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It all began on a warm Tuesday evening; I came into this world filled with awe and wonder. I was finally a man, big and strong enough to venture out into the world. I spent my youth in the peaceful city of San d’Oria. My father was a talented Woodworker, My Mother, She was known for her healing touch. Growing up, I studied from both my father and my mother, learning the arts of a craft and the magic of healing. I always dreaded my mothers teaching, what kind of man becomes a healer? “I am a MAN! I will become a warrior like the brave knights who protect us!” I would shout to my parents. Little did I know my path was already set, there was nothing I could do to change it.

On that Tuesday Evening I speak of, I was finally able to leave the walls of the city alone. I was ready to shed everything I had learned from my parents, I was ready to become myself. I went on a journey of a lifetime, a journey to become a fabled Dragoon. A knight of the dragon order, something not very common anymore. In order to become a Dragoon, one must first find a dragon egg, which was the easy part. Once one found a dragon egg, they had to hatch it and pray the Dragon inside would bond to them, and not eat them for breakfast.

Before leaving home, my parents told me I was going on a foolish journey. “Dragoon’s are only a myth!” they would both say. Perhaps I was foolish at the time, or maybe to young to realize that being a Dragoon, was not in the cards for my destiny.

So I set out, ready to make a name for myself, ready to become one of the legends my father would speak of before setting me to bed. The first few nights were the toughest. It took some getting used to being alone in the forest at night. There are many scary noises in the forest at night when you are all alone; little did I know at the time, the worst was yet to come.

On my fourth night alone in the forest is when I heard it. I was dead asleep when I was awoken by what sounded like a scream. Panicked I reached for my walking stick, ready to use it as a weapon if need be. Scared and terrified I looked around in every direction looking for what I feared was too close. That’s when I heard it again. A scream filled with such terror, the entire forest fell silent. It was as if the Dark Lord himself had reached out and grabbed my heart.

I stood frozen, praying that what ever caused that scream was not on its way to me. The forest still silent from the scream that had just ripped through it only moments ago, suddenly burst into a loud ruckus. Howls of pain and Rage begin to fill the forest, the howls of Orcs. Terrified and curious at the same time, I clenched my walking stick tighter in my hands and bolted for towards the Howls.

Running as fast as I could, filled with excitement and terror, I thought to myself. “What am I doing? I’m going to get my self killed!” As I got closer to where I heard the howls from it began to get quite. I slowed from a dead run to a slow crawl as I made my way to where I heard the howls. When I finally arrived I came to a scene so terrifying and awe inspiring at the same time.

Right there in front of me was the dismembered bodies of a few dozen Orc’s, the ground was covered in their blood and insides, a few heads and limbs laid scattered about the area. In the middle of it all was a medium sized man, dressed in the armor of what appeared to be a Paladin. Blood still dripping from his sword, he glanced my way and quickly brought his sword in my direction.

He was amazing, I thought. There were several dozen Orcs lying on the ground and here was this one man, covered in the blood of his enemies, none his own. As he brought his sword around at me, I then realized the women huddled at his feet. It must’ve been the woman responsible for those blood curdling screams.

With his sword pointing at me, I quickly informed I meant him no harm, and that I was only here to help. As he lowered his sword to help the young lady, I could see the tension in his face dissolve as he let out a sigh of relief. It was quickly replaced by fear and anger. ******* it! I am too late!” He yelled. I ran over to him as fast as I could to see what was wrong, the woman was dying. One of the Orcs had sliced her stomach open; her intestines were fighting with the open wound to spill out and on to the ground.

That’s when it happened, when my life changed and I was forced down a road I did not choose for myself, but one the Goddess Altana had chosen for me. Without thinking I began to move my hands in the motion of healing right above her wound. I could feel the power of everything living around me as it surged into my body. As my body absorbed this energy, I began to focus it on the woman lying in front of me. It was beautiful, it was the first time I had ever channeled healing magic this powerful, I could feel it as it left my hands and moved to her wound.

That’s when I blacked out; I was out for a few days. When I had awoken I learned that the woman was okay. I also learned that the whole time I was out that the Paladin had taken care of me and the women. His name was Ardo; a Paladin from the Great Nation of Bastok, the woman was gone. Ardo told me that I healed her and she had never felt better so she left the day after the attack.

