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Looking for a crafter (Smithing) (Bonecraft)Follow

#1 Jun 10 2009 at 11:47 AM Rating: Good
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Looking for a bonecrafter 100+6 (leather 60ish?) to make coral gear +1. Looking for Coral Scale Mail +1, Coral Finger Gauntlets +1, Coral Greaves +1.

Also looking for a Smither 100+6 (leather 60ish) to make darksteel +1 gear. Looking for Darksteel Leggings +1, Darksteel Subligar +1, Darksteel Mittens +1, Darksteel Harness +1.

Obviously it may take a little time to get a successful HQ, so really in need of somebody willing to help a guy out. I'm willing to offer a reward as well as mat's for the synths. Either respond here or send me a /t in-game.

Name in-game is Petite. I'm not overly rich by any means, but can certainly scrape together gil to make it worth your time, ie. I don't mean here's 30k for your trouble, lol. When you send me a /t we can work out an adequate means of compensation.

#2 Jul 30 2009 at 11:14 PM Rating: Good
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I'm not sure if you are still looking for this but I can help with some of them.

I should however point out a couple of things.

You don't actually need bone+3+3 to make Coral Scale Mail +1 as it's the same chance HQ at 91 as it is 106.

This is the same for some of your darksteel gear. The following are tier 1 synths and therefore you only need to be 11 above the smithing cap as the leather level is in the 40s
- Darksteel Subligar
- Darksteel Mittens
- Darksteel Harness

On the other than, I can't help you with
- Darksteel Leggings would be tier two with 100+3+3 smithing
- Coral Greaves +1 would be tier 2 with 100+3+3 bone
- Coral Finger Gauntlets +1 is tier 2 with 105

Anyway... send me a /tell in game, most of my 10 chars start with 'thick'. My main is Thickdude. I'm usually on Midnight-7am PST.

Maat's cap acquired 31/1/2010

Cooking 96
Smithing: 92+3
Woodworking 100+3
Alchemy 99+1
Bonecraft 100
Leathercraft 74
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