EQ Update #36 2016

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EQ Update #34 2016

EQ Update #33 2016

Longstanding Typos?




No offense to Guard Noonshadow, but he is the only NPC in the game with the word "noon" in his/her/its name. Most of the other Kelethin NPC have the typical moon/stream/wood/sun type of names we expect from the elf-fantasy genre. Was he supposed to be Moonshadow? Noonshadow makes some sense of course, so maybe it's a stretch calling it a typo.


Any other longstanding typos out there that drive you crazy or make you laugh?


A couple of new items in the update suggest that the item collector is at least partially functioning again?



New Items: Pendant of Delayed InevitabilityReconstructed Expedition Log

Updated Items: Fine Steel Long SwordRound ShieldLarge Round ShieldSmall Round ShieldSmall Velium Round ShieldEarthground ShieldstoneRough Defiant Round ShieldElegant Defiant Round ShieldAnoh Round ShieldRound Shield of CleansingRough Consigned Round ShieldVeeshan Round Shield OrnamentRusty Round Shield OrnamentElegant Consigned Round ShieldWar Forged Round ShieldGingerbread Round Shield OrnamentLarge Round ShieldDefender's Battletested Round ShieldVelium Round ShieldDented Velium Round ShieldRound ShieldRound Shield MoldSmall Round Shield MoldLarge Round Shield MoldSmall Round ShieldVelium Round ShieldDark Reign War-Forged Round ShieldLong SwordTears of PrexusIvoryNilitim's Grimoire Pg. 351Gnome Meat

Updated Quests: Bandit SistersMonk Epic 1.5: Fistwraps of Celestial DisciplineAnniversary Solo Task: Gifts of SteelAchievement: Comfort in the Deep (Degmar, the Lost Castle)Achievement: Keep Keepsakes (Degmar, the Lost Castle)Achievement: Dwarven DepthsIn Defense of Health

Bestiary Updates: Guard FayfearGuard HighmoonGuard PineshadeGuard StarstrikeGuard SunblazeGuard CrystalwindGuard FireblightGuard FrostfallenGuard PinebrambleGuard RainstriderGuard BriarstormGuard MoonwindGuard StreamtreeGuard TreestriderGuard ValewatcherGuard DayblazeGuard EaglesongGuard FayfieldGuard MarshmoorGuard NoonshadowGuard OakwillowGuard OrcflayerGuard SunweaverCaptain SilverwindGuard BrookrockGuard NitegazerGuard TanglerootLieutenant LeafstalkerTayla Nybrightpained unicornCenturion RelgleThe Fabled LockjawDevin AshwoodLily AshwoodGimblak Frozensong

EQ Update #32 2016

EQ Update #31 2016

Updated Quests: Ratskin GlovesBearskin GlovesWolfskin Gloves

Bestiary Updates: a decayed sentry stoneDyth X`Teriaa manservanta human skeleton (Hampton)Captain Jack AviakChas C. Reisburya wandering spirit


Edited in Bestiary Updates: a chest (Hate's Fury Setting Sail)

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EQ Update #30 2016

Looking For Answers?

Have we finally got all of the Heroic Adventure versions of The Broken Mirror zones up?

Are the tasks correctly linked?

Some zones we have decent NPC populations for, others we have very few.


Lastly... is the item collector working? I haven't seen any new entries in a while, which really cuts down on the updates. I personally have barely played in a few months, so we need the regulars to let us know what is happening. If it is broke... please go to sitefeedback forum and post.

Also, it's important for the general EQ forum to have some post traffic that isn't initiated by an ADMN. Let's call it optics.

Bestiary Updates: Render

New Zones: Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life: Under the Robe

Zone Updates: Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life: Under the Robe

EQ Update #29 2016

EQ Update #28 2016


Are you worthy to wield?




Having never played a paladin (yet) in Everquest, it is easy to miss some of the unique flavor the devs put into the game. Clearly a great deal of care was put into crafting the quest chain that is Soulfire. Thanks to user Death Templars significant input, I was able to massively update the faction impact of this quest. Reading the write up, put together thanks to past users, it made me really want to do the quest... to the point that I might even consider doing it on a non-paladin (true trophy hunting when you do it for an item your character can't even equip). Maybe this finally compels me to play a Paladin...

So a very belated /salute to the dev team from way back that implemented what is one of the most lore-drenched quests in the game.

Who's got a Soulfire? When was the last time you punished some Innoruuk worshippers or undead with it?


Updated Quests: Zimel's Blades (Quest for SoulFire)The Frikniller FamilyRatfink Mystery

EQ Update #27 2016

Do You Hate the New* Freeport?


*(well it's not that new... how about "revised version")

Vendors Outside the Hall of Truth

You could always do what Death Templar did... do a bunch of quests involving the city and kill half the citizens. Sounds like a fun afternoon.


Updated Items: Soluble LoamKite ShieldDamaged Militia Helm

Updated Quests: Corrupt Guards (Paladin Version)Corrupt Guards (Cleric version)Deathfist Slashed Belts, Evil VersionReserve MilitiaPaladin MessageMarr Minnows for PalonCutthroat RingsMilitia SealsPlane of Sky KeysBehead the Freeport Militia

Bestiary Updates: Captain HazranCrumpy IrontoeMilitia Patrol CaptainGubbly GippledoKnight Patrol CaptainKnight Patrol MemberGuard AltanGuard ChirvenGuard SarvikGuard WalderCommander Glathriela blacktalon raider