EQ Update #47

EQ Update #46



Updated Items: Sarnak Travel CanteenPeridotPearlLouie's Thick 'n HeartyEmeraldDeep Cavern ToadstoolCloudy PotionChokidai JerkyRhinohide BackpackForged JavelinBandagesArrowStone Splinted CloakPristine Animal PeltRune of TempestDuctile LoamStale Delphinium

Updated Quests: Wizard Epic 1.5: Staff of Prismatic PowerLxavnom Labors

Bestiary Updates: Haggle Baron Dry`dnBaelin Xir`Rixoana sarnak weaponsmitha sarnak championKrizznot Bonewalkera rabid chokidaia ferocious chokidaia domesticated chokidaiKorucusta massive constructa Shai`Din overseera Shai`Din scythemastera Shai`Din royal guarda reanimated sarnakan iksar skeletona vicious chokidaia sarnak haunta spectral betrayera sarnak resurrectionista ghostly servanta royal sanctuary guarda sarnak constructa revived sarnakLebounde ab DolmenPriest of Discord


Recently have been asked why some updates don't show in these posts. Aside from the obvious "we missed it" there are two other factors at play. One is simply that the place the list (as above) is generated from is on a rather short decay timer. The decay timer does not impact the update being on the site, just the update going into one of these front-page postings.

This is more of a factor when things are automatically being updated (i.e., item collector) vs. the manual updates (which nearly all of today's update is). Reason there is when manual updates are done by a volunteer admn we tend to push out an update post. The other thing is we sometimes edit a new days or several days worth of updates into an older update post (if an update post is the most current article on the home page). This editing happens more often when multiple volunteer admn do a bunch of data entry in a close time period (so we don't end up with 5 update posts in a 2 day window for example).

The second I have no explanation for as it happened to me today in that I updated a quest, the update shows in the quest but it didn't populate into the list... there is no known (to me) way of forcing an update into the list. I've had times where I have updated 20 items and a handful of them don't populate, other times all seem to work.

EQ Update #45

New Comments


Under the home tab you'll see some good options:

"News Archive", "Contact Us", "New Comments" and "Zam tools".

-News Archive does exactly what it says.

-contact us boots you to the new Zam site

-New Comments is the one I wanted to highlight as it is a great way of keeping up with what is new on the site. It's also where most players are posting questions/asking for help (rather than the general forum that is far more likely to be seen in a timely fashion). You'll also see the massive slew of updates Gidono has done lately.

-Zam tools is kind of neat... maybe useful to guild website people or those with EQ based sites that don't want to run a full database themselves.


And a little site update:


Updated Items: Scuffed Journeyman's Pocketed RucksackCrushbone-Patch Doll

Updated Quests: White Dragonscale Cloak

Bestiary Updates: Xerkizh The CreatorEmperor Crush

EQ Update #44



Today's update brought to you be the efforts of others. I had the easy job of making the posting. A personal comment: I really appreciate the help. I also appreciate all the regular users that keep this site alive with their posted comments.

