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Lost disenchanting skill points?Follow

#1 Dec 23 2004 at 7:20 PM Rating: Decent
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First post but been playing WoW.

I was getting skill points for disenchanting even last night. But this morning, no skill pts for disenchanting. I even disenchanted a lvl 24 and 40 item. No skill pts. I am trying enchanter trade for first time.

Is there a point where disenchanting items yields no skill pts?

I am currenly at lvl 95.

thanks for all replies
#2 Dec 23 2004 at 8:24 PM Rating: Decent
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I am currently at 110.

I stopped getting skill points for disenchanting any item after the first set of recipes became Grey (trivial).

I found that to be around lv70. I just hand out free enchants to my guildmates. whenever I come across enough dusts/shards/essence to skillup about 30-40 points at a time. If there is no one online, I will just repeat enchant 1 single item in my inv. Using the least amount of ingrediants to raise my skill as high as possible.

This is most definitly the most expensive craft, and there is no money to be made in it until we hit the 200+ range. Once we can start enchanting weapons and giving worthwhile +agi/str/att/def/stm to gear, then the money should start rolling in. Until then the price that ingrediants cost you / over the actual enchant people are just not willing to pay for.

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#3 Dec 23 2004 at 10:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the quick reply. I have 10 gold, looks like that is going down. :)

thanks again
#4 Dec 28 2004 at 11:54 AM Rating: Decent
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enchanting is the most expansive profession you can have.. it's gonna eat all your money... sad but true...
#5 Dec 28 2004 at 12:24 PM Rating: Decent
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Yeah, I agree with Smokt. I haven't gotten a skill increase from disenchanting since the earliest skill levels. Annoying for sure considering the number of items I disenchant in a day (average around 1.5 mailbox pages). Currently at 117 skill but not feeling any kind of money crunch at all. Guildmates and higher level alt characters mail me items to disenchant and I mainly only enchant items for my (as in, my characters') use since most of my guildmates are 30+. But one thing's for certain. Minor beastslayer is a MAJOR crowd favorite. Whenever I enchant a weapon with it, I'm always asked by someone nearby to do it for them and am usually paid 50 or so silver for doing it. Last night I bought a Medicine Staff for the mage and when she added that red glow to it (it was equipped so strapped across her back), I got 8 tells asking for me to do the same for others. Nice lil chunk of change that was (but I'm out of magic essences now LOL).

One piece of advice though: Besides simple wood (for making wands), NEVER buy materials from the enchanting supplier. I can always get materials for far less than 4s per lesser essence. Amongst my own characters, I have an expert level leatherworker, the mage herself is a 141 skill tailor, and pretty much every warrior and paladin I know (including my own) is a blacksmith. Every time I/they do skillup runs, that's a ton of items I can get materials from. Also, check the AH for underpriced green items. You can usually find stuff for under 10s with required levels going all the way up to about 26. Look for stuff with low buyouts OR low starting/current bids and a "short" duration. You can also supplement your income by selling your materials if you're running low on cash. Here's how:

Base price for Lesser Magic Essence from the Enchanting supplier is 8s for 2 (or 4s each). You need 3 of them to make a Greater Magic Essence so let's say the Greater would sell for 12s each from the same vendor. Take your lesser magic essences and sell them at AH for a slight markup. I usually go 40-50s per 6. That works out to 25s per Greater Essence or 50s essence cost for 1 minor beastslaying enchantment (which is by far my most popular request). I don't sell dusts because that would be like selling sand at the beach IMO (I have well over 12 stacks of strange dust and 7 of soul dust). I haven't started selling astral essences (yet) but I can only see the curve progressing in a smooth upward fashion.

Hope this helps :)
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