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WOW Quest:The Ring of Blood: The Warmaul Champion (9973)21
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WOW Quest:The Black Knight's Orders (13663)20
WOW Quest:Among the Champions (13790)11
WOW Quest:Among the Champions (13793)11
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WOW Quest:Hellscream's Champion (11916)11
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WOW Quest:The Champion's Call! (12974)11
WOW Quest:The Champion of Anguish (12948)11
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WOW Mob:Death Flayer10
WOW Mob:Death Howl10
WOW Quest:A Recipe For Death (450)10
WOW Quest:A Recipe For Death (451)10
WOW Quest:A Slow Death (11020)10
WOW Quest:Brothers In Death (12725)10
WOW Quest:Death's Gaze (13120)10
WOW Quest:Death to the Necromagi (12552)10
WOW Quest:Deaths in the Family (354)10
WOW Quest:Noble Deaths (512)10
WOW Quest:The Chill of Death (375)10
WOW Mob:Gorgrim Shadowcleave10
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