Updated Items: Toxic TreatmentTiny DaggerStriking ThickenerRapierRallos' Ink AdditiveQuill of the TranscendentQuill of the OverlordQuill of the MartialQuill of the FuryQuill of the DeceiverZeannor's ThesisWrist PouchWater FlaskWarlock's Book of BindingTome of Endless EnchantmentsThrowing KnifeThe Wizard's CanonThe Scent of MarrTelryd's WritTelryd's Expansive WritSystematic Tome Research Volume 5Systematic Tome Research Volume 4Systematic Tome Research Volume 3Systematic Tome Research Volume 2Systematic Tome Research Volume 1Sorcerer's LexiconSimple Binding SolutionRune Binding SolutionRoll of VellumRoll of Superb VellumRoll of Plain ParchmentRoll of High Quality VellumRoll of Good Quality VellumRefined Binding SolutionQuillPiece of ParchmentPhantasmal TomePeridotPearlOrnate Binding SolutionOn LanguagesModest Binding SolutionMartial TreatmentMakeshift Binding SolutionLexiconLarge Bottle of InkJasperIpsor's Enlightenment IVArch Magus GrimoireShadowed RapierSpell: Winged DeathDiscordling Spinal FluidStave of ShieldingScuffed Weapon Crate of the MercenaryCloak of CorruptionGlowing Essence of LifeSpell: Cloak of Corruption Rk. IISpell: Cloak of CorruptionVictor's WreathCenturio SpauldersThunderforged EarringIpsor's Enlightenment IIIIntricate Binding SolutionInk of TransformationInk of StrikingInk of SmashingInk of ScreeningInk of RetortInk of InflictionInk of FendingTeeth of the BeatenRaw Crypt-Hunter's ChestpieceLesser Essence of LifeInk of DecayImpairing ThickenerFrenzied TreatmentEnchanted ScrollsEmpty VialMedian Essence of LifeElementary Binding SolutionElemental GrimoireElaborate Binding SolutionRaw Crypt-Hunter's GlovesDoctrine of WizardryDefending TreatmentDaggerCrude Binding SolutionCat's Eye AgateBook of Dark BindingsBook of Ancient RestorationDeadbreadBloodstoneWitch's SandwichBinding SolutionGhostly Pepper

Updated Quests: Key to Cobalt ScarAdventure in Miragul's MenagerieRogue Epic 2.0: Nightshade, Blade of EntropyAn Epic Request (Cleric)Lxavnom Labors

