Rampaging Through Wintersday

It started, innocently enough, with a snowball fight. I was casually wandering through Lion's Arch, admiring the hovering Asuran snow-making machines, when I was pelted by something soft and cold. Another followed the first, itself followed by barely concealed giggling. But this wasn't a player picking on my diminutive Engineer. Instead, NPCs and players were making the most of the snow, in a way that made it difficult to tell which was which.

And this is just the surface. Putting aside some snowball-fight based Turing Test; ArenaNet has packed so much into their Wintersday event for Guild Wars 2 that it'll survive even the deepest winter. 

Wintersday Is Upon Us!

Another month, another content patch for Guild Wars 2. But this isn't just any content patch, you know. It's the merriest and snowiest patch of the year - Wintersday!