PlanetSide 2: Player Studio Launch


There is something tremendously appealing about the concept of the Player Studio. It places power in the hands of gamers and encourages them to design and participate in their favorite games in new and interesting ways--while making a little money too.

It's no surprise then that SOE has brought Player Studio to PlanetSide 2. Now science fiction aficianados can let their creative side run wild and bring new, unique looks to the conflict on Auraxis.

PlanetSide 2: Matt Higby on Battle Islands


PlanetSide 2 continues to undergo constant change. The Road Map—an outline of current development that the players actually contribute their opinions to—promises improvements in a variety of areas, including outfit recruitment.

There can be few additions with a bigger impact than the recently announced Battle Islands. The first of these smaller, more focused fields of battle might be misconstrued as just an instanced battleground made for SOE’s partnership with MLG.

PlanetSide 2: Nexus Battle Island


From early on in PlanetSide 2's beta--when chatting to SOE developers such as Tramell Ray Isaac and Matt Higby--it was evident that a competitive, eSport capable element to the huge MMOFPS was on the cards.

Today we get a glimpse of how this might be implemented with the Major League Gaming-ready Battle Island Nexus.

PlanetSide 2: Ride to Battle in Style


Did you always feel underdressed on your Flash quadbike?

When laying siege to the miscreants on Auraxis -- TR for the win -- did you want to be able to move quickly over the terrain but with a bit more firepower and a lot more bling?

With the advent of Update 08, the new strike vehicle, the Harasser, looks to be the answer to your problems.

Not only is there a shiny addition to PlanetSide 2's vehicle stable, but Update 08 brings new AV weapons for MAXs for each faction and much more. Check out the video below for the Harasser in action and read Matt Higby's recent outline of what else to expect -- including the delicious new TR stormtrooper-esque helm.

Planetside 2 Mobile Uplink Goes Live!

Need more Planetside 2 in your life? Well Sony Online Entertainment has just the thing, with the introduction of the new Planetside 2 Mobile Uplink Application for Auraxians everywhere.

Planetside 2: On Reflection

It's a shooter box, I'd argued dismissively. A scaled up version of Team Fortress 2, without the hats and grim humor. It won't have any lasting appeal, I’d persuaded myself, when there are so many other established multiplayer shooters. There's nothing new here at all.

I was wrong. Planetside 2 is possibly the natural evolution of the modern shooter. By swapping small maps that support 8 players a side and replacing them with giant landscapes that contain thousands, it reflects the ebb and flow of war in swirling, chaotic glory. It is by no means perfect, but it is incredible to experience.

Planetside 2 Double Station Cash Weekend

The Sony Online Entertainment "Spring Celebration" is here, so I hope you gathered all of your buddies, because all weekend long Planetside 2 is dishing out double the rewards.

ZAM Interview: The Power of ForgeLight

Among the rolling hills of San Francisco, GDC returns with its roundtables, speeches, parties and general game related mayhem. As the area around the Moscone center became ever more frenetic today, I sat down with Sony Online Entertainment’s Tramell Ray Isaac, Senior Art Director and Ryan Elam, Technical Director to talk PlanetSide 2 and the engine they designed to make it roar, ForgeLight.

New PlanetSide 2: War Correspondent Series


PlanetSide 2 is showcasing its best and brightest, and Sony Online manage to snag Robert Stonemanmachinima, film and video game cinematographer.

PS2 Bans: Smedley Responds on Reddit

Yesterday, John Smedley of Sony Online Entertainment took to Reddit to explain Planetside 2's banning and suspension policies. After the major response to that thread, Smedley came back today to list some of the specific changes they are making in the near future in regards to banning.