EQ Update #31 2016

Updated Quests: Ratskin GlovesBearskin GlovesWolfskin Gloves

Bestiary Updates: a decayed sentry stoneDyth X`Teriaa manservanta human skeleton (Hampton)Captain Jack AviakChas C. Reisburya wandering spirit


Edited in Bestiary Updates: a chest (Hate's Fury Setting Sail)

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EQ Update #30 2016

Looking For Answers?

Have we finally got all of the Heroic Adventure versions of The Broken Mirror zones up?

Are the tasks correctly linked?

Some zones we have decent NPC populations for, others we have very few.


Lastly... is the item collector working? I haven't seen any new entries in a while, which really cuts down on the updates. I personally have barely played in a few months, so we need the regulars to let us know what is happening. If it is broke... please go to sitefeedback forum and post.

Also, it's important for the general EQ forum to have some post traffic that isn't initiated by an ADMN. Let's call it optics.

Bestiary Updates: Render

New Zones: Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life: Under the Robe

Zone Updates: Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life: Under the Robe

EQ Update #29 2016

EQ Update #28 2016


Are you worthy to wield?




Having never played a paladin (yet) in Everquest, it is easy to miss some of the unique flavor the devs put into the game. Clearly a great deal of care was put into crafting the quest chain that is Soulfire. Thanks to user Death Templars significant input, I was able to massively update the faction impact of this quest. Reading the write up, put together thanks to past users, it made me really want to do the quest... to the point that I might even consider doing it on a non-paladin (true trophy hunting when you do it for an item your character can't even equip). Maybe this finally compels me to play a Paladin...

So a very belated /salute to the dev team from way back that implemented what is one of the most lore-drenched quests in the game.

Who's got a Soulfire? When was the last time you punished some Innoruuk worshippers or undead with it?


Updated Quests: Zimel's Blades (Quest for SoulFire)The Frikniller FamilyRatfink Mystery

EQ Update #27 2016

Do You Hate the New* Freeport?


*(well it's not that new... how about "revised version")

Vendors Outside the Hall of Truth

You could always do what Death Templar did... do a bunch of quests involving the city and kill half the citizens. Sounds like a fun afternoon.


Updated Items: Soluble LoamKite ShieldDamaged Militia Helm

Updated Quests: Corrupt Guards (Paladin Version)Corrupt Guards (Cleric version)Deathfist Slashed Belts, Evil VersionReserve MilitiaPaladin MessageMarr Minnows for PalonCutthroat RingsMilitia SealsPlane of Sky KeysBehead the Freeport Militia

Bestiary Updates: Captain HazranCrumpy IrontoeMilitia Patrol CaptainGubbly GippledoKnight Patrol CaptainKnight Patrol MemberGuard AltanGuard ChirvenGuard SarvikGuard WalderCommander Glathriela blacktalon raider

EQ Update #26 2016

Updated Quests: Into the Temple (b)

Bestiary Updates: froglok ostiarya sun revenant

EQ Update #25 2016

Piece by Piece we Build the Broken Mirror...



Especially with newer content, it is key that you say which version of an NPC you are updating drops for. Since the devs like putting multiple versions of the same named in the instance versions (Bhaly Adan is in several of the variations of Plane of Health for example) posting under the main zone "This NPC dropped item X" isn't enough info.


Updated Items: Greater Essence of LifeSevered Head of SeverityRinglets of Decay

Updated Quests: Truthbringers Final Test

Bestiary Updates: a goblin soothsayerBhaly Adana chest (In Defense of Health)Darwol's Bounty

EQ Update #24 2016

Ignore the placeholder new item (devs haven't finished with that one yet).


New Items: �W

Updated Items: Grandiose Stole of Alra

Bestiary Updates: DeathsqueakHigh Boken Cleret

EQ Update #23 2016

Solesek's Eye

A Look at the Entrance Way


Stageguy posted his thoughts on hunting in Solusek's Eye (Solusek A) in the modern game, as he had been away awhile and was not finding good information. He did the same for Jagged Pine. This is a lot like what Sippin, Fayman and others have been doing for much of the recent Heroic Adventures content. It's great to have some 2016 perspective on this content.


