Ghostcrawler Says We'll See 31 Bosses in Icecrown

Despite the fact that patch 3.2, "Call of the Crusade," just launched, WoW fans have continued speculating about what we might see in Icecrown Citadel (that big castle where Arthas is hiding out). In a post over in the official forums (a post that has absolutely nothing to do with this subject, ironically), Ghostcrawler wrote that the upcoming dungeon will feature 31 bosses.

"[...] once we say 'tanking niches' players have visions of the DK who parks outside of Icecrown until boss 4, 17 and 31 (yes, IC is that big)," he wrote. When you consider that dungeons the size of Karazhan only featured half as many bosses, it leads you to believe that Icecrown Citadel could be the largest instanced structure we've ever seen.


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/sarcasm much?
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ghostcrawler wrote:
I put in the Yogg achievement with what I hoped was a ridiculous stand-in number. Clearly it wasn't ridiculous enough because players were variously excited or worried that it was a real number.

Then in an example on how we don't want raids to rotate in tanks, I wanted to pick what I hoped was a ridiculous number so that players wouldn't try and and deduce from my answer how many bosses Icecrown has.

Sadly, my sarcasm doesn't translate well to the forums. :)

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31+ Bosses
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You know, it didn't say that there would only be 31 bosses. There could be more.
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31+ Bosses
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That's true; there could be.
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I don't know if I like this. I guess I am just really anxious to fight the Lich King and I hate to have to battle through so much stuff just to get to him. I guess this is being designed for the new instance extender in mind but still it will take alot of time to try and learn 31 boss fights!

Guess blizzard wants this to last players till the next expansion?
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