July 22, 2014

Keep a lookout for another round of new content tomorrow: Two more missions (well, let's say "one-and-a-half missions") and a raid go live at midnight tonight (3 A.M. Eastern Time).

New Items: Katargo, Star of AbrogationJagged Earring of PotencyFetish of Strife

New Achievement: Achievement: In Your Eyes

New Bestiary: a possessed guardiana possessed defender

Updated Zones: Argin-HizArgin-Hiz: The Keeper's RingArgin-Hiz: A Posthumous Proposition

Updated Items: Kodiak ClawEmber FlowerRose of FlamesLustrous GemstoneShiny Lava StoneVibrant LeavesSol`Dal LilyMelted GoldArgin-Hiz StoneRoyal Scout's Vermillion SaberSekrivitax, Kris of the Sol`DalPhoenix Feather EarringPauldrons of TribulationKyrenvale, the Sol`Dal's HammerKeeper's TeardropJahar's Burning HoopImp Eye EarringHeartflame, Guide of the Sol`DalFlamewind, the Keeper's LightBurden of DresolikAylinvar, Longbow of the Sol`DalAdvisor's Citrine BandVeil of Dark RitesRoyal Vicar's Ornamental BucklerRoyal Guardian's Vermillion SaberPeerless Platinum BandOfficer's Ornamental GladiusLoop of Lingering DecayLongbow of Intermittent FlameBrilliant Sorcerer's AnelaceBrilliant Flame Edged CleaverShield of Immaculate LightBloodstained ShouldersGilded Hammer of Ro's LightFragment of Legendary Alaran HistoryGilded Hammer of Ro's LightBurning Sash of RoScimitar of SeasonsVery Unlucky Feral Hare's FootFlame-Engulfed Band

Updated Quests: Fergarin Raid #3: Speak with the KingEthernere #3: Answering the CallKraklest #3: General Sagrinta's Last StandCOTF Pre-Launch (Tower of Rot): Ether Too NearCOTF Pre-Launch (Tower of Rot): From Whence They CameCOTF Pre-Launch (Tower of Rot): Heads for the HillsCOTF Pre-Launch (Tower of Rot): Beyond the BarrierA Posthumous PropositionRaid Expedition: Burn OutAchievement: Fiery Beauty (Argin-Hiz)

Updated Bestiary: Reanimated handReclusive ghoul magusGreater Blade FiendGaranel RucksifLost Soulan undead knight of UnrestDeath BeetleGreater Dark BoneTentacle TerrorJack o lanternan undead brewerTorklar BattlemasterMortificator Fungusa plated slaughterera Blade Regulant of ErillionDeathcaller XylokRequisitioner ChashMaster Sage Lowenna chest (Plane of War raid)a chest (Burn Out)

July 21, 2014

July 18, 2014

Happy Friday!

New Items: Armguards of Manifested EtherAncient Elddar BranchEmber FlowerFearlinked Leather Leg Seal of the DuelistFearlinked Leather Chest Seal of the ArcherFearlinked Leather Helm Seal of the Foot SoldierLeggings of Flowing EtherRose of FlamesRed Rabbit PeltFearlinked Silk Helm Seal of the HealerFearlinked Silk Glove Seal of the MagusWorg SaddleCharred BonesMagma Golem GooRegal Worg SaddleFlowing Etheric Warmonger BootsFlowing Etheric Soulslaver SandalsFlowing Etheric Spiritwalker BootsFlowing Etheric Shadowscale BootsFlowing Etheric Soulforge BootsFlowing Etheric Dragonbrood BootsFlowing Etheric Mindlock SandalsFlowing Etheric Flameweaver SandalsFlowing Etheric Lifewalker BootsFlowing Etheric Loremaster BootsFlowing Etheric Frostfire SandalsFlowing Etheric Soulrender BootsFlowing Etheric Exarch BootsFlowing Etheric Illuminator BootsFlowing Etheric Legionnaire BootsFlowing Etheric Natureward BootsSanguine ScarfTunic of Manifested Ether

Updated Items: Shroud of the ForgottenRipped ShoulderpadsRipped Ancient ShoulderpadsBoots of Manifested EtherTunic of Manifested EtherScepter of the Fire Priestclr backPure Energeian Light OrbScuffed Traveler's Rucksack

Updated Quest: Rings of Fire

Updated Bestiary: Kurlond AxebringerRanger Archon DaetasNara FayeilAncient Corpse Scorched Chesta chest (Burn Out)

July 17, 2014

The Item Collector is back up and running. If you'd like to help populate the items database, head over to the Item Collector download page, do a quick install, and run it in the background while you're in game. Thank you!!

