Nihilum, SK Gaming Join Forces as Ensidia

Top guilds Nihilum and SK Gaming joined forces under the name TwentyFifthNovember to demolish Wrath of the Lich King's content in a surprisingly short amount of time. Well, Nov. 25 is now here, and they have declared their official guild name to be Ensidia.

The first post on their new Web site, which will be updated to contain a guild web portal within the week, voices concern that WoW has become too easy.

Indeed Blizzard said the initial content will be easy. But how easy should it be? We need to ask ourselves if this is the route we want WoW to take. Everyone in the community owes it to themselves and Blizzard to put this game to the test and ask the right questions. Only then can we help them elevate the MMORPG gaming experience to its next level.

You can read the full blog post below. Honestly, I suppose any game would be easy if you had the drive and manpower to complete the content. Regardless, the "easy" level of WotLK has been a topic of debate since its release, and I'm sure will continue to be discussed as people try out the new end-game content.


Today we are proud to declare our official guild name to be Ensidia.

Ensidia is a joint effort by members of two of the top guilds in World of Warcraft, with the support and endorsement of a private entity based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our guilds have made being at the forefront of PVE progression our modus operandi since the first installment of this game and, as Ensidia, we will continue to do so.

In addition, within the week, we will launch a guild web portal that will:

  • Be the hub for our guild members and likeminded folk.
  • Provide for the sizable hardcore/moderate population in our community.
  • Evolve to fit the complex tastes and needs of the WoW community in general.

Check back here over the next few days.

They said that on the 13th of November our definition of epic will be shattered.

True. On the 15th of November it lay at our feet, broken.

Malygos the Spellweaver, guardian of magic in all Azeroth, said to possess power rivaling that of a demigod, was taken down in gear obtained at level 70. Sartharion and Naxx were cleared with a group of 20 people at its first half - the type of thing that would happen when guilds did Onyxia for kicks, back in vanilla.

If this trend persists it could be the Fail of the Lich King.

We are going head to head with Arthas. We all know the lore and we all know how epic this is, how epic this should be. And yet something doesn’t sit right with the fact that any guild dedicating enough time could clear launch content within a few weeks to a month. You don’t have to be ‘hardcore’ to realize this is bad.

I think we need to get the word “casual” out of this conversation. You could raid for one night a week and if you had good players, you could get most of the way through BC content.
What we are really talking about here is that Blizzard may be tuning the game to the BAD players. You know the people who stand in the fire? Hardcore raiders may be a minority, but (hopefully) BAD players are a minority too - and aiming the game at them hurts the majority of players far more than catering to the Hardcore.
The joy of this game comes in overcoming challenges with friends. Some of my best memories are of the first few times we tried doing heroics - we wiped a lot but had HEAPS of fun. I have very few good memories of flying through Kara in 1hr - it was just………..meh.
There needs to be a wide range of difficulties with the content in the game and that means that BAD players will not get to see some of it and I am comfortable with that.
Casual players need to be encouraged and be given the ability to attempt harder content (10 man versions of the 25man raids really helps with this), but BAD players should not be able to beat Sunwell. If they can, then the game is going to go downhill fast.

Rarebeast of Equilibrium (Spirestone-US)

We could speculate that perhaps the Achievement System is the true hardcore element in the game while the bosses themselves remain fairly manageable. If so then the gravity of defeating any of these towering figures in Warcraft lore will be greatly diminished. You’d think that in an RPG this would matter. What we’re ending up with is fundamentally a step above an arcade game.

Both casual and hardcore alike need to be concerned if the game is being dumbed-down. We’ve already seen how the change to down-ranking will reduce the skill cap in PvP. It is a gamer’s nature to revel in challenge and we dare anyone to say otherwise. Do not forget there are countless skilled and dedicated guilds out there with a semi-hardcore to moderate raiding schedule that, like us, raid for the sense of achievement. Experience the music and the beautiful design all you want but the fact of the matter is content is what has kept you all coming back since 2004.

