Daybreak General Maintenance: July 28, 2015

Daybreak will perform a general maintenance beginning at 6am PDT on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. The current estimated downtime for this maintenance is two to four hours, depending on the service.

This maintenance may impact the following Daybreak services across all games:

  • Game logins for all Daybreak games
  • Forum & Web logins for all Daybreak games
  • Commerce and account management for all Daybreak games

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a game-specific maintenance. There will be no update or patch notes.

Thank you for your patience as we complete this maintenance.

~The Team at Daybreak

Razer Acquires Ouya's Software Assets

Confirmed earlier today, Razer announced that it acquired Ouya's software assets for an undisclosed amount of money in mid-June. The company has no interest in Ouya's hardware and instead plans to make the most out of the platform's available Android TV games and have Ouya users migrate to using the Forge TV micro-console.

Wowhead Weekly Episode 44

Join Panser and Perculia for Wowhead Weekly: Episode 44! This week the ladies discuss new site features on Wowhead, the Grand Tournament based on WoW's Argent Tournament, and the new Bonus Weekend.

The Scrying Pool: Time to Eat


The Scrying Pool is a Guild Wars 2 column where I simply ask what if? Nothing is off the table as I dive into possible features and future content, looking at what currently exists in Guild Wars 2 before I answer my own what if question with how I think the feature and content could be implemented.

Food in any MMO has an odd place, typically requiring time and resources to level up a cooking profession. The road of this progression is always filled with the leftover remains of lower level foods that remain unused in favor of higher stated nourishment. Guild Wars 2 also falls into this trap, but what could be done to fix the warehouses full of unwanted, non-perishable foods?

Film Friday: Ten New Trailers (Part Two)

In the non-shocking conclusion to this week's Film Friday, we have some recent flicks from Blood Bowl 2, Civilization: Beyond Earth, Endless Legend, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, and The Dwarves.

Film Friday: Ten New Trailers (Part One)

Another week has flown by yet again! We kick off this week's two-parter Film Friday with videos from Diablo III, Dream, Excubitor, Fallout 4, and Street Fighter V.

Patch Notes - Thursday, July 23, 2015

Here are the patch notes for Thursday, July 23, 2015:


  • Lava will once again...huuuuuuurt.
  • Evils may now return to Antonica from Frostfang Sea via the bell.

Queen's Colony

  • Direspike is no longer able to be charmed.
  • Players can now switch to a groupmate's instance by right-clicking their name in the group window.


  • The Finsher IV should now provide the correct amount of potency.
  • Characters with exploited copies of Far Journey Backpack will have them deleted from their inventory.

Journey is Half the Fun: The Feerrott leg of the race has had its timer set to a more realistic timer.

John Smedley Steps Down as Daybreak CEO

Earlier tonight, GamesBeat broke the news that John Smedley has stepped down from his position as President and CEO of Daybreak Game Company. This move comes in the wake of recent DDoS attacks and the subsequent deletion of Smedley's social media accounts (most notably on Twitter and Reddit). According to Daybreak's spokesperson, Smedley will be "taking some time off from the company" before "transitioning to a different role to be determined."

To take up the reigns of President is COO Russell Shanks, who has been with the company since its inception. Continue reading after the jump for some personal commentary on this development from former PlanetSide 2 Creative Director Matt Higby.

Patch Notes - Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Servers came down this morning at 6am PT for a two hour update. Here are the patch notes:

*** Highlights ***

  • Proc effect stacking - Multiple procs can now trigger from the same triggering action. Each proc effect that is active will be processed independently. See the Spells section for details.
  • Damage shields now report the damage that they do in all cases and can be directed to chat filters.
  • Spells that do not take hold will now relay a more accurate description as to why they did not take hold.
  • A new item, the Legend of the Oathbreaker, is available with prizes from the Legends of Norrath sets Oathbreaker, Ethernauts, and Against the Void.
  • Journeyman's Rucksacks and Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksacks are now available for purchase year-round on all servers that have Omens of War unlocked.

Continued after the jump.

WildStar: Stat Revamp Deep Dive Q&A

Previously discussed following E3 last month, WildStar will be getting a stat overhaul with this fall's F2P update. The refactoring will simplify things, leaving clear primary and secondary stats for players to customize their gameplay experience with.

This morning Carbine released its latest Deep Dive covering the stat revamp, and we took the opportunity to pose a few questions about it to Lead Designer Steven Engle.