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Hey all,

I've just come back from having a couple of months off (got bored for a while, but I've regained my interest) and I can't seem to find anyone that wants to be in a party. At least, not anyone at my level.

I'm currently a Hume Lv10WAR in Windhurst. I've been looking for a good day or two for people to party up with so I can survive other areas besides Sarutabaruta and speed up the levelling process (and for the chance to play with someone else; I'm fed up of playing solo atm!), but despite looking around for quite a long time both today and yesterday, I haven't been able to find ANYONE my level that wants to party (although i'm also having trouble finding people my level!). The closest I can find is people levels 30-40 upwards. >.<

I keep reading in lots of places that party play starts to become more likely around my level, but with the lack of people I find it unlikely to happen. Is it always going to be this difficult to find other people to play with? This is originally put me off playing this game, but I thought I'd give it another go and I still don't seem to be getting anywhere.

I've been told by one person that a good place to find parties is over in Valkrum Dunes, but I've also been told trying to get their solo at my level would be suicide. I can't say I want to go all that distance right now anyways. Is there anywhere a bit more local that's popular?

I know this is a long post, so thanks to anyone that's given the time to read it ^.^
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Nope, sorry to say but your friend was right- Valkurm is probably the best place to go to seek at your level if you're having trouble finding any like minded people in Windy.

The game is pretty top heavy these days, it can be difficult to find pick up parties just by seeking at certain levels. Most players (veteran players especially) solo/2-3 man party it from 1-20+ these days, which doesn't help those looking for a 6man pick-up much.

If you don't want to solo anymore than I would make the trip to Selbina (its really not that hard, just avoid the goblins during daytime hours) and try your luck there. Also try and get a good linkshell to help you out- often a linkshell 2-3 man party can bring in just as much (or more) exp than a normal one at those levels.

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Hey - Im on afternoons Sun - Thurs(est) and late late nights and mostly continuously Fri and Sat - I've still got some low jobs to level and the hubs and I are based in Windy - Plus, if you haven't gotten your Subjob quest done, its easier (IMHO) out of Buburimu/Mhaura than it is out of Selbina/Valkurm.

Send a /tell to Maumauva - I've still got to level WHM which is around that level - and I'll be leveling BRD, BST and some others over the next few weeks.
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