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Soloing to the Master Enchanter as a PriestFollow

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I think my fellow enchanters will agree that the placement of the Master Enchanter in the Uldaman instance full of erratic moving elite troggs and such is a pain in the behind when it comes procuring training past 225. No other tradeskill I know of makes it so difficult to train without help, in most cases.

I can finally say I found a way past all those ugly stick wielders and made it to Annora...what a beautiful sight! As you'll see from my screens, my armor was pretty busted up after many failed screwup and I was either dead or running back to the instance entrance to try again.

Anyway, here's a quick guide to getting past the uglies on your own as a priest (I was level 50 when I did this, and I wouldn't recommend much lower than that). Other classes may have a difficult time without the Mind Soothe capability.

NOTE: To make this much easier on yourself I HIGHLY recommend bringing along a couple Lesser Invisibility and mana pots for a portion of the map otherwise you may die or be forced to run back many times due to the erratic pathing of the mobs.

Refer to this figure for assistance in my instructions:

A. If you're around level 50 put up a shield and start running into the Uldaman area until you reach Dig 1 then enter the instance entrance. You should be able to make it easily with a fear and a shield recast if necessary.

B. After entering the instance, you'll notice you can only go west, but you can take the left or right paths...take the right path.

C. This part is'll need to mind soothe the closest trogg and try to soothe one or two beyond him...the trick is getting into line of sight (LOS) without aggroing the first trogg. If you can do this, getting by this first juncture shouldn't be a problem. Repeat mind soothe as necessary up until the entrance to the second juncture (before reaching point (1)).

D. At this 2nd juncture 1-2 non-elite trogg runners will eventually come by. I suggest waiting for them to run in and then killing them...preferably at a point where they do NOT aggro any other troggs.

E. After the runners are dead, soothe the closest trogg within the second juncture, get as close in as you can and then pop a Lesser Invisibility pot and run for your life up to point (2) (You'll pass a named trogg on the way).

F. Now you should be in an open area with a few stealthed troggs ahead. These are easy to skirt by...even without soothe...but you may soothe just to be safe. Follow the path until halfway to point (3).

G. A patrolling bat will be flying through this hallway so I recommend taking it out. I had Shadowform going the whole time so soloing the 38-39 elite bat was no problem.

H. Proceed to point (3) staying as far left as possible. Right where point (3) is marked lie around 8-10 non-elite scorpids...avoid at all costs!

I. Between point (3) and (4) are a couple 40 elite scorpids, another patrolling 38 elite bat, and a 40 elite basilisk. I recommend taking them out one at a time...although it is possible to skip the first two scorpids; however, the bat and basilisk are nearly impossible to get by without aggroing. After the basilisk is one more elite scorpid...kill this one as well.

J. Near point (4) is another nest of scorpids on the right...avoid these as well as you progress.

K. When you reach point (5) you'll see a tent and a final nest of 10 non-elite scorpids levels 35-36. Take a breath, congratulate yourself for making it this far, and prepare for a hectic fight:

Each and every scorpid must be killed for Annora (the master enchanter) to appear. Make sure you're buffed up, full of mana, in Shadowform, and have a mana pot ready to go. At level 50 my SW: Pain alone will eventually kill the scorpid with no other damage necessary. So, shield up and wait for a bit so you can re-shield quickly before dotting the closest scorpid. After you dot the first, tab and dot the next one. Repeat until each scorpid is dotted. If you're taking too much damage before all are dotted use a fear (there isn't anything else close enough to pull in b don't worry). Reshield if necessary then move around the tent area jumping into the lower area then jumping back up on the ledges to make the scorpids take the long way to reach you. If all goes well, they will all eventually die and Annora will appear:

It costs 5gp to train to Artisan and she has skills available up to 250. Good luck!

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