Season 5 of The Guild Debuts on Xbox and Zune

The first episode of The Guild's fifth season is now available for your viewing pleasure for free on Xbox LIVE and Zune. The episode will be streamed on the web via MSN on Thursday. In this season, the characters get out from behind their computers and travel to a gaming convention called MEGAGAME-O-RAMACON, which means you can expect to see some recognizable guest stars from the sci-fi and gaming communities.

If you've never watched the web series, it's a comedy created and written by Felicia Day that follows her character, Codex, and her MMO guild, The Knights of Good. You can watch all of the previous episodes for free on the The Guild site, as well as Xbox LIVE and Zune.

ZAM Interviews Felicia Day at BlizzCon

The cast of "The Guild" Web series was at BlizzCon to talk with fans, host a Q&A panel and premiere the first episode of season three, all while showing off the popular "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar" music video. We got the chance to speak with Felicia Day, the show's creator and writer who plays Codex, at the packed Guild booth on the BlizzCon floor. We discussed her thoughts on the Cataclysm expansion and the amount of work that goes into creating the hit low-budget show. She even gave us some details on the Guild comic she's writing for Dark Horse, which will feature the cast both in-game and in the real world.

Keep reading after the jump for our full interview. Be warned that it contains a major spoiler from the first episode of season three, so you may want to watch it first if you want the ending to be a surprise.

"The Guild" Cast Answers Questions at BlizzCon

The cast of "The Guild" Web series held a panel at BlizzCon to answer questions from viewers and discussed everything from favorite behind-the-scenes moments to what it's like having such dedicated fans. Felicia Day, who plays Codex, on top of being the show's creator and writer, kicked off the panel by showing the popular "Do You Want to Date My Avatar" music video, which was the top music video on iTunes in the world at the time. Audience members then got to enjoy the world premiere of the first episode of season three, which was just released on MSN Video. Day also showed a trailer for season three, which you can view here.

Keep reading after the jump for the casts' responses to questions from members of the audience. If you haven't seen the first episode of season three yet, there's one major spoiler mentioned in the Q&A session, so you may want to watch it first if you don't want to ruin the surprise. Also, check out our interview with Day for even more information on the show and upcoming Guild comic book.

'The Guild' Cast to Appear at BlizzCon

If you're a fan of "The Guild" Web series, you'll be happy to know the entire cast will be at BlizzCon once again to participate in a discussion panel and talk with attendees at their booth. If you've never seen this show about a group of online gamers, head over to the show's Web site to watch every episode from the first two seasons.

Members of the ZAM team will be at BlizzCon next week and we plan on catching up with Felicia Day, the show's creator who has starred in other Internet hits like "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," to see what's in store for "The Guild." Keep an eye out for that and more BlizzCon news on

The Guild: Now Sponsored by Xbox Live, Sprint

Season two of The Guild kicks off tomorrow, but there's one major change. The web show will now be brought to you by Xbox Live and Microsoft and sponsored by Sprint! Here's some details straight from Felicia "Codex" Day (her full post can be found here or after the jump):

For those who know and love our indie production, you know it’s been tough to keep the cameras rolling. ... For Season 2 we decided to look for a production partner to help us release episodes quicker and be able to pay our cast and crew in advance.

For those with Xbox Live, you will be able to download Season 2 episodes every week starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 25th for free in HD quality on the Video Marketplace. For those only on the web, episodes will be streaming on MSN Video in a world-wide release, subtitled in 8 different languages across the world. You will also be able to download episodes in the Zune Marketplace for your mobile viewing pleasures.

The Guild crew will retain ownership and creative control, so you can expect more of the same from them in the 12 new episodes coming your way, all for free. We're big fans of the show, as shown in our interview with the cast at BlizzCon, so we'll definitely be watching tomorrow's season premiere.

Allakhazam Interviews 'The Guild'

Allakhazam Editor-in-Chief Andrew "Tamat" Beegle had the opportunity at BlizzCon to speak exclusively with the cast of the hit webisode sitcom “The Guild,” which follows the lives of the group’s members both online and off.

Before you read any further, head on over to and watch an episode or two (or go crazy and watch all 10) of season one. That way, you’ll truly understand the cast’s excitement for season two, which, according to creator Felicia Day, is scheduled to launch in mid-November.

Are you all caught up? Good. Andrew spoke with Felicia Day (Codex, healer), Vincent Caso (Bladezz, rogue/thief), Robin Thorsen (Clara, mage), and Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo, warlock) about the upcoming season, their impressions of BlizzCon and their other projects, all while discovering that the cast has a great sense of humor.

The video of the interview can be found after the jump.

The Guild at BlizzCon!!

The Guild and Tamat If you haven't heard yet, The Guild is attending BlizzCon!

The whole cast of The Guild will be attending Blizzcon Friday and Saturday! There will be a Guild panel from 1:30 - 2:30pm on Saturday where we will preview Season 2 as well as answer questions about Season 1 and anything else the audience would like to hear!

Also, thanks to the kindness of Blizzard, we will have a booth set up where we will be selling DVDs and an Official Cast Photo, debuting at the con! All 6 main cast members will be hanging out, but will be specifically signing DVDs and Photos at the following times in the booth:
Friday 11am-1pm
Saturday 3-5pm

Please stop by and say hi, or catch us around Blizzcon!

Our faithful Tamat, wandering the halls of BlizzCon apparently caught up with some of the folks from The Guild, (pics or it didn't happen! ) inspiring our resident wiki guru, Bludwyng, to cry! But while others were discussing the awesome WoW inspired show in IRC it turns out two of our resident WoW admins are unaware of the greatnes of The Guild! Tyrandor and fewyn are hearby banned to the depths of Darqflame's dungeon until they've watched at least season one! Which is on sale now in DvD format for only $20, or can be viewed online!