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#1 Nov 28 2011 at 5:59 AM Rating: Excellent
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So here's my situation, ever since I started understanding WoW I've been trying to be self-sufficient and save myself money wherever possible. I have quite an army of alts and tend to hold on to things 'just in case'. As time has passed I've amounted quite a collection of junk, not helped by how bored I get putting things on the AH. I have a guild bank with 5 tabs usually full, only one of these I'd put as having vaguely useful stuff in (it has high end food, enchants and a few flasks/gems). The rest have an assortment of lower level crafting mats, foods, a few blues I was hoping to sell etc. Not to mention all the stuff spread out on my alts for storage.

I'm not exactly poor either, I could quite happily vendor, destroy or give away everything in my bank(s) and still afford anything I needed to get. Part of me is tempted to do just this, but another part of me is saying that it would be a waste if I could AH it for more gold or that just maybe I'll get around to leveling that alt to 85, want to raise a profession on it and be out of that thing that I had in the bank saved away. Or maybe I will get around to getting rep for my mount collector and realise that I could have used those items I'd been saving.

Has anyone here gone from being a hoarder to having a sensible selection of items available? How did you do it?

I'm currently trying to AH the stuff that I blatantly will never need (using auctioneer so I can be lazy about working out value), but with items coming back and the new stuff coming in from the alts I'm leveling trying to clear my AH toon feels like trying to bail out a sinking ship with a teacup.

Should I vendor everything, keep with my hoarding ways and buy more storage or do any Alla folks have ingenious ways for me to get some extra value from what I've been hoarding without having to spend all day on the AH?
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Just watch what items you dispose of, there are some items that you just can't get anymore, the ruby shades that Haris Pilton sold, the haunted memento (sadly I remember destroying LOTS of those during the event as I just didn't have bag space) The memento is going for over 12K on my server and the shades haven't even been seen on the AH in the time I've been doing scans (only the last couple weeks)

I'm not one to give too much advice here though I have 3 private guilds each with 3 or 4 tabs (cheaper than the next tab to buy a whole new guild and 3 tabs) one holds enchanting mats (the 'harder' to get stuff) one holds cloth... a tab anyway dedicated to each... I was just able to ditch most of the cooking mats (other than for the buff foods I want) because the pilgrim bounty event got all my server characters to 430.

Any profession mats I get that drop go to a holder for them until I've leveled past them in skill ups and then I'll AH them, if you price right everything will sell without dropping price from 50G/stack to 2G/stack to move em... someone likes the 47.5G price enough to buy it

It's weird what sells sometimes, I've recently sold a dozen tuxedo pants that I got from easter event for 300 gold each....
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