The challenge: Go to a favourite zone of yours. Make notes as if you were going to guide someone through it, point out the dangers and rewards. Maybe there are some quirks to the zone? Then post this as a mini-guide under the zone's forum. Feel free to overlap (why not have multiple person's take on a zone?). The extra challenge is do obscure places that nobody really uses, even on progression servers.

Bonus: Post in the EQ General forums, make a new thread announcing your guide. Example: "A Guide to Najena 2016" and link to the zone thread you posted in. This gets some eyes on it, and will garner you some feedback and likely some rate-ups. Win-win.



New Items: Firework: Prexus ShowerFirework: Erollisi StarburstFirework: Rodcet Fire-burstFirework: Sparkle RainFirework: Tropical FlashFirework: Silver ShellsFirework: Fountain SpashFirework: Fennin Fire-burstHotZonePlaceHolder001Glowing Seafarer's Mace OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Cloth Arms OrnamentAdoptable Plush Ishva MalAdoptable Antonican Frostfell PupTipsy Gnomework Cloth Wrist OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Cloth Robe OrnamentFirework: Innoruuk ShowerBurning PotionFearstone Gargoyle ContractMetamorph Totem: Crystal SpiderTipsy Gnomework Cloth Helm OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Cloth Chest OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Cloth Hands OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Cloth Legs OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Cloth Feet OrnamentClockwork Leather Legs OrnamentClockwork Leather Hands OrnamentClockwork Leather Wrist OrnamentClockwork Leather Arms OrnamentClockwork Leather Chest OrnamentClockwork Leather Helm OrnamentClockwork Cloth Robe OrnamentClockwork Cloth Feet OrnamentClockwork Leather Feet OrnamentClockwork Cloth Helm OrnamentClockwork Cloth Chest OrnamentClockwork Cloth Arms OrnamentClockwork Cloth Wrist OrnamentClockwork Cloth Hands OrnamentClockwork Cloth Legs OrnamentClockwork Chain Legs OrnamentClockwork Chain Wrist OrnamentClockwork Chain Hands OrnamentClockwork Chain Feet OrnamentClockwork Plate Helm OrnamentClockwork Plate Chest OrnamentClockwork Plate Arms OrnamentClockwork Plate Feet OrnamentGnoll in a BarrelClockwork Plate Legs OrnamentClockwork Plate Hands OrnamentClockwork Plate Wrist OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Plate Hands OrnamentClockwork Chain Helm OrnamentClockwork Chain Arms OrnamentClockwork Chain Chest OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Plate Helm OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Plate Arms OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Plate Feet OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Plate Wrist OrnamentTipsy Gnomework Plate Legs OrnamentShield of the Dark WatersTipsy Gnomework Plate Chest Ornament

Updated Items: Rough Consigned Serrated DaggerTarnished Two Handed SwordCracked Staff

Updated Quests: Blyle Bundin's HeadEverQuest Anniversary Events: An Overview

Bestiary Updates: Ash C`LuzzEvin X`LottlLisvan X`LottlDraan N`RytHutyn L`LozzPetra D`DbthKrystiana N`Ryt

EQ Update #22 2016

A Recommendation of Hate?



We've re-entered the MAJOR faction quest for Innoruuk Trolls out of Grobb. We suspect that the East Freeport version works still/again too. None of the quest NPC and items were linked, and the Grobb version of this NPC was not in the database at all... are other Grobb re-revamp NPC's missing? We do know that many old Grobb quests don't quite work as they did before the Frogloks did their sit-in.


New Items: Amulet of Dawn

Updated Items: Note of RecommendationBoreal Breastplate of the Light

New Quests: Innoruuk Recommendation

Bestiary Updates: Perrir ZexusSaxarivza Zaxun