That was when I realized there was nothing greater in the world then healing the weak and injured. I began to study vigorously after that day. I was going to become the greatest White Mage ever.

Ardo and I set off on many adventures together, He was the sword and shield! I was the Mighty Healer, ready to cure him of any wounds he may receive on our journey. We became a great team, nothing could defeat us. As we went on our adventures together we met many new and friendly people.

We decided we would open a guild for like minded adventures. We became known as The Knights of Altana, our name was known throughout the world. Nothing could stop us, we were a group of young adventures out to explore the world and conquer or enemies.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. Ardo had grown tired of the adventuring and wanted to stay home more and more with his loving family. I decided I would lead the Knights alone. After a year of leading the knights, I became tired of leading them. It was time I went my own way, it was hard, but I disbanded the Knights. To the winds they scattered, looking for their own adventure and a new place to call home.

Shortly after my departure from the Knights I met a fellow named Gedatsu, he was the greatest Black Mage I had ever met, he was capable of killing off hundreds of Orcs in a matter of seconds. The Man was amazing. During one of our talks he mentioned a group of fellow adventurers he has hanging out with, they were named ChangeOfFate. He mentioned they were beginning to travel to the world of the gods to fight them for their treasure. He told me they could use a healer like me, on practiced as we as me In the art of White Magic. Too tempted to pass this up I joined with them. It was the best few years of my life. We killed many Gods together and many more monsters in our own lands. During my travels with ChangeOfFate I met many interesting and courageous adventurers, many who will always be known as friends.

Once again however, a good thing came to an end. We had traveled together for too long and grown tired of one another, it was time for us all to go our separate ways. I was getting older, it was time to find a nice woman and settle down, and that’s what I did. I hung up my Staff, I left the world I had known and loved for a long time.

Out of no where, the hunger for adventure began to crawl back through my body. It was time to pick up my staff one more time. I left the family I had at home, and set off for adventure one more time. However, this was a different adventure; I would not be coming home this time.

My first stop for this adventure was the City of Aht Urhgan to sell the gear and weapons I no longer needed. I didn’t sell much, but instead gave it to those who could use It the most. After I was done there, it was time to head to my final resting place, Miseruex Coast.

In all my travels I have never come across a place more beautiful. I took my time walking down the Rafeloux River; my destination was the Cascade Edaellaine Falls. As I reached my destination I could only think back on all the fun I had throughout my time here in this world. All the people I have met, all the things I have accomplished, it all ends here. I sit on the edge of the bridge looking into the falls, slowly everything fades to black……. My Time has come, but my memories will always remain.

When I first begun this journey of mine, I never would have seen myself coming this far. I have done many things and achieved so much here. None of it would have been possible without the people I have come across in my travels. Best of luck to you all.

Goodbye FFXI, I will always hold a special place for the people I have met here in my heart.

Ardo/Koetsu, Risca, Sanuzi, Kia, Akaskas, Andret, Jebus, Erko, Kharel, Sarker, Nalin, Path, Nedavtes, Noir, Kampfer, Zil, Leahoktsaa, Angelena, Hagar, Owldrid, Asier, Marckfeo, Nyke, Saoshyant, Sep, Seite, Siskind, Kelee, Xandros, Alerus, Bendar, Deg, Erish, Gedatsu, Fuvion, Weeone, Kattina, Ryujia, Ryokaia, Ryukaze, And sooooooo Many more. I have met so many people, If I your not on the list I still love you! I just cant think right now as its 1:40 AM! Take care FFXI Much love Remora!

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g/l to you in w/e life has to offer.
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Blade Warding is like waving your hand infront of a shotgun hoping that everything will line up to not blow your face off, the chance of it actually saving you when you actually need extra chance to live is laughable I personally go with Blood Draining, but Mongoose is probably better than it, but Blade Warding isn't even in the conversation.

#3DeRockinyoursocksin, Posted: Sep 02 2009 at 2:00 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) i didnt read it but you were probably an idiot so good riddance
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i didnt read it but you were probably an idiot so good riddance

No sir I think you proven yourself in that area.
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jtftaru wrote:
The Internet is full of nasty, snide little turds who (often in little cliques) use the anonymity of the Internet to manifest their unpleasant personalities towards others.
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