Ace of Spades has launched!

As promised, indie developed; Jagex published FPS Ace of Spades launched today through Steam. Slightly more unexpected was the addition of the Motörhead song by the same name included in their badass release trailer. Since you can never have enough Umlaut in your life, find the trailer in all it's metal glory below:

Ace of Spades will set you back $9.99. A pretty good price considering that investment will net you 4 very different classes, 6 game modes, and virtually unlimited maps due to the block-based nature of the game. Check out the game's homepage to buy the game, or just open Steam and look at the new releases. The homepage will direct you there anyway.

Josh "Vazzaroth" Hagood


Voxel-shooter Ace Of Spades Boasts 500,000 Signups


Soon to be released Online FPS Ace of Spades announced it has had over half a million users sign up for its newsletter and announcement mailing list. In the age of the "Over a million or it's failing" mentality, that may not seem like a lot. But, for the indie 2-man development team Ace of Spades has, it's pretty impressive.

If you haven't heard of Ace of Spades, imagine Minecraft maps blended with Counter-Strike guns, and a dash of Team Fortress 2's style and you begin to see the picture this Jagex published game is trying to paint. Along with the announcement, the team also released the final class video: The Marksman.

Ace of Spades launches tomorrow, December 12th, through Steam for $9.99.

Josh "Vazzaroth" Hagood