Bestiary Updates: Bhaly Adana chest (Remal the Black)Arial FernQueen Velazul Di`zokOverking Bathezida chesta chest (Power Station)Ziglark WhisperwingIcemaula Veteran DrillmasterKorucusta chest (Durunal the Cursebearer)a chest (Spindlecrank)a discordling enchainera chest (Cipheron)a chest (Noc Juggernaut)a chest (Girplan Spiritleech)a chest (Shade of Mujaki the Devourer)a chest (Dragorn Champion)a chest (Krekk Brimblade)a chest (Tarlang)a chest (Netherbian Swarmfiend)a chest (Faleniel of Darkwater)a chest (a greasy clockwork)a chest (Hobgoblin Horrorfiend)a chest (The Keeper)a chest (Sir Elmonious Falmont)a chest (Discordling Dark Animist 1.5)a chest (An Ancient Sebilite Protector)a chest (All-Seeing Eye)a chest (Windrush)a chest (Viarglug)a chest (Lightningcaller Vhalek)a chest (Blackened Dryad)a chest (an ancient necromantic shade)a chest (Culthor the Gatekeeper)a chest (Girplan Guardian)a chest (Elite Sun Revenant)a chest (a cracked earthshaker)a chest (Dark Disciple Master)a chest (Girplan Devourer)a chest (Kragsmash)a chest (Taskmaster Mirot)a discordling enchainera chest (Renux Herkanor)a chest (Girplan Scavenger)a chest (Bloated Girplan)a chest (Spiritbinder Trenzar)a chest (Lanys T`Vyl)a chest (Zordak Ragefire 2.0)a chest (Ancient Megalodon)a chest (Craftmaster Tieranu)a chest (Lhranc 2.0)a royal sanctuary guarda chest (Vuranish Xxuro)a chest (Elemental Essence of Air)a chest (Laskuth the Colossus)a chest (Myrhee the Flighty)a chest (Herrian Warfrost)a chest (Mastruq Commander Gorlakt)a chest (Withering Murkglider)a chest (Metala Von Korach)a chest (Discordling Spiritcaller)a chest (Elemental Essence of Fire)a chest (Order Elemental)a chest (Arlagai the Defiler)a chest (Essence of Kreljnok)a chesta chest (The Dracoliche of Hsagra)a chest (Elemental Essence of Earth)a shadowed mana chest (Polar Kraken)a chest (Uisima Lord of the Depths)a chesta lost soula chesta chest (Lightning Lord)a chest (Kaiaren)a chest (Grinbik the Fertile)a chest (Oshiruk)a chest (Chaos Elemental)a chest (Sabotage)a chest (Valdoon Kel`Novar)a chest (Skylance Library Task)a chest (great military commander)a chest (Skylance Oubliette Task)a chest (Titanothon)a chest (bold invader)a chest (Key to the Past Task)a chest (Royal Scepter)a chest (Jeweled Wand)a chest (Message From the Past Task)Gordon Treecallera chesta chest (Mayong's Mistresses)a chest (Stalwart Defenders)a chest (Portal to Dreadspire)a chest (The Final Portal)a chest (The Captured Portal)a chest (Deadly Swarm)a chest (Two Gods, first chest)a chest (Two Gods, second chest)a chest (Reflections of Silver)a chest (Kessdona's Perch)a chesta chesta chest (Mining Behemoth)a chesta chest (Breakneck)a chest (Krond)a chest (Bargangle Tinkerson)a chest (Battle Room)a chest (Brinda Sprockets)a chest (Meldrath the Malignant)a chesta chest (Discordling Dark Animist 2.0)a chest (Halls of Fire)a chest (Keepers of Stone)a chest (Ice Constructs)a chest (Aerius Windfury)a chest (Tjudawos)a chest (Kildrukaun)a chest (Vyskudra)a chest (Brood Mother Visziaj)a chest (Kerafyrm the Awakened)a chest (Zeixshi`Kar)a chesta chesta chesta chesta chesta chest (Field of Scale Raid)a chest (Event 1, Mindblight)a chest (Event 2, Trophy Room)a chest (Event 3, Stasis)a chest (Event 4, Scrying)a chest (Event 5, Sacrifice)a chest (Event 6, Overlord Muram)a chest (Event 7, Edge of Destruction)a chest (Event 5.5, Elite Tower Guards)a chest (hard)a chest (Field of Scale Raid - Hard)a chest (hard)a chest (Event 1, hard mode)a chest (Event 2, hard mode)a chest (Event 3, hard mode)a chest (Event 4, hard mode)a chest (Event 5, hard mode)a chest (Event 6, hard mode)a chest (Event 7, hard mode)a chesta chesta chesta chest (The Search for Saunk)a chest (Trial of Creation)a chest (Trial of Deconstruction)a chest (Magus Sisters, bonus)a chest (The First Creation, bonus)a chesta spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a chest (Into the Abyss)a chest (Pups of War)a chest (The Traitor Revealed)a chest (Windsong Sanctuary raid)a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]a chest (Traitors Among Us)a chest (The Battle for Rivervale)a chest (Dispelling the Shadows)a chest (An End to Fear Raid)an undead excavatora chest (The Legacy of Bayle)a chest (Tower of Rot Raid)a chest (The Journey Home)a chest (The Journey Home)a chest (#1 - Defense of the City)a chest (#2 - Principal Quastori Numicia)a chest (#3 - Principal Vicarum Nomia)a chest (#4 - Principal Indagatrix Lucia)a chest (#5 - Calix Quirinus)a chest (#1a - Captain Tita`s Ghost)a chest (#2a - Praetor Vitio)a chesta chest (The Edge of Balance)a chest (Clearer Skies)a chest (The Cover of Night)a chest (Deep Lies the Snow)a chest (Fit For the New World)a chest (Burden of the Past)a chest (All Rivers Lead to the Sea)a chest (Fanning the Flames)a chestThe DarkseerCommissioner Edrunan honorable citizenan exalted citizena chest (Under the Robe Task)Bhaly AdanBhaly Adana chest (In Defense of Health)a chest (Fate Rewards the Bold)a chest (To the Brave, Go the Spoils)a chest (In Defense of Health)a chest (Hate's Fury Setting Sail)a spell research merchant [Research Supplies]SeraphinaLady ShaeThe NibblerBriana TreewhisperKatha Firespinner

EQ Update #43 2016

EQ Update #42 2016

So is it spelt Bokon or Boken?

(We've gone with Bokon, but have had to go back and change a few places that were reported the other way)



We also don't have pics of the NPCs with this title/name.


