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Update: I have to thank Aethien for this wonderful guide for an FAQ. You will notice right now that it will look a lot like his WOTLK FAQ. I will be in the process of updating his guide to be current with the up and coming Cataclysm expansion. I have changed a lot of the more obvious stuff. I will need to go back through later and take out what is needed and not needed.

Keeping the FAQ up to date:
If you notice anything outdated, please PM me or post it in this thread (preferably with corrected text).
It's a good bit of text so there's probably a couple places where it's not correct anymore and without help it's likely to stay that way.
With your help we can keep the sticky up to date and correct.



General questions

* What is a hunter good for?
* Are hunters fun?
* Do hunters suck at PvP? What is the dead zone? How do I jump shot?
* How do I beat a...?
* What's the best race?
* When do I get...?
* What is the hunter's role in a group?
* Why do hunters cost so much / use so much room in their bags?
* What are good trade skills for a hunter?
* Are hunters the best soloists?
* What is pulling and how do I do it?
* Can I play a melee hunter? Where does melee fit in with playing the class?
* What is chain-trapping?
* Why do people say hunters suck?

Explanation of hunter skills

* Aspects
* Traps
* Melee skills
* Tracking
* Stings
* Other shots
* Range-related skills
* Other skills
* And one more…

Pet related questions

* What’s the best pet
* What's your favorite pet?; What is your pet?
* How are pets different?
* How do I get my pet?
* Ok, I have to tame my pets, how do I actually do it?
* Can I only tame beasts?; Why can't I tame a dragon?
* OK, I've decided what kind of pet I want. Where do I find a XXX my level?
* What is happiness?; How do I feed my pet?
* Do pets gain experience and level?; What determines a pet's size?
* Which skills can pets use?
* Oh noes! My pet disappeared/died! Is he gone?
* How do I control my pet?
* My pet isn't holding aggro...
* Can I have more than one pet?
* What else can I do with my pet?
* How do I use my pet in an instance?
* Why can't I tame a mount?
* What's so different about exotic pets?
* Pet Talents
o general
o Ferocity
o Cunning
o Tenacity

Talents and Glyphs

* What are the best talents?
* Where can I find what all the hunter talents are?
* What’s the best hunter tree?
* Which one does the most damage?
* What are the best talent builds?
* What build should I use while leveling?
* Hunter Glyphs
* What are prime glyphs?
* What are major glyphs?
* What are minor glyph?

Gear and Stats

* What is a hunter weapon?
* Should I use bows or guns?
* What about crossbows?
* Which is better - a 2-hand weapon or dual wield?
* What's the best weapon?
* Where do I learn to use <some weapon type>?
* What are the most important attributes for hunters?
* How does attack power, chance to crit, and chance to hit work?; What is DPS?
* What do these stats give me?
* Where do I view my critical rate?
* What are the best enchants for a hunter?; Why are there no ranged weapon enchants?
* Why does weapon speed matter?; What is a rotation?
* What about other slots besides ranged weapon?
* I'm level X and I have Y agility. Is my gear any good?
* Which gear should I use?

Hunters in Arena

* What do I bring to my team?
* How should I spec for arena?
* And what about gear?
* Do I need to keybind?
* And what about my User Interface?
* Tips

Credits and additional stuff

* My question isn't answered here!
* Credits

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