Indeed Blizzard said the initial content will be easy. But how easy should it be? We need to ask ourselves if this is the route we want WoW to take. Everyone in the community owes it to themselves and Blizzard to put this game to the test and ask the right questions. Only then can we help them elevate the MMORPG gaming experience to its next level.

Much has been said so far but we hold off judgment till 3.1

IRC: #Ensidia at QuakeNet

P.s We are in no way affiliated with “Ensidia Productions LLC (USA). Essentials Tech Ltd. (United Kingdom). Global Energy Technologies Ltd. (Dubai).”


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Just a thought here, but I would like to know what any issues would be with making "adjustable difficulty instances/dungeons". What I mean by that is, when you enter the instance dungeon, the server does the normal checks for level and all but also checks your party/raid size and automatically adjusts the difficulty. They could even implement a system where once you have entered, you can not change the party size. I guess the only problem I have seen with it so far is if someone has a connection issue but I am sure with all the people Blizzard has working for them they could come up with a reasonable fix. It just seems to be a good way to cater to everyone. I mean, whats the difference if you have 25 people in a raid or 2 people in the same instance if the difficulty is the same. They could even make it where the in the smaller parties that the high end drops have less chance of droping.

BTW, yes, I am one of your so called "bad players", or casual players. I have always been this way the entire time I have been playing MMOs (starting way back with AC). And yes, I would love to be able to see some of the high end content. Do I want it to be easy to get, not a chance, but I would at least like to know that it would be attainable without massive amounts of my real life time devoted on a daily basis and that I wouldnt get "tarred and feathered" if I had something more interesting come up unexpectedly. Even knowing it would take me a long time having to build up through tiered equipment to get to it would be fine. At least I would know it was possible some day. On top of that the way I was talking about would still allow raid guilds to get the stuff and get it faster.

Just an idea though. Would love some feedback on it.

The new guild
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The big picture is why should any guild be sponsered. We pay to play to have fun, not to get a big ego out of it and if they are getting to 80 and downing everything in 3 days that tells some of us they dont play to have fun they play to see how big of an ego they can get. Me and my husband have been plying for almost 4 years and yes he works a 10 to 12 hour job a day with 2 days off. You dont have to be hardcore to get what you want out of the game you just have to want it. So the rest of us dont want to go through everything in 3 days and end up sitting around the AH wondering why there isnt nothing to do.... Oh yeah everyone is missing the other big picture this is A game and we are here to make new friends and play a game that most of us enjoy. All my toons are 70 got 1 i got to 72 and teo that are 71 and got a DK to 70 , now the DK seems op but think about DeathNkight = Hero Class which in turns seems to make them look OP. I have had so much fun learning about the DK and am still learning so unlike others i will get all my toons to 80 and be downing the bosses as was before Lich just that we are taking our time and yes we are a raiding guild just not hardcore and no if a guildies wife is sick or child and they cant make it to a raid we dont GKick them it is part of REAL LIFE when you have a family and a job also we dont have to worry about being cussed out because we couldnt make it to a raid.
So to end this post just remeber WE ARE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TO HAVE FUN FUN FUN AND MEET NEW PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD... Sorry about the caps.
Elite/Casual distinction is not going to happen
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To the persons before me who suggested Blizzard should differentiate in raids for casuals and raids for "elite" players, where the elite players could distinguish themselves with better gear, you are still missing the point. Blizzard doesn't want a small minority to be able to obtain better gear than the rest. They want to cater to the casual player. And you can try to magically conjure a third group and call them "bad" players, all you want, but that's not how it is. There's people like me, casual players, and people who have far more dedication and time and want to be the top of the world, like Ensidia. We, the casual's are a great majority of the player base. And we want to be able to get the top gear too. Blizzard knows this, and also knows, that if the casual can't get the top gear, they might leave out of boredom, or because they feel they, the majority of the playerbase, are left out.

It has been said many times before: guilds like Ensidia, should not be considered the "default" when it comes to guild-capabilities and player-skill.

