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If you haven't noticed/heard, there are new cooking/fishing dailies in Org and SW respectively.

I feel sorry for the Allies as the one fishing and cooking daily I did sucked - there's a level 85 shark in the harbor which makes doing the lobster trap daily impossible for low level toons and dangerous for higher level ones, plus, it's got a mad respawn rate.

The sugar quest involves running all over the city checking inns and trade good vendors for sugar, both bought and picked up, problem is there's only one, two at most and despite claims to the contrary, respawn rates are not five seconds, more like a minute or more.

Horde quests are cake by comparison, if slightly annoying from running all over Org.

For fishing I've done two - find a stag eye and catch one fish and go to goblin area and catch polluted fish. I've done three cooking - go out front and kill six level 9 boars for meat, gather 10 crawfish inside Org and gather eight cactus inside Org - crawfish are slightly annoying to pick up but very common so all said easy stuff.

Rewards for fishing involve a bag with some trash and the occasional potion (including Cata heal pots that heal for 10k) and plus 1 point improvement in fishing. Cooking gives you the equivalent of a Dal cooking award plus 2 points in cooking. Both also give rep.

No sign of a JC or any other tradeskill daily yet.
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