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disenchant equivalent idea for other creation skills.Follow

#1 Apr 02 2011 at 5:34 AM Rating: Decent
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Okay so i already see the good being out weighed by the bad in this in idea that popped into my head. But its always good to bring things out into discussion.

What if the appropriate tradeskills could "d/e" their armor types into a pittance of their base material? Maybe just the level of leather/cloth/metal, maybe the more complex reagent requirements too [for created pieces].

As in that green cloth chest drop is devolved into a few rolls of cloth for tailors. Those leather gloves into scraps of heavy leather for leatherworkers. That obsidian chest into bars for BS.etc etc.

When first thinking of it, "hey thats a nice idea to come up with" but the practical side doesnt work out once you think about it more. D/e'ers would be effected. The pittance of cloth wouldnt be worth the reagents from d/eing it through enchanting in the first place and if it was worth it, it would flood the market with the metals/cloth/leather [which already flood the markets without this alternate deconstruction of items method], which wouldnt be worth all that much cause of the increase in supply, thus making it not worth to do anyway. The system woud take work to develop and wouldnt really be that needed to develop and any work for so little output in the end isnt worth it.

*finally takes a breath* What are your thoughts?
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I believe that Cata beta had originally included this ability but it was scrapped (no pun intended).

I'm going to assume this was done to keep the cost of LW/BS/Tailor/JC and possibly engineering (JC couldn't uncut gems but maybe try to re-cut them for a low chance to produce an exceptional gem and a high chance to reduce it to worthless gem dust - rings, neck and trinkets could be scrapped for raw mats though) from getting too low as it would mean that these trade skills would have an easier time leveling as they could make a bunch of stuff, then scrap it down and remake it (obviously you wouldn't get the same amount of mats back but even getting 50% of them back would make a huge difference).

Scrapping armor and weapons would also create a secondary problem - chanters would be screwed royally as they'd now be competing with the other trade skills for greens to scrap/DE.

Finally, there'd be some major QQing from alch/inscrip as scrapping wouldn't really be feasible for those two - you can't "unmix" a potion any more then you can scrape the ink off of parchment and reuse it.

The alchemist issue could be fixed by allowing them to combine different potions together and take a page from the old AD&D potion mixability tables.

For example, mixing a health and mana pot could produce an inert potion, just a health pot, just a mana pot, a health/mana combo pot or a mystery potion (random chance to have the effect of any potion/flask/elixir in the game or simply poison you for, say, 20% of your max health).

Inscription could probably get away with DEing the glyphs or perhaps allowing alchies to recycle the glyphs into pots.
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