Bungie Hints at Destiny Reveal

So if you've been following news surrounding game developer Bungie, then you've most likely heard about their upcoming game titled: Destiny. While not many details about their new title have been given, a new alternate reality game(ARG), accesible via a sub-domain of their official website, seems to hint at more information being revealed as early as next week.

Near the top of the ARG page seems to be a line of sequential numbers which appear to correspond to specific days. Below the numbers is a "puzzle" which is solved by alligning the dots in a specific pattern, depending on the number chosen near the top of the screen. Upon completion of today's puzzle, two images appear captioned with phrases that appear to be hints of some kind. Below these two images also appears a closing hint near the bottom of the page.

While the bottom hint seems to allude to the fact that this may take a group effort, or number of website visits to fully decipher, do not fear if puzzle-solving isn't one of your strong points. Earlier today the official Destiny twitter page posted a tweet saying "You can be the first to see the reveal of #Destiny right here on Feb 17(T-minus 5 days)". Thus, confirming some sort of reveal next Sunday for their upcoming title. So what do you think the reveal could be? A screenshot? Trailer? Let me know what you think. Whatever it may be, I for one will be anxiously awaiting another great title from Bungie.