Then there's also the issue of defining what a "casual" is. Many players giving their reactions here, agree with Ensidia, yet call themselves "casual". The fact that they agree with Ensidia, simply means they're not the casual player Blizzard is aiming their content at. You all have to realize that, although, the outraged group agreeing with Ensidia seems[/i large, it's just a [i]minor, albeit very vocal, part of the playerbase. It gives a skewed picture.
How FFXI did it
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I have not played WOW for a long time like others have, and that also includes Raids.

However I did play FFXI for 4 1/2 years and had Sky and Sea areas open. You had to do several so called quest in order to even access these areas. The quest for the most part could not be soloed. You had to have a good party as well as try several times before you completed some of these quest.

For the most part everyone could get to these areas that wanted to, but you had to pay your dues in order to get there.

While I like the fact that you are able to level solo in WOW, no matter what Class/Spec you pick, I also like a challenge while playing.

The casual player wants to see the content like the elitist does, so let them in regular Raids, and let them recieve gear with stats to show the ease of the raids.

The Elitist want to have a challenge, let them have it. Make 25 man Raid so hard (Heroic) that some days they can beat them, and others they can not. This will make it a challenge for those who want it. For these raids make the gear with a lot better stats to reflect the efforts that they put forth.

This way the casual player sees all the game content, yet only the elitist will be able to have the best gear.

I myself play for fun and do not plan on letting WOW run my life like FFXI did, so I will never get into the 25 man heroics, but I feel that if people want to invest the time and effort into WOW like I use to than the should be rewarded for their effort.

WOW can be a game for both the casual as well as the elitist. We will just be geared differently, yet get to see all the game content.
Its About $$
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I agree with the post stating that the game is split into several camps.

I came from the EQ world, which I left after Planes of Power since it was obvious that SOE was targeting hardcore raid guilds with the end game content in releases. I'm not sure why a company would cater to less than 5% of its player base with new content and alienate the other 95%. Sure SOE threw the non-core some content but most was aimed at end game raiders.

It seems that Blizzard is trying to find a happy medium, and I'm not sure that's possible, but from a business aspect they are going to release what they feel will reach, retain and grow the subscriber base. If they lose the upper 3-5% (not sure the number) of the customer base cause it's not challenging enough, so be it that means their won't be lvl 80s sitting for hours in SW or IF in their newly acquired T7 armor and clogging up chat with "helpful advice" and they retain a large majority of the casual players with the new content, which do think they will choose?

I did the "hardcore" raiding for a couple of months in EQ and realized that it's not for me, so now I'm a casual player that likes to occasionally raid and that's working for me and that's why I like WoW. EQ was pretty much all group oriented and that was fine since that all there was at the time, but taking an hour to find a group then dealing with downtime to fill slots in said group, really got old. If that were implemented in WoW I'd be the first to bail, I like being able to come home from work and play an hour or so before my family gets home.

I don't want the game too easy, but at the same time I don't want to spend money on an expansion pack that I won't have the opportunity to see most of the content because I don't play 30-40 hours a week...

Edited, Nov 26th 2008 9:09am by Selexa
Its About $$
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On the other hand, I think there are viable alternatives, much better alternatives, to solve the problem you suggest. If the problem they're avoiding is having expansions that only add content at the high end, the easiest thing to do may indeed be to make it easier to get there. But, in my opinion, a far better alternative is to add content at lower levels in addition to the content at higher levels, and to be honest, I think Blizzard is doing great with that. The achievement thing is great, and for TBC, they added two new races, and made it possible for Alliance to have shamans and Horde to have paladins. There are also the new professions. The addition of the two new races in TBC also increased the geography at lower levels, providing lots of new content, if you want a stricter definition of content that refers to different quests, etc.

The Death Knight is a new class with this most recent expansion, and it is available not at the highest end, but at 55. Granted, I'm not there yet (due to altitis, mainly), but they could have made it 80 if they had wanted to do so. Providing new content for lower levels in the expansion means that there IS new content for lower levels in the expansions, and gives people at lower levels a reason to buy them. They did not need to lower difficulty in order to make the expansion exciting to non-hard-core players.

