The Scrying Pool: HoT Demo Impressions


Last week I had the chance to visit the ArenaNet studios to get an early look at the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns demo that players will be able to play at PAX East this weekend and again at EGX Rezzed in London the following weekend. Alongside being able to play the demo, I had a chance to interview Jon Peters and John Corpening, which you can read right here on ZAM.

Daybreak Opens G.I.R.L. Scholarship Submissions

Daybreak Games has annouced that the submission process is now open for its 2015 Gamers In Real Life (G.I.R.L.) Game Design Competition. This year the competition will have two winners: one in Art and Design, and another in Programming and Engineering. Important note: you don't have to be a girl to apply for a G.I.R.L. Scholarship.

Submissions for the 2015 G.I.R.L. Game Design Competition will close on March 26, 2015. See the entire press release below.

Block N Load Launching in April

Jagex has announced that its multiplayer shooter, Block N Load, will be launching on Steam on April 30, 2015. Currently in beta testing, the game requires creative tactics on its evolving battlefields.

Vagary: All-new Battle Content

 In the upcoming March version update of Final Fantasy XI, a brand new battle system, Vagary, will be introduced. This new content will send adventurers deep into the mysterious Outer Ra'Kaznar to do battle with the three members of the Xol Triumvirate. Those that brave these new challenges will see various rewards including Empyrean armor reforging items, as well as synthesis items to make new item level 119 and Superior 2 equipment!

Excited for this new content? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

Daybreak Games Cuts Back EQII GM Roles

Customer Service has been spotty since Sony Online Entertainment transitioned into Daybreak Games. First phone service disappeared, then customers started complaining that petitions were not being answered. March 4, 2015, Daybreak Games updated their Knowledge Base with an article called [EQ2] Cases where Game Masters will not intervene. They have severely restricted the role of GMs to "errors with the game and/or servers" and remove the GM ability to help with gameplay issues.

Game Masters are available to assist with errors with the game and/or servers (such as crashes/rollbacks, zone down, etc)

Game Masters will not be able to intervene with simple gameplay errors. Gameplay errors should be resolved by further gameplay and players should use in-game means to address these errors.

Some examples of situations where Game Masters will not intervene:

  • Deleted items: Please reacquire any deleted items through gameplay.
  • Accidentally sold items: Buy the item back from a vendor. If it cannot be bought back, reacquire the item through gameplay.
  • Accidentally bought items: Sell the unintended item back to the vendor (not all items can be sold back unfortunately) and purchase the intended item.
  • Misloots: The Game Masters will not move items that were looted by accident or sent/traded to an unintended character.
  • Accidental item modification (transmutes, adornments, gems, etc): There are in-game means to correct this issue which the player should explore.
  • Renaming: The Game Masters will not change a character's first name, surname, or guild name upon request. Name change potions are available on the marketplace.
  • Guild Administration: The Game Masters will not administrate a guild or intervene in guild management affairs in any way. If your guild leader is absent, please create a new guild of your own or find another guild on the server that meets your needs.
  • Deleted characters: There are various mechanics in place to assure that characters are not deleted by accident.   Let's be careful out there.  Deleted characters will not be restored. Feel free to re-roll a new character.

That's right, Daybreak Games will no longer help you when your Guild Leader disappears from the game or your eight-year-old deletes a character to make room for his new "mouse pirate." So be careful out there, Norrathians, and be really sure before you click "Yes" and delete something!

Game Developers Choice Awards - Winners

Last night the Game Developers Choice Awards (GDCA) ceremony took place at GDC, with Monolith's Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor scoring Game of the Year. Blizzard (Hearthstone) and Bungie (Destiny) both received awards, as well as a smattering of other developers.

Metal Gear Solid V Launches in September

Konami announced today the release date for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. For current and last-gen consoles, Phantom Pain will launch on September 1st later this year with the PC version of the game available through Steam two weeks later on September 15th.

Gigantic is Coming to Win 10 and Xbox One

Motiga announced a new partnership with Microsoft today. Gigantic is now set to come to Windows 10 and Xbox One... at some point "in the near future", PC players will be required to have Windows 10 to play.

Project Morpheus Coming to the PS4 in 2016

VR is kicking up a lot of chatter at this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC). SCE has joined in the action by revealing their latest prototype for Project Morpheus, as well as announcing that the VR headset is slated to launch in the first half of 2016.

Raise Your Steins to Brewday!

Brewday kicks off on March 5th and your faithful ZAM staff has been working hard to bring you all the help you need. While drunkenly stumbling around Norrath be sure to stop by Enchanted Lands and talk to Maisy Sweetbread about a goblin problem. In the Butcherblock Mountains the pesky goblins are trying to ruin the local Brewday festivities can once again be gleefully knocked over by clover carpets there's a new prize to be won. The event also features a new crafting scroll, Brewday Accoutrements to Craft VI, and new Beer Token wares from Balin Copperfoot!

Back by popular demand we also offer you our updated Brewday Quest Tracker! Happy drinking!