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Gnome. Engineering worth it?Follow

#1 Mar 07 2005 at 9:28 AM Rating: Good
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I am starting as a Gnome Mage, and was wondering should i do Herbalism and Alchemy like i planned, or should i do engineering since the Gnomes are givin Extra engineering skills?
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#2 Mar 09 2005 at 9:39 PM Rating: Decent
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Extra engineering skill or not, Engineering at the moment is.. well... Kinda nerfed... We have random creations which don't do anything (seaforium charges large and small), it's bloody expensive, and there (in my opinion) is a lack of end game polish... I'm sittin' at 300 Gnomish Engineering, and more or less consider Engineering as a whole to be a bit of a mistake. Granted it was nice being able to craft my own guns coming up as a lowbie hunter, but once you get past 50, there isn't ANYTHING save for a dark iron rifle (good luck getting this schem, and even more luck the required mats)that you can craft, let alone anythnig that's worth using... Megashot Rifle dropped in Maraudon is better, with higher DPS, better stats (when compared to the zero stats offered by engineered guns) a somewhat high drop rate, and... well yeah... Don't mean to whine, but until Blizz Buffs it up a bit, it's a pretty worthless skill... and a money pit to boot~

Re-read that and realize it's really negative... There ARE some cool things about engineering^^... Trinkets own, and the Deep-dive helm makes live a whole lot easier when it comes to getting the Big Iron Fishing pole, and or owning people in Booty Bay... Basically... Engineering is a very PvP oriented tradeskill... I enjoy it, I'm just disapointed at the end game =\ I'm guessing engineering isn't the only unfinished trade-skill however^^;

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