As a player who mostly solos, I'm very sad about the difficulty changes, because it makes it nearly impossible for me to have a real challenge, aside from only doing orange/red quests, and I'm the sort of person who likes to get involved with the stories and content, so I usually am loathe to abandon quests. If I don't want my green quests to go grey, I need to do them, which means that I'm almost always doing green quests. I will likely never raid, which means my only outlet for challenge is quests and the occasional 5-man instance. If those are consistently lowered in difficulty, it makes it less fun to play. I actually miss dying 80 times (exaggeration) on my undead priest trying to get Bernard's book out of Pyrewood among all the elite werewolves. Now that they're normal, it's kind of boring.

I definitely agree about casual: it's not casual players that are the problem, but players who, for some reason, just want to jump to 80 as fast as they can and then suddenly start doing what they consider "real" content. Now that leveling on the whole has become easier, they will have an easier time getting there. Then, since they had such an easy time getting to 80, the problem is that they probably won't be prepared for the content they think they want. Whether these players are casual or hard-core in terms of amount of time dedicated to playing the game is irrelevant, and there are probably some in both groups. It seems that challenge isn't as important so much as vanity, and they want everyone to think it's a challenge in order to boost their egos. I'm going to be generous here and assume that most players aren't like that, but they sure do seem to be louder* than most. And that seems to be the only real reason I can see for making things easier, when they were decent (and not impossible) to begin with.

*Although, to be honest, I've heard more stories *about* such players than those actual complaints. I don't really think I've ever heard someone complain about the game being too hard. Probably has something to do with where I hang out.
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Not Casual Vs. Hardcore
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I have to fully concur with them...

I'm a casual player. I am not a raider. I've never raided (save for a couple of encounters). I PvP for epics. I run heroics when I feel like it. But I spend time learning the game. I spend time learning the best gear, the best enchants, the best tactics for my level of play that I can achieve. I hate spending 3 hours in a heroic (I don't have that kind of time to just sit 3 hours straight). I want access to higher level gear without having to devote my time to a raiding schedule or raiding. I LOVED badge gear. I enjoyed PvP epics. I level many alts (which are all mostly 70 with a few 60s and a 30 sitting around).

With that said, I enjoyed the challenge of heroics. I enjoyed a challenge in 5 man instances. I remember up until the infamous patch that nerfed you were lucky to get through Ramparts with an at level group unless they had done it before and knew their class. I miss the possibility of wiping repeatedly. I miss having to figure things out. I miss having to heal/sheap/mash aggro buttons on the fly or else someone (usually me) ends up dead or lambasted by my party members).

This game I play for fun. I don't see it as a major life accomplishment. I respect hardcore raiders freedom to do what they do, but at the same time have no desire to do anything on a schedule.

I try to tune my builds for the best possible use, but refuse to take out my individuality from it. Sometimes I'll spec into something that someone says isn't that great because I like how it plays. I don't have top kills in BGs. I don't always have top DPS in heroics (although usually only the best of raiders could pass my mage pre patch 3.0). But I aim to do my best. I aim to learn my class. I read up on skills. I read up on game mechanics. I read up on lore.

Since the patch the game has gone down into the toilet. Instances are a joke. Heroics are a joke. I'm not perfect. I'm not the best player. Some of my characters are kind of pathetic. I expect to PAY for being badly geared. So that I have a challenge to overcome.

Personally, I found kara to be difficult (laugh as you may). I found some heroics to be ridiculously hard. But I ENJOYED it. I enjoyed going through instances AT LEVEL and having to fight my way through so I felt like I accomplished something. But now everything is just pathetic.

This is a game right? None of it is tangible. All I can walk away with is some entertainment and a sense of accomplishment. Like completing a cross word puzzle. Nobody cares. It won't change my day. It doesn't make me a better person. But its a personal accomplishment. But its like Blizzard exchanged our New Yorks Times crossword puzzles with children's place mats.

I was all game for PVP epics, badge gear, 10 man raids, and a general opening up of the content to more players. But never, by any means, did I want content dumbed down. I wanted ACCESS to more content. I wanted the ability to play at a casual rate and access more content. But I never wanted the game simplified to the point I don't have to think to survive an instance.