New Items: Lustrous GemstoneBrilliant SnakeskinBoots of Flowing EtherArgin-Hiz MiniatureHunter's BestiaryElddar PoetryRo's RoseGigantic Teir`Dal Tome of Malevolent JustificationCountry Estates Open StableBattering Ram of Erad the Daybringer OrnamentRamstein OrnamentGnomish Air Transport Mark IIIFlame Keeper's TrunkDecorative Beer GlassOrnate PlatterOrnate Serving PlateOrnate Stone CandleabraSimple Padded SackSimple Decorative CandleSimple Stone BrazierRusted Frying PanStout Forestial PineDecorative Clockwork LiliesScuffed Stone CampfireRusted PotTall Forestial PineCrude Grellethian DecorationAnnihilator's SatchelTransforming Sol`Dal Mace OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Mace OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Buckler OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Buckler OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Longbow OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Longbow OrnamentHoarder's CacheHero's CallingDelightful Visage of the Answerer

New Achievement: Achievement: Separate Ways

Updated Items: Charred Heartclr shouldersFlamelicked Geodeclr shouldersshm nec shouldersshm nec shouldersSage's LightFlickering Jewelshm nec earshm nec earwar pal shd earwar pal shd earwiz earknight 1hswiz earclr earclr earrng bowber earber earwar pal shd shoulderswar pal shd shouldersmnk 1hbMolteniteChunk of SoleniumEvyln's Journal Pg. 2Evyln's Journal Pg. 3Evyln's Journal Pg. 1Evyln's Journal Pg. 4

Updated Achievements Achievement: AnswererAchievement: Call of the Forsaken SlayerAchievement: Call of the Forsaken VanquisherAchievement: Call of the Forsaken Master ScavengerAchievement: Expert Hunter of the CallAchievement: Legendary Hero of the CallAchievement: Burning Bibelots

Updated Bestiary: Ancient CorpseCaptain DalynCaptain NaliaChamberlain CelainChief Warden VarkenGuardian HarellMagma BehemothMaster Sage LowennInferno VortexCouncilor Grael

July 16, 2014

Argin-Hiz goes live today! Servers are expected to be back online around 8:00 A.M. Pacific Time (11:00 A.M. Eastern Time). Patch notes have been posted here, and our Call of the Forsaken guides have been updated to reflect the latest content.

Note: You may hear some rumblings about new content emanating out of The Void (two missions + one raid), but those aren't expected on live servers until July 23 (this date is not official, but it appears to be set for a one-week delay).

If you're having problems logging into EverQuest, it's likely related to a DNS problem on SOE's end (their official forum post about this issue can be found here). This should resolve itself within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Today's patch will no doubt knock out our Item Collector for a period of time. We'll have that back up and running as soon as we can.

Happy hunting!

New Static Zone: Argin-Hiz

New Instanced Zones: Argin-Hiz: Raid InstanceArgin-Hiz: Burn OutArgin-Hiz: Rings of FireArgin-Hiz: The Keeper's RingArgin-Hiz: A Posthumous Proposition

New Quests: Argin-Hiz #1: Burning CuriosityArgin-Hiz #2: The Reclusive CollectorArgin-Hiz #3: The Keeper's RingArgin-Hiz #4: A Dimming LightSmoke and AshUs and ThemA Posthumous PropositionRings of FireBurn OutRaid Expedition: Burn Out

New Items: Burnt Wolf PeltShiny Lava StoneVibrant LeavesMelted GoldSol`Dal LilyMedallion of Solusek RoCurious ReplicaRo's Flame RingKeeper's MissiveSol`Dal Noble FamiliesEmber Miner's LogThe History of Argin-HizDim Red GemBrilliant Fire RubyInscribed Obsidian StoneArgin-Hiz MapKeeper of the Flame MedalArgin-Hiz StoneEmber Hunting KnifeCinder FlakesTreatise on Ro's FlameElddar CrestSol`Dal RobesBurning Elddar BranchBlackened SkullLinen Wrapped TorchPowdered AntidoteBoots of Manifested EtherKeeper's Component BagBurning Imp's HeartLava CarapaceEvyln's Journal Pg. 4Evyln's Journal Pg. 3Evyln's Journal Pg. 2Evyln's Journal Pg. 1Keeper's RingMolteniteChunk of SoleniumDamaged RingSpicy Spider SteakFire PeppersChunky Spider MeatSales LedgerFramed PaintingWind-Up Music BoxBlue Diamond BroochEther-Fused ShardTavon's Burnished GemstoneImprint of the Enhanced MinionTavon's Polished GemstoneEther-Fused TeaBulwark of Many PortalsCalming CollarStarlightBandit BandanaNecklace of DreamsBrightedgeExalted Tonic of Healing  ;  lots more after the jump

July 15, 2014

Over the next 48 hours, you may experience a problem with being able to log in to EverQuest. This issue has been reported by SOE's Community Manager:

The login issues reported this morning have begun to be resolved. However, some players may be unable to connect to SOE services intermittently for up to 48 hours, including websites, forums, and games. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Also, EverQuest servers will be taken offline early tomorrow morning as Argin-Hiz gets patched to live servers:

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 4:00 AM Pacific* in preparation for the Argin-Hiz patch. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately four hours.

New Recipes: Spell: Brimstone Brawn Rk. IISpell: Serene Wave Rk. IISpell: Legion of Zykean Rk. IISpell: Echo of Subjugation Rk. IICelestial Essence

July 14, 2014

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Repository of CourageBloodborn Bauble

July 10, 2014

July 9, 2014

July 8, 2014