EQ Update #108

KoryuRagestorm has been busy lately adding pictures to different suits of ornamentations. He also did some updates to the anniversary event Pub Crawl. Barudin314 has also been working on unrest, permafrost, castle mistmoore over the past few days marking npc's as named or undead. I added the EoK quest Preparations of Forward Action I and changed some LoY/LDoN quests to PoP era that was recently changed in the April patch. Also I did some updates to the progression server wiki pages as well.

KoryuRagestorm reported that it looks like we're missing many Suits of Ornamentations. Particularly missing suits of Arx Mentis Cloth, Beryl Cloth/Leather, Bixie Cloth, Damsel of Decay Leather, Dark Elf Cloth, Ebon Cloth, Eternal Grove Cloth, Frigid Frostfell Chain/Cloth, Lcea Katta Chain/Cloth/Leather/Plate, Praetor Denik Chain/Leather/Plate, Sol'Dal Cloth, Sylvan Cloth, Thaell Ew Cloth, Tipsy Gnomework Chain/Leather/Plate, Vim and Vigor Chain/Cloth/Plate, Viridian Leather, Wither and Decay Chain/Cloth/Plate. So if ya got a Suit of any ornamentation, please run it through our item collector. Or if you have a complete set of ornamentations, combine them in the Hero's Forge Suit Consolidator and run it through the item collector.

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EQ Update #107

Various updates for #107. Some new items for the Kunark Archaeologist quests. More wizard spell updates for classic spells. I updated some items that were marked as LDoN on progression servers by Prathun and put them on the LDoN progression wiki at http://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/EQ:Progression_Lost_Dungeons_of_Norrath.

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EQ Update #106

In this update more classic items being tagged and updating classic item descriptions as well. Our Item Collector has been patched to work with the latest Everquest patch. Spells are updated as well.

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EQ Update #105

Some EoK item updates in update #105. Some pet spells were edited to show the new changes to those spells. Hopefully we can get spells updated soon to reflect those changes. Also updated Bard quest items in Plane of Air and tagged a few more classic items with Original tags.

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EQ Update #104

Drewinette was busy today moving all the Emissaries of Shadowrest to the mob graveyard except for Devin Traical in PoK. Drew also entered in EoK raid, Atrebe Sathir and updated quite a few EoK items like the Tsaph Ornaments and armor templates. /cheer

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EQ Update #103, Patch and Agnarr Release Date

In this update, Bobbybick did a bunch of updates to LDoN raids. KoryuRagestorm updated Empires of Kunark The Kar`Zok raid. I myself updated all the Primary and Secondary anchor items to include info on where they come from and where to get them.

Also servers will be brought down Wednesday morning at 2AM PST for Everquest. The servers will be down approximately 9 hours.


Agnarr, the new TLP server that was earlier announced by Daybreak to release in the early summer was announced today to release on May 24, 2017.


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EQ Update #102

Baraudin314 has been busy updating. More classic Wizard spell updates, Unrest NPC's marked with named and undead tags. More original items tagged. Also more item descriptions entered. More work has been done on the Planes of Power progression wiki for tradeskills. I myself have been working on a listing of Original spells for all classes on the progression wiki, I just opened those up for view. I'm up to Enchanter spells right now.

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EQ Update #101

EQ Update #100

Some more classic item updates thanks to Baradun314, one of our new volunteer admins! Updates were to classic wizard spells, upper and lower guk drops with their expansion tags, NPC's in those zones were properly set as named or undead.

Barudin314 has also been working on a Planes of Power tradeskill armor wiki at http://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/EQ:Progression_PoP_Tradeskill_Armor_Guide

New Items: Spectral Iksar's Essence 

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EQ Update #99

Updated Items: Blazing Breastplate of Fennin Ro ;  Spell: Fay Gate ;  Spell: Grimling Gate ;  Spell: Blightfire Moors Gate ;  Spell: Blightfire Moors Portal ;  Spell: Translocate: Blightfire Moors ;  Spell: Elemental Shield ;  Spell: Sight ;  Spell: Tox Gate ;  Spell: Tishan's Clash ;  Spell: North Gate;  Spell: Fire Spiral of Al'Kabor ;  Spell: Garrisons Mighty Mana Shock ;  Spell: Lesser Evacuate ;  Spell: Nexus Gate ;  Spell: Force Snap ;  Spell: Instill ;  Spell: Heat Sight ;  Spell: Lightning Bolt ;  Spell: Flame Shock ;  Spell: Pillar of Fire ;  Spell: Xalirilan's Lesser Extrication ;  Spell: Xalirilan's Lesser Discombobulation ;  Spell: Project Lightning ;  Spell: Xalirilan's Lesser Appraisal ;  Spell: Shieldskin ;  Spell: Firestorm ;  Spell: Frost Spiral of Al'Kabor ;  Gnoll Parts ;  Figurine Collector's Chest: Denizens ;  Temporal Sack ;  Shattered Warbeads ;  Freeport Prayer Bead ;  Favor of Druzzil ;  Fire Elemental Spirit Dust ;  Eternal Grove Leather Feet Ornament 

Updated Quests: Ranger Epic 2.0: Aurora, the Heartwood Blade ;  Simple Ring for Crescent Reach 

New Recipes: Spirit Cage 

Updated Recipes: Spirit Cage 

Bestiary Updates: Plur Etinu ;  a Darkpaw defiler ;  An Enslaved ShikNar ;  A Fierce Rockhopper ;  Nightshade ;  Arena Overseer ;  Kraglin of the First Circle ;  Vashlor of the Second Circle ;  Hurlinor of the Fifth Circle ;  Arkon of the Sixth Circle ;  a goblin warrior ;  Ritana the Convoker ;  a Darkpaw healer