As the OP pointed out. This isn't a matter of Casual Vs. Hardcore. This is Bad Players vs. Good Players. Noobs vs. The State. Blizzard isn't catering to casual. Blizzard is catering to noobs. Not newbs. Noobs.

I'm letting my subscription fizzle...time to maybe find a new game...
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Not Casual Vs. Hardcore
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As one of those despised "casual players" I have to disagree that we all want things tuned down to where we don't have to work for anything. I never raid as full time work, full time school, 3 year old son etc. kind of make even moderate raiding impossible. I, however, have never once asked to be handed a piece of equipment equivalent to what you would get from participating in raids. I level my toons, and when they max out, I alt. If that gets boring you can get some pretty good equipment from BG's, crafting etc. Let the true elite players have their true elite gear; it has no impact on me whatsoever.

The only way they could ever balance it where both factions are happy is if they made dedicated, non transferable, heroic servers. Since this is never going to happen, both sides need to just chill out and enjoy the game. Let me reemphasize that. People need to chill out and enjoy the GAME. If this is eating most of your life, and the quickness with which you burn through the material upsets you, maybe you should try something in the real world for a while.
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Well after reading this post I felt the urge to drop my opinion here.

First of all I'll situate myselve as player.
I like questing(solo & group),dungeons(regular & heroic),Raiding(Old,BC and later on wotlk).
I do play on average 2 hours a day.This instead of watching telly.That doesn't mean I don't have a life neither.
I do spend my time in the real-world as well and more.

Blizz launched Wotlk on 13/11/2008 and poof everyone rushes off to the new content.
Cause they need to get lvl 80 asap and before everyone else.
As I've witnessed only 3 days after, someone achieved a Realm First on lvl80.Then I go my god!! Why do you rush these things?
Just to come back 2 weeks later and start whining that you're bored?

Now don't get me wrong everyone deserves to play the game they want.So if you want to rush off to the new content and be lvl 80 in 3 days.Perfect.But don't come complaining that you're bored a few weeks later or expect everyone to follow your footsteps.

You also need to respect the people who do take things in moderation.
Those people may be bad players as some would classify them.But perhaps they're just inexperienced in it and still need to learn or they just want to have a bit of fun without any effort as a relax and escape from the daily stress at work or in real life.

The fact is they are in the same game as the top-players and they perhaps do want to get in on Kara or BT or ZA.
Does this mean they wouldn't be allowed to enjoy this as the top-raiders think it's to easy and want to raise the bar?
No,they have the same rights to enjoy this as well.
Does this mean it should be all a walk in the park.No,there has to be a bit of a challenge for everyone.
But that's just the problem with an online game.How to set a dificulty lvl that benefits everyone?
On offline games you always have 3 settings and perhaps a 4th that you can unlock.
But for online games it's a lot more complicated.
It could be simply introducing different settings like they did with the heroic setting.
Perhaps it's possible to introduce a new setting called hardcore or elite.

But then you'll see a lot of whining of the elite on the fact that a regular played who does the same challenge on normal gets the same drops as the elite that does it on elite-setting.
Wich is totally normal as you can't create different content on such things.
Or you would need to create totally different realms and settings to log-in.
What can be done is by distributing badges as rewards for those higher settings.
But this in the end will only benefit 1 part of a player group.

But in the end don't we all need to get a bit back to the basics of and MMO-game?
It stands for Massively Multiplayer Online.
What's the purpose? Play with different people on different moments through different events.

If the elite is only letting other Elite players in and the Regular player only gets groups with Regular players.
Then we keep running the same content always with the same people.

Why wouldn't the Elite share their knowledge with the regular players?
Why not helping a regular player that's playing for several months perhaps years on the same game with the knowledge of an elite player?
Why just tossing them away with the statement "your gear is crap".
Earn some better gear and then we will pehaps let you in to jump through some more rings and hoops before you get started.

But if for that player the only gear that could improve him would be those harder challenges?
But he can't complete those with a set of regular players and needs some top-end guidance.Be it strategy wise or gear-wise.

See the infinite circle you're in??

