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#1 Nov 22 2010 at 11:45 AM Rating: Good
I thought it might be fun and advantageous to share some of our profit makers.

One of my biggest items that sells for a great profit is gromsblood. It's pretty rare on my server, and people are almost always posting it for 2g per item or less. I buy them up and sell them for just under 10g per item and they almost always sell on one cycle of a 24 hour posting.

Another great one is the 1g+ vendored cooking recipes in Booty Bay. I can't remember their exact price, but they're in the range of 1 to 2g, and they sell on the AH for almost 50g a piece. They don't sell on every cycle, but **** close to it.

Something I've been doing a few times a week is using my mage to port to each major city and doing a limited supply/pet vendor run. That's been a great profit maker. Between that, buying and selling herbs, and searching for resale items I've been pulling in about 2k gold a week for the last month or so. Not wonderful by any means, but definitely nothing to scoff at.

My bank toon just by herself has almost 3k on her, which puts me at a nice place to start really raking in the dough with resale items. Just yesterday I found a formula for the Crusader enchant on the AH for about 200g. Auctioneer said I could make a profit of some 300g or so, so I looked at the price on wowhead and made sure there weren't any others on the AH before I bought it. I put it back up for just under 600g and it sold this morning before I went to class. :D
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#2 Nov 23 2010 at 10:43 AM Rating: Decent
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Inscription has been good. I have my basic mod framework back, updated for 4.0 it's KTQ/Gnomeworks for crafting, Altoholic for inventory management, and AuctionProfitMaster for posting (or ZeroAuctions). KTQ also seems to require one other mod LilSparkysWorkshop and I'm getting some serious mod lag now, but at least my glyph production business is back in full swing. I've pulled 3k gold some days posting once/twice and I'm stockpiling for the leveling rush where I hope for a few 5000g days to finance my Cata powerleveling that I plan on doing.

Going forward in Cata I'm limitted only by gold and leveling time. If I could get every character to 85 and every profession capped I would, there is potential for profit everywhere. Professions like LW/tailoring I'd focus on leg armors as the staple (daily movers) try to sell like 10-40 of these a week. Then invest gold into crafting PVP sets, 80 blues/epics, as long as every sale can make a profit keep investing.

Its not very hard to figure out how much a piece costs to make, add 50-500g to it then post. Even this late in the expansion I sold a titansteel spellblade like 2 days ago, crafted for 450, sold for 730. I'm kind of low on gold and investing heavily into herbs whenever I can (stockpiling inks for leveling rush) so I havent been making many epics lately, but once I get more gold its a great way to spread all your eggs into multiple baskets especially early in an expansion.
#3 Nov 23 2010 at 10:06 PM Rating: Good
I buy greens to de, and also resell most tradegood mats, as well as popular gems, glyphs, and scrolls of enchant. I buy and bid things at 25% of value or below, and usually have several hundred auctions up on any day, both horde and alliance. Every so often, I'll move money over to my faction through the neutral ah, or transfer high priced items I am looking for on my primary faction.

I generally avoid reselling anything over a few hundred gold for an item. Reselling higher priced items carries more risk if prices are declining. It's worked for me. I fund our guild repairs, have enough for pretty much what ever my main wants, and a good amount saved.
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#4 Nov 23 2010 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
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certain types of items, like greater planars, i have a little fun with buying out those 20-30 singlets, marking them up, and reselling in full stacks.

golden draenite.... buy em all up at 5-10g, resell them at 25g each.

khorium ore.... buy them in the 15g each range, sell stacks of ten at 350g. these can take awhile. usually one or two days after i start to feel like an idiot for reposting them so many times, someone will come through and buy 4 or 5 stacks.
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#5 Nov 24 2010 at 7:10 AM Rating: Good
If I'm really hurting for gold, I run into SW and Stock. Then I run that as many times as I can before dungeon lock out (5?) and gather all the wool cloth. Being a horde player, wool always seems to sell for a ton more than it is worth on my realm.

Or I mine/herb
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#6 Dec 02 2010 at 5:05 AM Rating: Good
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With the surge of new alts due to the new race/class combos I've been selling low level enchanting matts for 1000% more of what they were selling for before.

This week I plan to offload some 10/15 stacks of Fel Iron and Adamantite as these aforementioned alts start hitting outlands. I expect prices will drop after next week with people focusing on mains and not really caring to level alts in outlands for quite some time.
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