BlizzCon's Over; Check Wiki Daily for New Coverage

BlizzCon 2008 may have come to a close, but our extended coverage of the event is just beginning. Our BlizzCon wiki is already full of exclusive panel recaps, interviews and photos for you to enjoy, but that's not all! The intrepid ZAM Network staff, including our tireless Allakazham employees, went without much sleep all weekend to make sure that you get as much in-depth information as possible, and new content will be added to the wiki daily. So bookmark the page and refresh it regularly for your BlizzCon fix.

By now you've probably checked out Wordaen's class panel review and found out that the Wizard is the new Diablo III class, but there are now full articles posted on PvP, dungeons, and a free-for-all Q&A session with Blizzard. One of the best news tidbits is that mounts will no longer dismount in water outdoors!

As for interviews, our team realizes that the community aspect of WoW is incredibly important. That's why even though our wiki is full of official news from Blizzard, there's also interviews with regular players. In fact, there's even an exclusive interview with costume contest winner Amanda Hosler!

I have also heard from Tamat that he got a chance to speak personally with the cast of The Guild. Keep checking the wiki for that. In the meantime, talk about BlizzCon in our WoW general forum and keep reading below for a summary of some of the panel articles.

While the Allakhazam staff members who went to BlizzCon are lucky in the eyes of most gamers, they really were hard at work all weekend covering panels, taking photos and interviewing players and officials. They have a ton of stuff to post, which is why the wiki will be updated regularly with more information.

As for the articles that are up now, they're filled with facts about the future of World of Warcraft. If you haven't done it yet, check out the class panel overview to see what changes are in store for your class. Also, read the new dungeon panel overview for information on the new five-man dungeons and raid zones.

Many thanks to Wordaen for all of his hard work writing these panel articles. I have summarized the Q&A panel and PvP panel articles below to give you all a taste of the BlizzCon information contained in the wiki, but you should read the full articles for complete information.

In the Q&A panel we learn that mounts can swim; Wrath of the Lich King will ship with daily quests; Blizzard is not happy with the dispel system and is considering a spell system overhaul with WotLK; there's work in progress to keep crafted gear more viable as you level by making it on par with drops; they are working on a WoW movie; they plan to look at the paladin healing tree to see if changes are necessary; DPS classes will be given more utility to make up for a drop in damage; Blizzard plans to revamp the quest interface to make it clearer to players; and death knights should be able to tank on par with a protection warrior or protection paladin with the right talents.

In the PvP panel we learn that arenas are being revamped to add new dimensions through obstacles; the Ring of Valor in Orgrimmar and the Sewers of Dalaran will be added as arenas; the new Strand of Ancients battleground will be a 15 vs. 15 attack/defend style with access to siege vehicles; Wintergrasp, the new non-instanced PvP zone in Northrend, is also an attack/defend map and will hopefully be filled with hundreds of players using siege engines and weapons in unrestrained PvP; in the future, you will be able to queue for battlegrounds from anywhere in the world; they're considering the possibility of making guilds be able to fight each other in battlegrounds; and they want to add experience gains to battlegrounds for all levels.


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That is EPIC win!!!!!!!!
# Oct 13 2008 at 12:57 AM Rating: Good
That Cosplayer who went to the EXTREME trouble to design and make that "Draenai on a turtle-mount" costume is the most Epic devotion to this game that I have seen yet. I don't personally APPROVE of such devotion...but I can certainly RECOGNIZE it for it's worth. Kudos x 100 to that lady. That is AWESOME.

-Regards to you all.

"Frostmourne is a Hunter weapon. True story."

-Greg the "Ghostcrawler" Street
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