EQ Update #138

Nothing new in this update other than some new items.

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EQ Update #137

In this update all Call of the Forsaken Achievements have been added to the wiki at http://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/eq:Call_of_the_Forsaken_Achievements . The collection achievements for Call of the Forsaken were properly tagged as collections so those using the quest search can find them. Also some more work has been done to the Gates of Discord progression server wiki at http://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/EQ:Progression_Gates_of_Discord .

If you were having trouble accessing Lucy, try clearing your cache and cookies and try again.

EQ Update #136

In this update there were a few updates to NPC's involved in the new classic achievements.

Again I just want to remind people that if you are using chrome for your browser, ZAM changed up how ads are displayed on the site when using an ad blocker. However currently, there is a bug with how it displays the site when an ad blocker is enabled. They are working on this bug and hopefully should get it fixed soon. If turning off your ad blocker on chrome doesn't help clear up the issues try another browser for now until they can get the issues fixed.

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EQ Update #135

Not much in this update. More work done on wiki pages and some research into spell SPA issues. Most updates are from comments.

Also, if the site only shows a white background and all the menu options are gone, try turning off your ad blocker. ZAM changed the ad system to get around ad blockers using chrome. It's currently bugged and they are working on it. Either use another browser or log in using a premium account.

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EQ Update #134

In this update more items were corrected that were set with a Kunark expansion tag when they actually became available in a later expansion. Also some of the new hunter achievements were corrected to show multiple NPC's with the same name.

Spells are updated and the item collector is patched.

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EQ Update #133

In this update many Veeshan's Peak items that were introduced in the revamped version of the zone were corrected to show the actual expansion they came out with. Items involved in the DE/Grobb War were updated to have the right expansion tag as well. Also some Tae Ew Leather items were updated.

EQ Update #132

In this update I entered in all of the Kunark achievements that will be in the next live patch.

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EQ Update #131

In this update, all level 61 to 65 spells were updated to show their expansions. And various other things updated from comments.

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EQ Update #130

In this update, more updates were made back behind the scenes such as spell updates to Bard, Beastlord, Berserker, Cleric, Druid and Enchanter spells updated with their expansions levels 61 - 65. Some of those spell scrolls needed their expansions set as well. Some progression server wiki updates were made to put in tables for some of the information. Also some Gates of Discord raid information was added to the progression wiki.

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EQ Update #129

In this update, Kunark achievements were created and NPC's linked to them. Also some EoK items were updated with drop information and KoryuRagestorm did a bunch of updates on EoK NPC wiki info with placeholders, abilities, and loots to most T2 EoK named. 51 - 60 spells should all be updated with their expansions now via the spell search. Lastly AilicecRodcet was nice enough to upload some screenshots of Hate's Fury anniversary raid NPC's.

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