Now elites shouldn't rush out and start assisting everyone that just can't kill any regular mob neither.
But if there would be assistance and guidance from the elite to the regulars.Then wouldn't it benefit you as elite in the end?Cause in the end you'll have a player that has the gear and knows how to play to assist you in your raids.
On the other side the regular player perhaps doesn't understand what it means to get better gear or why it's needed as he never enters such a place.Perhaps if you take him along and show it to him.He could start liking it and become just like you.

If you show people why it's widely more accepted then when just telling them.
That's simply inherent to us humans.We always doubt once words but accept the shown facts.

On the other hand the regular player perhaps can return the fun that you could have lost as an elite in simply enjoying the game and not seeing it as a daily taks.That gets you totally over the top and in the red is someone makes a bad pull and causes a wipe.

Think back to those days where you need to learn to swip or ride a bike/car/motorcycle.
Didn't you have someone to teach it to you?
Or did they simply tell you "your handling (=gear) is crap". Go fetch some better handling and come back then.
Perhaps I can teach you then.

As a final word to this long post.
We all have a lot of stress in the big bad world that's called real life.
why not leave that behind and get some fun time when playing togheter online?
It's a game that you play to get your mind away from the daily troubles adn life ain't a game.

Lich Down!
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Well try search a guild name Three Apples High or something like that
they killed Lich yesterday i saw the achievement and the tank had 2 tier 7 pieces Oo
saw him while i was questin on feralas he was fishin haha

his name doesnt remeber but will post it when i log in since since he is on my friendlist :)
# Nov 26 2008 at 12:00 AM Rating: Good
Woot - I'm famous - they quoted me on the front page lol

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Fly High Daevas,
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so apparently..
# Nov 25 2008 at 11:37 PM Rating: Default
3) Player-classes:
-Lazy Casual

Paladin: completely replaced t4 + badge (tier 1 badge) with quest/AH items from Wrath-content
Average Gameplay Time: 4hrs a day (many times just idle in city)
Gameplay: Casual -turned- Casual Raider (i dont kid myself)

most of you (lazy-casuals) still think the raids are like MC Raider song...

TBC removed the 40hrs+ raid; at most you need is 4hrs twice a week (8hrs total) to effectively clear all the TBC raids.

i'm a raider...i have a job, i go to classes, i go out on the weekends...and yet twice a week i am (well, was till Wrath came out now it's lvlin-time!) still able to devote 8hrs a week to raid.

you dont get a pay raise for just showing up to work...

you dont get a free-win playing sports (i highly doubt any of those who say this easy-mode is great actually play any type of sport)...

"but we're the majority!": who said so? prove it. not to mention you LAZY-casuals (aka BADs) are also the first to jump-ship to go play a new game (go on, say it "nuhuh, i dunt" because of course you will not lie..). so yes, lets have blizzard cater to a group of players who have the attention span of a **** ADHD-brat on a sugar-high (sugar just provides you the doesn't MAKE you hyper), who will probably leave again at the next new release of an MMO. all the while pushing the hardcore players that will not leave (unless the servers are shutdown) away, by..COMPLETELY REMOVING ALL CHALLENGE (and reason to play) FROM THE GAME

it's not even raids that are easy. i have a lvl 77 paladin...i have soloed EACH and EVERY 'group' quest that was 3-or-less "Suggested Players: ". i have seen general chat that goes along the line of "that's easy just solo it" and when you shift-click their name...they aren't even able to wear plate so yes...there doesn't seem to be much reason to even group up for quests.

the fun doesn't stop there...more and more i see groups running instances with out a healer just a tank and dps (not even a DK or retadin). and what do you know...they clear the instance just fine.

no one seems to understand, raiders dont care about casuals; they care about LAZY-casuals. who demand all the rewards with ZERO time invested.

