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Tailoring: how to profit + synergy?Follow

#1 Jul 28 2009 at 3:38 AM Rating: Good
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I'd like to take tailoring on the mage I just started leveling mostly for the flying carpet. And honestly, if thats all I get from tailoring I'd still be happy. But after finding someone nice enough to link their tailoring spell book in trade chat I was surprised with what I believe I saw. I assumed that like (most?) other production crafts you could find a way to make disenchantable items at a profit. It also seemed that the bags and threads actually sell for the cost of goods, or sometimes for even less. Inparticular, I was hoping to find a way to turn frostweave cloth into profit if at all possible.

Also, is there a second craft that works especially well with tailoring? Looks like lots of tailors do enchanting, but I already have an enchanter. If there is nothing that stands out I'll probably go with mining to feed my JC.
#2 Jul 28 2009 at 11:45 AM Rating: Decent
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I find tailoring a perfect match with enchanting , and for a Mage there are so many good reasons to have both.

Apart from a few items there is no great profit in tailoring but quite a few that work to a mages advantage , for example some of the plus spell power gear i find is a great help and a really nice boost to stats,

Enchanting though if done for the disenchanting side has a very nice semi free bonus as you get a free bonus to your stats even from a low level and of course any excess dusts and shards make a reasonable profit and you can make a reasonable profit from disenchanting all your tailoring and soul-bound gear , i know for sure just how much profit can be easily made if you get it right.

But i meant to add this . For a mage mining and skinning were also a nice boost as i did try them together , nice profit and my alts got stuff needed for their trades and of course the free stats boost.

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#3 Jul 29 2009 at 11:39 AM Rating: Good
Since you already have an enchanter, you can simply mail greens your tailor makes to him for disenchanting. I wouldn't try to make a business out of it, but it is a nice option while you are leveling your tailoring.

I find tailoring fun. I like being able to make bags. I've made all 22 slot bags for my main, and plenty of other bags for my alts and guildmates. I make extra cloth when my cooldowns are up. That way I can trade specialty cloth I make for mats when other guild tailors need it. I made my own frost resist set, other armor, and of course I have my flying carpet.

Who knows, with patches and expansions on the horizon, I wouldn't want to miss out on future tailoring items. I have plenty of alts I can use to make money with other professions. I do tailoring for myself and as a service to my guildmates.
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#4 Jul 30 2009 at 2:12 PM Rating: Good
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The carpet isn't something you can profit from. It's not only made by tailors, but requires tailoring to use, so it's unlikely a tailor would buy a carpet from another tailor.

Currently their are 2 carpets. A non-epic one and an epic one. Their are also images around of 3 more, made with the Northrend specialty cloth, but the recipes for those carpets haven't been found... as far as I know.

Things I profit the most off are netherweave bags. Yes, their are larger bags you can make, but they require things like different spider silks, infinite dust, etc., which cause those bags to be more expensive to make and not much profit. That's on my server anyway.

Their are also the special threads, which get put into pants.

The 32 slot soul shard bag might be worth making to sell as well. I've actually never looked into making it for profit on my server though.

In most cases, anything made with the specialty Northrend cloths isn't worth making to sell. The cloth itself sells for more than the item made, in most cases.
#5 Aug 06 2009 at 9:37 AM Rating: Good
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Bags are great profit for my tailor. A Netherweave bag sells for about 17-20 gold on my server now(korean server) and a stack of netherweave is only 7 gold, so a good profit(i usually make about 30 or so a week to sell). But mostly the money i make is soloing or duo'ing instances with the wife and all that lovely cloth, i make into the cheapest thing my tailor can make, mail it to my 'chanter and DE for the AH for muchos profit. Even low/mid level instances that drop lower levels of cloth(silk for example) DE into dust that everyone needs for leveling enchanting. If you have the extra time to solo instances, it is a good way to make money, especially DE'ing all the greens/blues you get as well along the way.
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