League of Legends: Patch 4.16

League of Legends Patch 4.16 is here, and with it comes a new chapter in the ever-evolving story of Runeterra. Get ready to uncover the secrets—and dangers—of the long-forgotten empire of Shurima.

Gigantic is Heading to PAX Prime

If you're heading to PAX Prime this weekend, be prepared for an encounter of epic proportions. The new independent game studio Motiga is making the journey to the convention. They're bringing their recently-announced, fast-paced third-person MOBA, Gigantic, for convention-goers to get their hands on. The team will also be revealing a new Hero at their "From Concept to Completion" panel and hosting a party to celebrate Gigantic's first appearance at PAX. You can expect drinks, music and prizes, so don't miss the celebration!

League of Legends: A New Dawn Cinematic

Today Riot released another explosively epic trailer depicting champions duking it out in the fields of League of Legends. As per usual for the game's cinematic trailers, you get to see some of your favorite characters tossing around signature abilities and going toe-to-toe with one another until only one side is left standing. While this trailer actually upped the "violence meter" just a tad by adding blood to a few of the action-sequences, there are a few things that haven't changed.

Yeah, Leona is still really hard to kill.

Dawngate Moves Into "Community Beta" Phase

Waystone Games has announced that its upcoming MOBA, Dawngate, will be entering a new "Community Beta" phase. This phase of beta will allow players to jump in and take a crack at the game without first needing to enter a key, which should serve as a way to get more players in and provide the developers with the data they need in order to make Dawngate the next great MOBA to hit the scene.

League of Legends Team Builder Goes Live

Tired of practicing a lane in League of Legends bot matches, just to queue up with a group and not get your desired role? Trust me, we've all been there when solo-queuing and not getting your lane can often times be more upsetting than losing a match entirely. Luckily, Riot has responded to the community's cries and has introduced a new feature that helps you claim the role you want and join, or build, the perfect team for you.

Introducing the latest feature to land in the game: "Team Builder".

Heroes of the Storm: Tech Alpha Walkthrough

Yesterday, legendary heroes clashed on the fields of the Nexus as Blizzard's upcoming MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, began its Tech Alpha testing phase. In order to help players who are just getting into Heroes get accustomed to the early stages of the game, the team released a "Tech Alpha Walkthrough" video that shows off the tutorial, quests and other important key features that will help you become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha Begins Soon

The time is finally approaching! Today Blizzard Entertainment announced that the Technical Alpha for its upcoming MOBA, Heroes Of The Storm, would soon be on its way and a select number of players would be invited to partake in the testing. Get ready to enter the Nexus!

Infinite Crisis New Champion: Superman

Infinite Crisis has a new contender in its ranks: the one and only "Man of Steel", also known as Superman, enters the fray. This melee bruiser has high sustain and several abilities that allow him to close the gap and get up close and personal with his enemies. And if you thought frost breath and eye beams weren't scary enough--wait until you see him chase you down faster than a speeding bullet.

Skara is Scraping the Surface of Kickstarter

Newly added to Kickstarter, 8 Bit StudiosSkara, is a new MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), that looks to combine some of our favorite things about all gaming genres and mesh them into an arena game like no other.  Skara’s own creators describe the game by saying “Imagine an experience with the action of Street Fighter inside a story and land like World of Warcraft, all blended into a fast-paced Call of Duty style arena.”  From watching the video, I can get a feel for what they mean by that.  The game really has a solid, fantasy basis to work off of.  The speed at which the player’s character moves through the world is similar to that which might be found in a game such as Call of Duty.  The Street Fighter comment has more to do with their directional combat, but I’ll get to that shortly.  

Infinite Crisis Announced

Infinite Crisis was announced this week by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment, as a free-to-play MOBA, developed by Turbine. The game will feature an expansive roster of DC Comics characters from all across the DC Multiverse.