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Making Money With Blacksmithing?Follow

#1 Dec 30 2009 at 9:18 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey guys, I'm DK is lvl 80 now, but on a completely different server. I have about 3000g at the moment, and I was wondering if it will be worthwhile to invest it into leveling Blacksmithing (I may be to lazy to mine). So my basic question, does it make money at lvl 450? and if so how much? and how? thanks for any input!
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#2 Dec 30 2009 at 10:21 PM Rating: Good
If you're not raiding for current tier patterns, you won't make back the gold you spend buying ore to level the skill. Blacksmithing (especially in the 250+ range) is enormously ore intensive. If you're not able to mine your own, 3000g probably wouldn't be enough to get you to Grand Master skill level.

Also, if you're forced to buy all of the Titansteel necessary to make the top gear (assuming you're able get the patterns), your profit margin will tend to go into the toilet.

ALl in all, if you're not mining your own ore, stay away from Blacksmithing. It's not worth it.
#3 Dec 31 2009 at 1:53 PM Rating: Decent
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AureliusSir the Irrelevant wrote:
ALl in all, if you're not mining your own ore, stay away from Blacksmithing. It's not worth it.

Time is money, no? If mining old world ore is literally the best gold/hour possible, then go ahead and do that to level out your blacksmithing, but odds are it's not. Especially if you pay attention to purchasing times (hint: buy ore/bars on the weekends, this goes for just about every trade good in WoW btw).

Is Blacksmithing good for making gold? That really depends if you want to setup a virtual blacksmithing store where you keep the AH supplied with BS staples. The longer you do it, the more money you'll make in the long run. Leveling it should be considered an investment, whether you invest 5000g or 19 hours of mining. I think you are asking if you can make back 5000g eventually, then profit on top of your investment. My answer would be yes, if you run an efficient store over the long term. I think there are some slightly better professions, unless they are totally covered on your server. Inscription comes to mind. It's great if there aren't already 5 dedicated scribes keeping 2-3 of every glyph in the game on the AH at all times. It can be the best gold making profession in WoW, unless your server is overrun.

Blacksmithing is OK. This expansion is winding down so it might be a bad time to start it up. I think your bread and butter will be eternal belt buckles, since those old blues and titansteel destroyers don't sell like they used to. The way I would look at it is, make back as much gold as I can running a well equipped shop before the expansion. And have it level capped and ready to go for Cataclysm.
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