WildStar PvP Livestream Video and Recap

If you missed last weekend's WildStar PvP livestream, have no fear because Carbine has the video prepped and ready to go for your viewing pleasure this week. Join Senior Community Manager, David Bass, Community Manager, Tony Rey and PvP Systems Lead, Jen Gordy, as they spill the details on everything related to WildStar's Battlegrounds and Arenas.

If you take away anything from this video remember to stay out of the red, go for objectives and lead your team to victory–or die trying.

50k Lego Piece WildStar Rocket to be Built at PAX

If you're planning to head to PAX East next week, you may be in for a pretty big surprise coming straight to you from the WildStar universe.

Nexus Talk Episode 45

Nexus Talk Episode 45 is here! This week join Richie Procopio as he shares his first experiences with WildStar's dungeon content. He jumps, he dodges, he even kisses the ground a few times, but in the end he comes out triumphant!

WildStar Pre-orders Go Live!

In case you missed the previous news about WildStar pre-orders beginning March 19th, we've got a reminder for you! That's right, pre-orders for Carbine's upcoming MMORPG have officially begun and now you can reserve a copy today and secure your passage to planet Nexus.

WildStar: NDA Lift and Launch Date Confirmation

Whether you're an Exile freedom fighter or a loyal soldier of the Dominion, the latest news relating to the upcoming Carbine Studios-developed MMO, WildStar, will definitely have you at  the edge of your seat. The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here.

Today, Carbine Studios made public WildStar's launch day and also lifted the NDA as a sign of them being ready to dish out all of the  information you need to lock-in your pre-order and prepare to set foot on Planet Nexus! The game will be launching June 3, 2014, and for those looking to secure their copy early, you'll have two different purchase options available: the Standard Edition and the Digital Deluxe.

WildStar Adventures AMA on Wednesday

Carbine Studios is hosting another Reddit AMA this week and the team is eager to answer all of your questions regarding WildStar's Adventures.

Black Gold Online Alpha Begins Late March

Snail Games has officially announced plans to begin alpha testing in North America for its upcoming MMO, Black Gold Online. While beta testing is already underway in China, North American players can expect Alpha Testing to commence in late March.

Nexus Talk Episode 38: Guilds and Circles

Nexus Talk Episode 38 is here! This week, join Richie Procopio as he covers some of the social aspects of WildStar with information regarding Guilds and Circles in the game. If you want to go fast, go alone. However, if you want to go far, go with a group!

WildStar: The Crafting Philosophy

In many MMORPGs players wield weapons of steel and magic in order to set out across foreign and dangerous lands to claim the title of "Hero". However, there are many different types of heroes. While some of these heroes are forged, there are those that do the forging themselves--these are the crafters.

Crafting in an MMORPG is usually at the economic core of any game in the genre, providing reasons for players to spend their gold and embark on adventures so that they may continue earning it. And while crafted items help provide a healthy in-game economy, a good crafting system provides much more to those who would take the time to master it. Creating a sword that was wielded by a warrior as she took on the game's final boss with her guild or a potion that allowed a healer to keep casting beneficial spells so he could continue to give his group a fighting chance. When implemented correctly, crafting provides the means for players to leave their mark in the game world in unique and helpful ways.

In Carbine's upcoming MMORPG, WildStar, crafting sits near the center as one of the game's core features. I received the opportunity to attend a round table discussion where WildStar's very own Econ Designer, Phillip Chan aka PChan, as we discussed Carbine's philosophies on crafting and what there goals for crafting systems are in WildStar. If you're unfamiliar with WildStar's crafting systems, or just want to brush up on some crafting-goodness, be sure to check out my "Crafting Deep Dive" article where I explain all the basics of WildStar's crafting and gathering systems.

Without further delay, let's talk crafting!

WildStar: Crazy Customization

MMORPGs come in all shapes and sizes and are defined by the individual pieces that make up the worlds that gamers thrive in. These pieces can range from environments and creatures to characters and story, but throughout the genre one staple has always nestled perfectly at its core--customization.

Whether you're changing armor, weapons, spells, abilities or your character's eye shape and hair color, tweaking and tailoring the game experience to suit your style has always been a major factor in any MMORPG. And while some games may be at the lower end of the spectrum compared to others of their kind, WildStar is definitely aiming to hit all the right points that give players the ability to customize almost anything they can get their hands on.