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#1 Dec 20 2004 at 11:21 PM Rating: Decent
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Just wanted to post in this forum to help get this forum going. - Alchemy/Herbalism Guide - V2.3 by vgamepnoy:
A guide to Alchemy and Herbalism for World of Warcraft

Written by vgamepnoy


I. Intro
II. Herbalism
A. Why Herbalism?
B. How to level Herbalism
C. Herbs +
III. Alchemy
A. Why Alchemy?
B. Basics for Alchemy
C. Alchemy Reagents +
D. Step by step guide to level Alchemy -
E. List of Alchemy Recipes +
F. Alchemy and other professions +
IV. Trainers -
A. Herbalism Trainers -
B. Alchemy Trainers -
V. How to make money with Herbalism and Alchemy -
VI. Alchemy and Herbalism vs... -
A. Tailoring and Enchanting -
B. Mining and Blacksmithing -
C. Skinning and Leatherworking -
D. 2 Gathering Professions -
VI. Change log
VII. Copyright and Contact Information

+ Content is there but is not quite done yet
- No content
Content is completed or near finished]

I. Introduction

Hello reader! Alchemy and Herbalism is a very great and simple combination
for any adventurer, especially those that like to wonder the land on their

II. Herbalism

Your ability to gather herbs is called Herbalism. It is very easy to achieve
expertise in this profession as herbs are quite abundant and re-spawn very
quickly. Herbalists also have the ability to "sense" nearby herbs, making
your job quite a bit easier!

II A. Why Herbalism?

You pretty much need Herbalism to do anything with Alchemy and vice versa.
Herbalism can also be paired with Skinning and any other profession if you
wish, but I do not recommend Herbalism if your class or other profession uses
a type of "track", such as Mining and Hunters' various mob tracks (not sure
on this part)

II B. How to level Herbalism

Itís really easy. Just run around until you see an herb and bingo! +1 skill.
There is no reason to get lazy about running to get the herbs until herbs get
gray, which is about 100 Herbalism.

II C. Herbs


Where to find the herb.

Used for the following Alchemy recipes
What recipes this herb is used in. Recipes are arranged from lowest skill
level use. (XX) denotes what level the recipe is.

Silverleaf (0)

Near any newbie zones, it stops spawning at level 10+ zones.

Used for the following Alchemy recipes
Elixir of Lion's Strength (0)
Elixir of Minor Defense (0)
Minor Healing Potion (0)
Minor Mana Potion (0)
Elixir of Minor Defense (0)
Elixir of Minor Agility (50)

Peacebloom (0)

Can be found where Silverleaf grows.

Used for the following Alchemy recipes
Discolored Healing Potion (0)
Weak Troll's Blood Potion (15)
Minor Rejuvenation Potion (40)
Elixir of Minor Fortitude (50)
Discolored Healing Potion (50)

Earthroot (15)

Often grows along the sides of mountainous areas and on the slopes of
mountains and hilly areas. Seen in areas where Silverleaf and Peacebloom

Used for the following Alchemy recipes
Elixir of Lion's Strength (0)
Weak Troll's Blood Potion (15)
Elixir of Minor Fortitude (50)
Elixir of Giant Growth (90)

Mageroyal (50)

If you can find Briarthorn, you will most certainly find Mageroyal.

Used for the following Alchemy recipes
Minor Mana Potion (25)
Minor Rejuvenation Potion (40)
Elixir of Wisdom (90)
Minor Magic Resistance Potion (110)
Lesser Mana Potion (120)

Swiftthistle (50/70)

You will only find Swiftthistle when picked with Briarthorn or Mageroyal.
The rate is pretty random, but you will usually find them with either herb,
maybe about 60%+ chance.

Used for the following Alchemy recipes
Elixir of Minor Agility (50)
Swiftness Potion (60)
Holy Protection Potion (100)
Swim Speed Potion (100)

Briarthorn (70)

In higher level areas (level 10+ zones).

Used for the following Alchemy recipes
Lesser Healing Potion (55)
Rage Potion (60)
Swiftness Potion (60)
Elixir of Wisdom (90)
Healing Potion (90)
Strong Troll's Blood Potion (125)

Stranglekelp (85)

Can be found in the waters of Dark Shore and in the Silverpine forest, in
the nearby lake. Stranglekelp is always found clinging to the bottom of the
sea floor.

