October 21, 2014

October 20, 2014

October 17, 2014

October 16, 2014

The Iron Tide Update Brings Fresh Content

ZOMG! The next World of Warcraft patch has launched, and 6.0.2: The Iron Tide has hit Azeroth, keeping those subs high and content fresh. The folks at Blizzard have been kind to wrap all the new changes up into a video; if you're the reading kind, read on!

October 15, 2014

As of about 12:00 P.M. Pacific Time, SOE forums, login servers, and some game servers are down. They will be "back online as quickly as possible." (Links: Server Status | SOE Twitter)

Update: As of 2:00 P.M. Pacific Time, logins look to be back to normal and all EverQuest game servers show as being back online.

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Items: Ballista Bolt Ornament5 Dose Essence of Earth Elemental

Updated Items: Axe of Storms OrnamentStaff of the Ancients OrnamentStaff of the Inferno OrnamentDark Blade of Fear OrnamentShield of Fear OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Shortsword OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Truncheon OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Shortbow OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Staff OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Wand OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Short Spear OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Sabre OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Cestus OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Crest OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Hammer OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Long Spear OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Hand Axe OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Scimitar OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Longsword OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Rapier OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Kris OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Dirk OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Sceptre OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Kite Shield OrnamentTransforming Sol`Dal Axe Ornament

Updated Bestiary: an enraged gnoll brewmaster

Updated Quests: Orc Scalp CollectingOrc PicksBreakdown in Communication #2: BarinduColdain Shawl 2.0 #4: Bring Him a Brew!Xorbb #1: The Halfling TrailGates of Discord Progression #4a: Martyrs Passage

October 14, 2014

Halloween events will be returning tomorrow: They'll be around through to Wednesday, November 5.

Here are today's updates:

Updated Items: Spell: Monster Summoning IIISpell: Cannibalize IVSpell: Death PeaceOakleaf GirdleSpell: Wrath of the ElementsSpell: Shroud of DeathSpell: Circle of Cobalt ScarNoctivagant Vambraces

Updated Quests: Spiderling SilksA Guide Beyond the Rift

Updated Bestiary: Guardian of TakishGrahl Strongbacka spirit flux wolfa thifling spriteAil the Elder

Downtime - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Both US and EU servers will come down on October 14, 2014 at 7am PT (3pm BST) for an update. Expected downtime for US servers is one hour; downtime for EU is two hours.

The patch notes are below.

October 13, 2014

October 10, 2014

Happy Friday!

New Bestiary: Clinging Doomshadea voracious rata source of undead powerCaptain UndertowKenoxSoggybonesa weathered chestClatterbonesCaptain Horatio OngelCaptain Jonathan MaloryFirst Mate Felice SuetteFirst Mate Fortuna Gelukka ratthe Badly Burnta freetide deckhanda freetide doctora freetide enchantera freetide envokera freetide privateera freetide scouta freetide surgeona freetide swashbucklera freetide wizarda freetide envokera freetide deckhanda freetide enchantera freetide illusionista freetide privateera freetide scouta freetide surgeona freetide swashbucklera freetide wizarda plague rata ratan undead clerican undead envokeran undead piratean undead priestan undead swashbuckleran undead wizardCaptain Horatio OngelFirst Mate ConroyFirst Mate Fortuna Gelukkan undead friaran undead marineran undead sailoran undead spellbinderCaptain UndertowClatterbonesa fallen knightan undead clerican undead envokeran undead friaran undead swashbuckleran undead wizardShufflefeetan undead marineran undead sailoran undead spellbinderCaptain UndertowClatterbones

Updated Zones: The Open Sea (Merchant vs Merchant)The Open Sea (Merchant vs Pirate)The Open Sea (Merchant vs Undead)The Open Sea (Pirate vs Undead)The Open Sea (Undead vs Undead)

Updated Items: Sclif OrnamentPlague Harvest OrnamentShield of the Mountain King OrnamentShield of the Grove OrnamentBonespider Staff OrnamentDarkwood Shield of Mourning OrnamentKyalie's Vallation OrnamentNorthern Berserker Axe OrnamentZapper's Wondrous Shield of Thaumaturgy OrnamentBarbarian Raider's Fish Shield OrnamentShield of Blades OrnamentMosswood Shield of Mourning OrnamentPain OrnamentPixiepuffle Shield of Roses OrnamentBristlebane Bulwark OrnamentThe Fortress OrnamentKyalie's Bulwark OrnamentSack of BootyCoral KeyNecromantic Soul BarrierSeafarer's Ticket: The Open Sea

Updated Quests: Open Sea: Pirating WaysOpen Sea: Protect My ShipOpen Sea: Hired Hands on the Open SeaOpen Sea: Stop Kenox!Open Sea: We Need More Crew

Updated Bestiary: orc centurionorc oraclea dwarven slave (male)a dwarven smithan elven priestorc slaverorc trainerorc emissaryRetlon Brenclogroyal guarda faerie courtierTani N`MarEmperor CrushLord Darishorc pawnOrc WardenOrc Scoutsmanan orc thaumaturgistan arborean saplingan elven slave (female)an elven slave (wood elf, male)an elven slave (wood elf, female) orc legionnaireCaptain Black BillFirst Mate Conroya chesta freetide deckhandFirst Mate Fortuna GelukkCaptain Horatio Ongela freetide doctora freetide surgeona freetide enchantera freetide illusionista freetide scouta freetide wizarda freetide swashbucklera freetide privateera rata blacksail doctora blacksail surgeona blacksail illusionista blacksail enchantera blacksail piratea blacksail roguea blacksail assassina blacksail swashbucklera blacksail invokera blacksail trickstera blacksail wizardCaptain Black Billa ratthe Badly Burnta blacksail doctora blacksail surgeona blacksail illusionista blacksail enchantera blacksail piratea blacksail roguea blacksail swashbucklera blacksail assassina blacksail invokera blacksail wizarda blacksail trickstera freetide doctoran undead pirateCaptain Black Bill (undead)Shufflefeet