft has certainly had its share of troubles in China since the license for the game changed hands from The9 to NetEase in June. Well, according to incgamers, WoW is still free-to-play in China while the game remains in closed beta pending authorization from the GAPP.

The WoW closed beta event started at the end of July and was supposed to last for one week. Despite the fact that NetEase says internal testing is complete, the wait for authorization has forced the beta test to continue for longer than anticipated. NetEase has already made changes to the game to meet strict standards, such as replacing icons of blood and skeletons with images of boxes and bags.


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Fail China
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ekaterinodar wrote:
Welcome to the joys of living under a communist society

I see your communist society and raise you a stupidity.

We have our issues, but I sure do love my US.
One Word: Communist
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Welcome to the joys of living under a communist society.
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"Trade Chat" wrote:
We've had talking cows from day one, and you're throwing a fit about talking panda's? Get over it.

China killed wow there....
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If I was in china I will move out in a blink idk why did they remove blood, skulls and every thing gothic? Looks like there making it in to WORLD OF BOXCRAFT HELLOKITTY ADVENTURE.... China fails! Thats y E3 is in japan!
China killed wow there....
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I'm pretty sure you can't leave China without special permission. But perhaps my info is outdated.

I wonder how you can tell what a button does if it just shows a box or a bag.
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