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2007 Remora Year in ReviewFollow

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Another year has passed, and it is time for the annual year in review


Windurst finished in 1st place in Conquest 35 times out of the possible 52 weeks (36 if you count the tally that took place on New Years Eve). Only four times in 2007 they have finished in 3rd place (one was right around the 4th of July, two times around when school resumed in August, and a fourth time around midterm exams that took place at most of the schools). Windurst finished 2007 by taking first place 15 of the last 18 times. Windurst claimed both Ronfaure and Gustaberg regions during 2007, and claimed Zulkhiem a total of 5 times (a new yearly record). With this dominant record, Windurst is the top nation of the Remora server in 2007.

Bastok was the closest nation to Windurst. They claimed Ronfaure and Sarutabaruta twice in 2007, but only took home first place 15 times. They spent most of 2007 sitting in second place in conquest 25 weeks of the year. 12 weeks of the year they were at 3rd place but there was a 3 month period that it did not happen once.

San d'Oria remained as the weakest nation on Remora. They only finished in 1st place just 4 weeks, and they have not seen a first place finish since the week of July 2. Throughout 2007, the nation has stayed at 3rd in conquest, which happened 34 weeks. There were only 12 weeks that the nation finished 2nd in conquest.

2008 Predictions: Windurst will continue the domination.


While predictions of the server losing the AC due to back to back attacks came true on three occasions, the majority of the defeats came due to the lack of peeps, likely from the attacks happening during off-peak times. The offpeak times tend to happen from 10:00 to 13:00 CST and again from 17:00 to 21:00 CST, and all but one defeat came in those two time frames (that one defeat was a result of a back to back attack).

At one point, the server racked up a 162 match winning streak but it has yet to reach over 100 again. In 2007, the server lost the AC 11 times, an improvement from 2006 when the AC was lost 15 times.

2008 PredictionsThe server is now closing in on 1000 wins.


So far, this is an nice addition and an excellent alternative to XP Parties and Beseiged. All three nations seemed to be balanced (although improvements can be made). Beastmen held the map the first two or three weeks of the campaign, but since then they only had occasional control of the dungeons. The strongest beastmen force seems to be the Shadoweye unit, although there are several dangerous notorious monster commanders that can give the entire unit a run for their money.

2008 Prediction: Not the entire map has been released, nor has all the units. Expect the Allied Forces to hold most of the map, but don't be surprised if the beastmen confederate gain a few wins here and there.


While prices have gone down for the most part, the end of 2007 saw marked price increases in Adaman Ore/Ingots, Black Rocks, White Rocks, and Gold Ores, all due to the new gobbiebag quest items. While those prices are starting to fall again, the demand is still high and the prices will still change daily.

Prices of most consumables have declined or remained steady from 2006.

2008 Prediction: Within the next few weeks, items that can be obtained with Allied Notes at Emblem Ranks will begin popping up on the Auction House - and most of them got some very sweet stats that will get many players into obtaining them. However, since Allied Notes is easy to come by, those items will be easy to obtain, and it will cause other gear of comparable level to drop in price.

Most consumables will remain steady in 2008. If there is a change of price, it will likely go up briefly and then go back down. Avoid buying on weekends if possible.
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Good post.
I was wondering if we were going to get a "Year in Review" post this year.

What do you mean Windurst will continue to dominate the conquest? This is the year that Sandoria will dominate the conquest tallys! Ok, probably not but I can dream can't I.
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my prediction is that nobody except tryhards will be playing by this time next year
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my prediction: all rmt start in windy
#5Chakrila, Posted: Jan 11 2008 at 1:46 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) OLOL U RATED ME DOWN!!!11 you should kno i dont give a about it, i dont even play anymore LOL. gghfurbad
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Remora server forum 2007 - 2008 in review;

It's completley died in here Smiley: frown

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Wait, why am I being quoted in here?Smiley: confused
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Master remorajunbao wrote:
Remora server forum 2007 - 2008 in review;

It's completley died in here Smiley: frown
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Galkaman wrote:
Master remorajunbao wrote:
Remora server forum 2007 - 2008 in review;

It's completley died in here Smiley: frown

I blame Gomek.
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Nice post, now back to garlaige citadel[s] campaign. Say hi to the fortification for me; it gets to meet my SMN soon!

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******* Gomek it's all his fault.
Nixnot wrote:
Wait, why am I being quoted in here?Smiley: confused
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