Guild Wars 2 Community Meet and Greet

Arenanet, the development team behind the award-winning MMO Guild Wars 2, are hosting a Guild Wars 2 community meet and greet that is open for anyone 21 or older to attend! Here are the details:

Guild Wars 2 Official FAQ Goes Live

No beta testing for GW2 in 2008, among other things!
When will there be a beta?

Although we publically alpha- and beta-tested the original Guild Wars while it was still in early development, with Guild Wars 2 we will commence beta testing closer to the game's release. With that in mind, we will not start beta testing in 2008 as we had originally planned. Guild Wars 2 is a very large and ambitious game, and Guild Wars players rightfully have very high expectations of its quality. We want players to be absolutely blown away by the game the first time they experience it.
The entire FAQ is filled with other interesting, if not particularly new, items of interest!