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#1 May 11 2010 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
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I am lvl 13 with my warrior and I am a miner, and a blacksmith, but is it worth leveling blacksmithing? I am selling most of the copper I mine, and use the stone to level smithing, but I see at high levels it takes a lot of mats to level even a little bit. Should I continue, or is there another profession that may be worth looking into? Thanks.
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#2 May 11 2010 at 12:55 PM Rating: Good
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Blacksmithing isn't something that I would recommend to a first-leveled character on a server. It gets pretty expensive pretty fast and will really cut into your potential gold profits that you could be making with mining. Also, generally you will be outleveling the gear that you would make for yourself pretty quickly making the money (or potential money) that you spent on leveling BS not very helpful.

A better recommendation for something like that would be to take two gathering professions (herbalism, skinning, or maybe (dis)enchanting) and get as much money as you can while you level (saving for mounts, etc) and when you hit max level (or close to it) you can drop one of the gathering professions and level a crafting one.
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#3 May 11 2010 at 6:19 PM Rating: Decent
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I was talking to some people in my guild and they say its worth it to level BS, but at the same time, im thinking of it in terms of leveling, that it would be worth the money for metals, and enchanting mats, as well as being able to enchant my own armor, instead of making a lot of things I wont be using and wasting the mats in the process.

Im told that the gear you can make is better than pvp, quest, and a lot of raiding gear. At the same time, I dont plan on raiding because I hear its very hardcore. Is the crafted gear worth it? Any other advice? Thanks.
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#4 May 11 2010 at 8:45 PM Rating: Excellent
While you are leveling, you don't need to be enchanting your items, unless you happen to be an enchanter. Anything you have will change within a few levels. You also don't need to buy things off the AH. You can waste a lot of money while leveling if you do.

With the new LFG system, you can do a random dungeon your level, and be rewarded with extra loot that you can use at that level. This is going to give you more items of better gear, than you could make along the way with a crafting profession.

I agree with the above advice to take two gathering professions. You already have mining. I'd suggest adding skinning or (dis)enchanting to that. The extra gold will be more helpful to you than a few pieces of gear. Remember, most crafted gear is boe anyway. If you had to have a specific mace for example, you could just supply mats and a tip to a crafter who will make it for you.

Once you are max level, you may want to change things. I've changed professions many times at 80, as I move them around where I want them on my various alts.
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#5 May 11 2010 at 8:49 PM Rating: Excellent
Thing is, Blacksmithing is pretty good at 80. But on the way to 80 it's going to take away any profits you could be making with Mining (and another gathering profession if you take one). Also, it's going to steal a ton of time away from when you could be out questing or in an instance. Honestly, I don't remember any time I really needed a piece of crafted gear pre-70. And now with the LFG system you'll have plenty of shiny gears.

Trust me, it is by far easier to farm ore (to level Blacksmithing) after you get to 80. You may consider holding onto a bunch of smelted bars from mining as you level but sell as many as you don't need on the AH. You can check for a good list of leveling guides so that you know roughly how many of each bar you'll need at 80 to level blacksmithing.

Good luck.
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#6 May 12 2010 at 3:30 AM Rating: Decent
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As i have tried BS a few times all i can say is it will suck your gold away pretty fast.

I will say yes it is worth it but only if you intend to take time to level your warrior as it will need time taken to go gathering ore .

I will say it is almost impossible to gather enough ore under normal levelling conditions , i have 3 alts that are miners that supplement both my warrior and my engineer and by selling some of the ore and created items i can make enough gold to survive but it has slowed my levelling down a bit .

As you said about enchanting then i assume you intend another alt , now if you make that alt an enchanter/miner it will work pretty good as then you can enchant all your gear as you level both professions but do not expect to make a lot of gold from enchanting or BS as it will be from the extra ores/bars and some of the created items and the main profit i find is from the excess i create from the disenchanting.

The above site will give you a pretty good idea of the amount of materials needed and the best things to create , so if you follow their recommendations roughly ( depending on the alts requirements ) you should be able to get some idea if it is worth it to you.
#7 May 12 2010 at 9:55 PM Rating: Good
I have a 40 Warrior that is BC and JC. Crazy right? my main, DK, is both a miner and a herby
I can say that BS really hasn't been that useful. I make me an upgrade, and won't you know it..the next time I run a Dungeon (being a Tank, I get these pretty quick) I get an upgrade.
Mats that I could have sold for gold on the AH are no more, and I'm only making a small amount from selling that now Bound item to the vendor.
I'm not at the point where I can pick a path. I think I'm going to just skip it because I don't see being an Armor Smith being very useful to myself.

Plus there is all that surplus gear you will be making. It will make you almost 0 profit on the AH. I sent all my surplus to a DE toon. The Enchanting Mats can sell good sometimes..when the AH isn't bombed with them.

The only way this toon gets gold is when I send him some from my Main XD

As of today, my Hunter who was a Skinner and Enchanter is now an Enchanter and Alchemist. I found Alchemy to be easy when...

A few weeks ago I rolled a new DK on a different realm that I had 0 gold to help me with. I decided to be a Herb and an Alchy.
Herbs that were not used made be an ok amount, and pots I made while leveling I sold at a pretty good discount (as i was usually the only one selling). That DK is now 70 w/ 430 Alchy and Herb. Nothing like being able to make useful HP pots and DPS Elixir/Flasks.
And the realm seems to have a small amount of Alchemists, so I can for see me making some good gold if I ever get to 80 w/ most of the recipes.

Im told that the gear you can make is better than pvp, quest, and a lot of raiding gear. At the same time, I dont plan on raiding because I hear its very hardcore. Is the crafted gear worth it? Any other advice? Thanks.

Unless you find a way to make tubs of gold. This "crafted" gear that is better then t9/10/pvp/raid gear is going to coast you an arm and a leg to make. Not to mention to learn these recipes you will have to raid/buy what it takes to learn them.

Raiding isn't hardcore, unless you make it hardcore.

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#8 May 13 2010 at 5:32 PM Rating: Decent
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So maybe what I will do is drop the Blacksmithing, I am only at 74 skill anyway, and pick up enchanting for the disenchanting skill. One more question please, is JC of any use early on, or is it a money sink like BS can be? Thanks for all your help.
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#9 May 14 2010 at 2:05 AM Rating: Decent
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Like most professions JC sucks at lower levels.

Check out the AH for cheap created items to see what your server is like and think about this , one of my alts sat in the Ah just buying cheap items and made over 11000g by level 39 and most was from created items like JC and from BS and also tailoring , begin to love those that power level their trade and flood the market because they will always be there and i love them.
#10 May 14 2010 at 5:13 AM Rating: Good
If you pick up enchanting, I'd make a trip to the AH once or twice a day and scan with auctioneer for greens you can de at your enchanting level for 50% profit. Sell the mats you don't use leveling yourself in enchanting. While at the AH, if you have a little cash built up, you could start to use auctioneer's snatch function to purchase tradegoods like ore, bars, and herbs (and eventually gems, glyphs, and enchants) if they are their at 25% of value. Repost them using "price matching" for quicker sale.

Doing the above, I've averaged 500g per day on the Alliance side, as well as another 500g per day on the horde side for over 2 months. That's 30k/month total without ever mounting up on my miner / herbalist. At level 13, you will be starting small of course, but playing the AH with trade goods is a perfectly viable way to fund all your activities. Gathering professions like mining, herbalism, and skinning are additional pure profit.

If you do start playing the AH, resist the urge to go into the epic gear reselling business. While there is money to be made there, leave that market to people with allot of cash and experience.

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