Finally, we're getting mixed reports that they are a named with loot and/or they are a named with no loot that spawns a chest. Which is it (or is it both?).


Updated Items: Pauldrons of the Dark SideRaw Crypt-Hunter's Wristguard

Updated Quests: Fate Rewards the Bold

Bestiary Updates: Kamiowe OrdupHigh Bokon Clereta chest (In Defense of Health)a chest (In Defense of Health)Bonecracker

EQ Update #41 2016

EQ Update #40 2016

Updated Quests: Bandit Spectacles

Bestiary Updates: Brysta DucorranThe Fabled ReishicybenThe Fabled YelloweyesThe Fabled GorehornFabled Captain of FireFabled Doomfire MagusFabled Obsidian War Spider

Zone Updates: Valley of LunanynThe GroundsOld BloodfieldsOceangreen HillsHills of ShadeUndershoreCorathus CreepWall of SlaughterThe BloodfieldsEryslai, the Kingdom of WindMarus SeruDawnshroud PeaksWarsliks WoodFrontier MountainsBurning WoodsJaggedpine Forest



Note: all old hotzones have been unflagged as such in the database. Is http://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/EQ:Hotzones up to date with the current active set in the game?


Our understanding here is that per level bracket of a hotzone there will be 3 alternating choices that switch up every 3 months. So if month 1 is option A then month 2 will either switch to option B or C. Let's say it was C for our example. Then month 3 comes along and it will go to either A or B (as C was the active one).

If this is indeed how it works... it will probably result in the database showing all 3 of those zones as a hotzone with something like "This zone alternates with zone B and zone C as a hotzone. See Franklin Teek in PoK to find out which is currently active as a hotzone" (and probably point to that wiki link too).   --just being realistic that having all the hotzones updated right away every 3 months (or more) that they change may not happen in a timely fashion. Thoughts?

EQ Update #39 2016

What's Your Best Fabled Story?




My personal favourite fabled story was getting my first fabled mob the very first year they did it: Fabled Mootu. My ranger was very low-level at the time and it was one of those fights that I ended up with like 5% health. I wore that fabled cloth cap for the next 30 levels (even though upgrades were easily out there). I'm not as fond of the newer fabled with all the level restrictions on the gear as they tend to start a bit high.

I'd like to see them "twice-fabled" the NPC starting with the first wave so that vanilla NPC would drop their current fabled plus a twice-fabled that was interesting to the level 85-90 crowd for the easier kills and 105+ for the "hard" stuff to get. Note that not adding new fabled NPC, just adding more loot candy isn't as big of an ask devlopment wise to breathe new life into this annual event. Thoughts?


Updated Quests: Key to Sebilis

Bestiary Updates: Guardian Of Xalgozskeletal guardianNaxot DeepwaterThe Fabled XalgozThe Fabled Fjokar Frozensharda Dungeon Rot infectedElwin Faerlinorc oracleorc legionnaireEmperor CrushRetlon Brencloga dwarven slaveorc emissaryroyal guardorc pawnan elven slavean elven priestOrc Scoutsmanorc trainerLord Darishan alligatorGor, the DominatorQuarmorc centuriona dwarven smithorc slaverOrc Warden

EQ Update #38 2016

Identifying Goblins




We could use new/better pics of most of the goblinkind in Norrath. Some goblin entries appear to be crossed up (i.e., Kunark pic posted for the last 9 years under old-world goblin). If submitting images is your thing, please help. If looking at goblins and saying if the pic is accurate is your thing, please feel free to post under goblins that are represented incorrectly.


Goblins deserve to be known for who they are. They think we'll be good to eat. Goblin Rights Now!


Updated Items: Small Patchwork TunicSmall Patchwork Sleeves

Updated Quests: Bone Chips (Kaladim)Custom Naliedin LuteRaid Expedition: The Journey Home

Bestiary Updates: a goblin whelpNezekezenaEdvard Tommelsa Darkroot gardenerShirik`s Guardiana harbinger of fear