Review: Logitech G400s

Sequels are a peculiar thing. Sometimes they manage to build on the original, improving in almost every way. On other occasions they merely continue with the theme, extending the lifespan of a franchise. And then there are rare occasions where a sequel sinks badly, which is why there is only one movie called The Matrix.

Such is the tightrope that Logitech’s G400s Gaming Mouse, part of a new line-up from Logitech, finds itself on. Will it continue the legacy of the MX 518, a mouse held in high regard from the early days of PC gaming? Or will it fall into the abyss of obscurity? After close examination it’s safe to say that this is both firm and functional, without being a radical departure from previous mice in the same category.

Review: Logitech G510s Keyboard

When I started out in PC gaming some twenty years ago, the hardware landscape was pretty bleak. Excluding some minor tinkering, I’d use whatever came in the box until it became time to junk it and buy a replacement. It wasn’t until my University years that I started building my own, tailoring my rigs to deliver gaming power.

It’s probably why I developed a soft spot for my first gaming-related computer purchases. The Orchid Righteous 3D and SoundBlaster AWE32 are what started my search for Gaming Nirvana, but it was Logitech’s G15 keyboard that took it out of the case and on to the desk. With this keyboard I could see who was talking on Ventrilo or check to see if FRAPS was recording. In a sea of single-screen gamers I became a god of knowledge.

With Logitech’s latest gaming line-up featuring a successor in the form of the G510s, would I be lured back to the joys of an LCD screen? Or had the siren call of mechanical keyboards, exemplified by the G710+, tempted me away? For me, it’s a tough decision to make.

New Logitech G Lineup Unveiled

Veteran peripheral maker Logitech has just launched a new line aimed squarely at the PC gamer. Named Logitech G, the lineup includes four gaming grade mice, two LCD-augmented keyboards, and a pair of padded headsets with noise-cancelling microphones. 

Review: Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

In the past, designing an MMO mouse was all about cramming in as many buttons as possible. Today, with the proliferation of subscription-free gaming, the landscape is very different. We have a wider selection of MMOs to choose from, and tend to dip into more titles. For the modern MMO gamer, a dedicated mouse needs more than just buttons.

Entering this rapidly changing arena is veteran mouse-maker Logitech, with the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse being its first targeted squarely at MMO fans. At first glance it might look similar to other MMO mice already on the market, but underneath that unimposing exterior are some significant differences. Despite being more aesthetically restrained than other gaming mice, this is a strong contender for a spot on your gaming desktop.

Available in white or black, the G600 is wide in a way that provides a comfortable grip for my large hands, with a gently angled top that slopes down from thumb to pinky. Suitable for both palm and claw grip styles, the 4.7 ounce unit feels solid and robust, with wide feet ensuring a smooth glide. That unadorned housing also gives the G600 an almost business-like appearance, with the 6.5 foot braided cable being one of the few hints that this mouse is all about gaming; the other being a customizable backlight behind the thumb button grid.

The G600 is one of only a few MMO mice ready to work straight out of the box, with a profile of keybindings and settings stored internally. Downloading the Logitech Gaming Software allows this on-board profile to be tweaked, as well as enabling per-game profiles to be used instead. Profiles can hold three different modes, each with its own set of key bindings, DPI settings and thumb button backlight color, making it easy to tell at a glance what mode you’re in. Logitech offers a range of pre-built profiles for most games, even offering to sweep your hard drive and configuring matches.

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