Bring Your Friends to Heroes of the Storm

If you're one of the many Blizzard fans lining up for access to Heroes of the Storm–or if you're already playing and want your friends to join in on the action–you may be in luck. Heroes Community Manager, Vaeflare, posted that in addition to access granted from Blizzard, the team will be introducing two new ways to gain access to the game's Technical Alpha.

The Iron Tide Update Brings Fresh Content

ZOMG! The next World of Warcraft patch has launched, and 6.0.2: The Iron Tide has hit Azeroth, keeping those subs high and content fresh. The folks at Blizzard have been kind to wrap all the new changes up into a video; if you're the reading kind, read on!

Heroes Tech Alpha Enters Final Phase

After experiencing its week-long hiatus, the Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha is back online with a plethora of additions and updates as it ventures forth into its final phase.

Anub'arak Hero Week

Unleashing the spider webs just in time for October, Blizzard has revealed its latest champion due to hit the battlefield in Heroes of the Storm. Anub'Arak week is here, and this time around "The Traitor King" is seeking complete control of the Nexus!

Friday Update Arcade: Episode 4

Lindsay "geektr0n" Ferguson hosts ZAM's latest installment of Friday Update Arcade! Topics discussed are:

  • Blizzard announces that Project Titan is no more
  • League of Legends World Championship Series is underway
  • Steam pushes the "Discovery" update live
  • Curator pages are added to Steam
  • New games coming up!

Blizzard Cancels Next Gen MMO "Project Titan"

As early as 2011, news of Blizzard's secretive and upcoming MMO–codenamed "Project Titan"–was hitting the ears of many loyal Blizzard fans and video game news outlets alike. Though the game was never officially announced, it never stopped Blizzard from mentioning Titan in various forms, including the middle of last year with the announcement that development of the game would be reset, in order for the team to re-evaluate the direction they wanted to take with the project.

After months of silence regarding Blizzard's mysterious next-gen MMO, it was revealed in a recent Polygon interview with Blizzard Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Morhaime, and Vice President of story and franchise development, Chris Metzen, that "Project Titan" had officially been canceled.

Final Phase of HotS Technical Alpha Approaches

Since March of this year, players fortunate enough to be chosen to participate in the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha have spent hours participating in epic battles, striking deals with ghostly pirates, and summoning horrific golems to lay waste to enemy strongholds. In preparation for the next stage of the game's development, Blizzard has announced that the final phase of the Heroes Tech Alpha is arriving.

Wowhead Weekly: Episode 10

Party up with Olivia and Perculia for a new Wowhead Weekly: Episode 10! This week comes with a major bonus: comment on the Wowhead news post with your favorite Warlords item, and you could win one of 100 Warlords beta keys!

Now, for the topics covered in this week's episode:

Heroes of the Storm Introduces Chen Stormstout

Blizzard has released its latest Hero Page for Heroes of the Storm, and this time around we get introduced to the Wandering Brewmaster, Chen Stormstout.

Heroes of the Storm: 64-Bit Game Client Coming

Yesterday, Blizzard announced that it will be releasing a 64-bit version for the Technical Alpha of its upcoming title, Heroes Of The Storm.

This new version of the client will be available for alpha testers when maintenance is completed on the next patch day, and should provide players with a smoother experience while running the game.