World of Warships Fires Off New Cinematic


For those awaiting glimpses of Wargaming's upcoming action combat adventure on the high seas, World of Warships, the new cinematic will certainly wet the whistle.

Though not a full gameplay video, the very polished cinematic is a hint at the "immersive theater experience" awaiting attendees at E3 next week--hopefully this doesn't mean I'm getting thrown into a pool.

Wargaming Unites Accounts

Soon it will be even easier to enter the fray with Wargaming as the online gaming behemoth has announced the Unified Premium Account service.

Players who purchase a Premium Account in one game, such as World of Tanks, will have that account applied to all Wargaming titles, including whatever future games the studio currently has firmly hidden in its camouflaged sleeves.

Wargaming NA League & E3 2013 Presence Confirmed

Today, the leading free-to-play developer behind World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and the upcoming World of Warships, has announced via press release the launch of the North American League for World of Tanks.

World of Tanks Memorial Day Promotion

Memorial Day Weekend is here and World of Tanks is giving you the chance to honor our soldiers with a special in-game event that will mark the last of their Military Appreciation Month Event chain.

World of Tanks: Update 8.6 Outlined


Prepare to expand your battle plans as Update 8.6 will soon be hitting World of Tanks.

The next iteration on the phenomenally successful free-to-play game will bring economy changes, a new British medium tank -- the A33 Excelsior -- and other additions that will add breadth and depth to the already accomplished action/strategy combat experience.

World of Tanks: Giving Back


World of Tanks isn't just a game full of bombast; the Wargaming team is adamant in its approach to bringing an authenticity and respect for the real world campaigns reflected in the game.

As part of National Military Appreciation Month, World of Tanks has already been running a special bundle sale where 10% of proceeds will go to three charities: Homes for Our Troops, AMVETS and the Military Families Fund.

World of Tanks Celebrates Update with Live Stream


Update 8.5 is now live for World of Tanks, bringing a raft of changes to the wildly successful strategic, vehicle combat game. The new patch adds new German medium and light tanks, Soviet light tanks, the Pearl River map, improvements to the UI, an informative after battle statistics screen, more premium consumables and added access to in-game features for free-to-play combatants. Account Security breached

Developer of World of Tanks, Wargaming has warned they have detected a security breach in its account system, players are advised to change their password immediately and will get 300 gold for doing so. We are assured no financial information was accessed, but Wargaming believe that "some password hashes and email addresses may have been affected by the compromise." 

World of Tanks: Astro Headset Giveaway


World of Tanks is an epic game of strategy, guile and bombastic brute force and ZAM is giving you the chance to play the game and listen to every blast with sumptuous clarity.

We've teamed up with Wargaming to give you a shot at your very own A50 or A30 AstroGaming headset.

World of Tanks: Second Anniversary Party


For being just two years old (in North America), World of Tanks has already left a large mark in gaming.

WoT's upward trajectory doesn't look to be changing any time soon and players are being invited to join in the celebration.

Across this weekend, players will receive bonuses such as a 5x experience bonus for the first victory of the day in each vehicle, 50% Gold and credit discount to crew training and retraining and much more.