go on now and commence the flaming of how you lazy-casuals are just as entitled to gear and achievements as the raiders and casuals, because this is the only place where you will get your way.
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# Nov 25 2008 at 9:12 PM Rating: Good
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Somehow WoW has become split into several camps. And Blizzard I think realizes this more than anyone is willing to admit. I am not sure any player has truly taken the time to consider the game from any perspective other than their own and this is frustrating and often leads to heated debates amongst players.
Group One is the type of people who for whatever the reason (no life, no gf, no kids, no work, no school, or very efficient time management) has the ability to dedicate 2-3 weeknights as well as several hours on weekends to raiding. This does not mention the time spent doing other things in the game... JUST raiding. They see their weekly raid schedule as fun, challenging and can NOT understand that other people might not have the time to dedicate to this. In fact, they find raiding to be so second nature that they often feel they must attack or degrade anyone who can't make "their cut". They immaturely and rudely attack people with comments like "It's a group game, it SHOULD require groups" or "N00b, you're not geared", or they refuse to play with anyone that isn't just like them.
Group Two is the ones who really enjoy the game but for whatever reasons (kids, school, job, wife, gf, etc) do not have a lot of time to play and are less concerned with a challenge as they are in just goofing off. They see raid schedules like a second job. They can't understand why they should have to cut off their right arm and give up half their life to enjoy "a game". These individuals paid the same amount of money as Group One, pay the same amount each month, and want to be able to enjoy the game in its entirety without having to fail at real world issues like keeping a job, taking care of their kids, etc. They get frustrated that most of the best gear, best recipes, best mats and big content requires dedicating 10-15 hours per week of time raiding (not to mention jumping through these raid guilds hoops) just to ge there. Often this is doubly frustrated because they don't have the time and may just want one thing from the instance. They can't understand why Group One has to be so elitist and self-righteous and refers to those individuals as jerks, pricks, or "men who live at home and have never seen a ******".
The real problem is, both groups deserve a game they want to play and both act like selfish immature jerks. Blizzard must try to balance the impossible and keep both camps moderately happy to ensure both groups keep playing. And as I have seen over the past four years this has eluded them as they continually see-saw back and forth between these groups. In my reality there would be two settings for the game. One where content and accomplishments are soloable-partiable (5 man) and another where the game is hardcore and challenging and only those who have the time and resources to break each attribute apart by class can feel they've earned their keep.
The problem is, even if they had a "heroic" setting and a "part-timer" setting, if they both gave the same loot and the same rewards then Group One would be calling unfair and whining like babies because someone got the same thing with half the work. And if the heroic gave better loot and rewards then Group Two would feel they're being screwed just because "they have lives". My opinion, we all pay the same, so we should all be able to enjoy the entire game. Equally. In the real world people are sometimes "born" with more privileges than another, and let's face it... this is just a game. So I say, cater to the average person. And put in "heroic" modes. Maybe have each piece of loot gained under heroic say "heroic" so they can feed their ego. OR, make them pay more per month so they can ask "why should I have to sacrifice more than John Doe to get the same things?".
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I've been playing WoW for over three years and I still haven't completed some of the pre-BC end game stuff. I find the game plenty challenging. But then, I only play for a short time Monday through Friday and then several hours on the weekends. I also spend a lot of time farming mats for my skills (rather than just letting one of my higher level toons buy the mats). I suppose the game is too easy for someone who plays many many hours a week and doesn't really have to farm.

OTOH, I did think it kind of silly for them to dumb down EVERYTHING with their 2.3 (or whichever it was) patch. I play solo most of the time, and some of the challenge has gone out of some of the early quests (and probably some of the later quests).

I don't think the game is too easy for someone who is starting a new character on a new server with no previous characters to help them power level or buy gear for them while they are moving up through the ranks.

Personally, I still find WoW to be the most fun game I've ever played, and I've been gaming since the only "electronic" games were pinball machines - electronic because they wouldn't work if they weren't plugged in.
--Sheryl M

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I guess I dont pay much attention or something cause I have no clue who any of these people are or what this has to do with WoW news? I gather that these people are unhappy with content or something and they are advertising a guild???

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Nitogs wrote:
I guess I dont pay much attention or something cause I have no clue who any of these people are or what this has to do with WoW news? I gather that these people are unhappy with content or something and they are advertising a guild???

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I agree. Seems like just a bit of elitist ranting and guild advertising to me.

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