Used for the following Alchemy Recipes
Elixir of Water Breathing (90)
Lesser Mana Potion (120)
Elixir of Defense (130)
Free Action Potion (150)
Mana Potion (160)
Elixir of Agility (185)
Nature Protection Potion (190)

Bruiseweed (100)


Used for the following Alchemy Recipes

Wild Steelbloom (115)


Used for the following Alchemy Recipes

Kingsblood (125)


Used for the following Alchemy Recipes

Liferoot (150)


Used for the following Alchemy Recipes

III. Alchemy

Alchemy is very incredible, for you will be able to augment many of your
abilities, from movement speed to the thickness of your skin. Good Alchemists
are almost always skilled Herbalists, for their ability to gather needed
ingredients at no cost.

III A. Why Alchemy?

Alchemy allows you to augment pretty much all of your stats and some other
abilities, such as increasing your health regeneration and allowing you to
absorb certain types of magic. Some people have said that they are able to
solo higher level mobs with their "free stat buffs", which may be the
equivalent of wearing a free ring(s), to some extent. Some alchemy potions
will be needed for other professions' recipes. Your allies could also use a
boost from your potions in situations such an instance.

III B. Basics for Alchemy

Do your best to attempt recipes which will increase your experience, until
you can no longer gain any expertise from it. IE, make minor healing potions
until it turns 'green'

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#4 Dec 20 2004 at 11:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Everytime I tried to edit post it replied. Sorry. :-/ *Grabs ahold of desk and fears for ratedown*
Lag is how fast it takes a Gnome to be stepped on by a Night Elf at the speed of light divided by time and distance.
#5 Dec 21 2004 at 11:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Alas! No info on where to pick Wild Steelbloom! :(

If anyone knows where to pick it, please post! Or /tell me on Suramar as Morbidangel.
#6 Dec 21 2004 at 12:39 PM Rating: Decent
Stonetalon mountains have steelbloom, I have only found them on rocks, much like earthroot, I seen a steelbloom the other day on the south side of the barrens also, and have seen some on the east side of the wetlands and around the excavation site
#7 Dec 22 2004 at 1:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Wild Steelbloom can be found in Arathi Highlands, Stonetalon, Stranglethorn and Desolace.
These are the best spots I have found to date for that herb.

Hope this helps.

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#8 Dec 23 2004 at 2:09 PM Rating: Decent
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the leveling herbalism by pick mentions the difficulty grays out at 100 herbalism, that's prolly just for some of the lower level herbs rite? since different herbs have different levels and some of them couldnt even be picked until 100+ like life root for example...

also any info on where the recipe and reagent for some of the non herb parts of recipe would be great; like blackmouth oil - i never came across where the recipe for that was acquired and where to find oily blackmouth to make it.

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#9 Dec 24 2004 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
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blackmouth oil is obtained by fishing/catching blackmouth at Menithil/Redridge areas and using the alchemy skill to convert the fish into oils. It takes 2 fish and one empty vial to make a potion. (I think I got the skill to make that from my alchemy trainer in Ironforge)
#10 Dec 27 2004 at 2:26 PM Rating: Decent
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You are the hero of the day!

I spent 2 hours yesterday leveling up my skills and this page would have been great to go thru!

I am spending a lot of time out there trying to find the herbs to harvest, but yesterday, in particular, it seemed that there were a lot of farmers out there!

I'll give it a shot again tonight. Thanks again for the work there!

~Scary Aaron
#11 Dec 27 2004 at 2:31 PM Rating: Decent
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Could somebody give me a "fair" price to sell my speed potions (i cant remember what they are called exactly but they are the
+50% to run speed for 15 seconds) the market seems to overcrowded with stingy people selling stacks of 5 for 2G, but on the other hand i dont want to sell myself short, Swifthistle is hard to come by.
Any honest help would be greatly appreciated.

lvl 17 Dwarf Rogue
Alc 135
herb 123
Firstaid 90
Fishing 112
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#12 Dec 27 2004 at 6:43 PM Rating: Decent
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My formula for a fair price on the AH: Take the starting price given in the AH and multiply by 3. If you want you can even go as low as multiplying by 2. I find this to be a pretty fair price and not trying to gouge people.

The reason the potion goes for as much as it does: It is an ingredient used in Smithing for the Deadly Bronze Poinard I *think*.
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