E3 2015 Recap - PC Gaming

Welcome to the final article of our E3 recap series here on ZAM!

Yesterday's last E3 main event (3 of 3) was the PC Gaming Show. It was a brand-new event, and likely the start of a new E3 tradition.

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Film Friday: Six New Trailers

Another week that flew by and another great batch of videos are here for Film Friday! Today we got some launch trailers, a story video and a cinematic for you.

Film Friday: Twelve New Trailers - Part 1

Part 1 – Part 2

Donuts. Eggs. Trailers this week.

That's right, we've got a dozen trailers today. Continuing the current trend, we've split it in two parts. We've got a lot for you to see, so let's get right to it!

Star Citizen: Physics & Input Controls Explained

Clocking in at over 4,000 words, this is a real meaty transmission.

Arena Commander, the Star Citizen dogfighting module, was recently added to the game.
A few fighters felt the physics weren't feeling right, so Cloud Imperium CEO Chris Roberts and Physics Programmer John Pritchett have transmitted a detailed explanation of the game's flight model and input controls – graphs included.

Star Citizen: Arena Commander v0.8 Launched

"Arena Commander is a Dogfighting and flight simulation module
plugged into the previously released Hangar Module."

Star Citizen: a massive, enigmatic crowd-funding experiment in space. It's difficult to believe a game this ambitious could materialize, but it's happening: the Arena Commander module (v0.8) has launched. Now you can leave your hangar and put your MaxOx NN-13 Neutron Cannon to work.

Roberts Space Industries

Oh my.

Insure Your Starship!

Nothing gets me excited about an upcoming MMO like the mention of a nice, hardcore sandbox feature. The folks at Cloud Imperium Games did exactly that in delivering their most recent update on Star Citizen. While the blog post serves as a general FAQ of sorts, the point of interest to most will be the ship insurance.

Star Citizen Closes With $6.2m

PC gaming is dead! Or not.

The much-hyped return of veteran game designer Chris Roberts garnered a lot of attention back in October when it was announced. Roberts planned to use crowd-funding techniques to seal the deal on the development of his new online multi-player space sim, Star Citizen.

If there was any skepticism, every bit of it was eradicated in today's announcement that Cloud Imperium Games, Roberts' game development studio, procured over $6.2 million in crowd-sourced funding. Robertson Space Industries posted a special update on the official site:

"The battle is over and we - PC gamers, space sim fans, WingNuts, Lancers and the rest - have won. You've not only met every goal we set, you've exceeded them. Star Citizen will be released because of your dedication and your willingness to put your money where our mouths are. Our gratitude is immeasurable; we owe you our livelihoods and will not soon forget it."

With this crowd-funding in place, RSI not only warped past every stretch goal they set, but also became the highest-grossing crowd-funded game development project in history.