Impressions From ArkShip

This past weekend I had the incredible honor of traveling to planet Nexus… er… southern California for ArkShip, Carbine Studios' first (of many) community focused events for WildStar. Volumes of awesome could be written about the Carbine staff and how they made all attendees feel almost like valued members of the team, not to mention their late-night karaoke prowess. Perhaps we can cover that at another time. But for now, I want to talk a bit about the game, if that's ok with all of you. Sound good?

WildStar Wednesday: Now Boarding for Arkship 2013!

Since Carbine announced WildStar at GamesCom 2010, we've learned some information about the game. Some lore, a zone or two, and a bit about combat/Telegraphs/other system design, but there's so much more that they've been keeping hush-hush about. Who exactly are the Dominion besides the enemy of the Exiles? What races make up the Dominion? What are the classes besides the three from the original videos? Up till now Carbine's been keeping their cards close to their chest, but as this week's WildStar Wednesday mentions, the answers to some of those question (and perhaps a few none of us had managed to come up with yet) will be answered in the near future.