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#1 Nov 05 2001 at 10:11 PM Rating: Default
Hi Illia, i have posed this question very often and only gotton bad or no responses to it.

I have been playing Everquest since april of this year. In that time i have accumulated much EQ wealth but NO good characters. I have only had 4 Characters get to lvl 10 and no characters get further than that. You see, at lvl 10 i cannot find any good places to Solo. I find that group Exeperience sucks (i think i have only been in bad groups). So at lvl 10 i run into a roadblock where it takes me 8 hours to get 3 yellow bubbles,then i read guides about how people get to lvl 40 something in only 5 days played time. Then i start another character and begin the Same cycle.

So i Come to you asking a person with such renowned and well know EQ stature such as you (as you can tell i REALLY need help) for help and hope as on how to lvl my characters past 10. Thanks for your help and thanks for this great wealth of knowledge in the Beistary and in the general Allahkazam's magik realm.

Knisman (Foreststalker) Wood Elven Ranger of the 9th season
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"please god (wichever one that amy be) let someone help me" Me after i start a new character.
#2 Nov 06 2001 at 1:16 PM Rating: Excellent
Well... always for the fastest XP (without twinking), group.

Best XP in my opinion (for low level zones)

Level 1 to 4: Use whatever zone you start in.
Level 5 to 9: East commons, West Karana, Upper Guk, Field of bone, Swamp of no hope, Lake of Ill omen, The Warrens. All good places.
Level 10 to 15: West commons was always my favortite (Wisps)
Level 15 to 22: Oasis is the standard, Lake of Ill Omen. Both Crowded though.
Level 22 to 30: Upper Guk, Lower Guk, Solusek A, Cazic Thule, The Overthere.
Level 30 to 43: The Overthere, Solusek B, Lower Guk.
Level 44 to 50: Solusek B, Karnors Castle, Sebilis, Charasis, Kedge Keep. The Hole
Level 50 to 55: Karnors Castle (not the entrance), Sebilis, Charais, Chardok, Solusek B. Velketors. The Hole
Level 55 to 60: Plane of Hate (great loot there for a group of 6), Dragon Necropolis, Sebilis, Charasis, Chardok, The Hole (undead tower).

Fastest XP tends to be in Antonica or Kunark in low levels, in 50+ levels the fastest XP tends to be in Antonica since things have less HP and hit for less.

Hope that helps.

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