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Petition for PoL policy change regarding the recent hackingsFollow

#1 Dec 20 2007 at 12:16 AM Rating: Decent
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Hello all from Ifrit server.

I'm sure you all are aware of the recent happenings with people getting their accounts stolen. A dear friend of mine had his account stolen and was given the run-around by the SE service department. While they now have a ray of hope of getting the account back, it will still be a hard and weary road. This is why I am posting here. This is a petition, to be sent to SquareEnix, that demands some form of relief from this growing threat. Thousands of accounds have been hacked, and it's only going to grow as time goes on.

So I'm asking.... no, I'm *pleading* with you all to go here, read through the petition, then sign it. Get the word out on your individual websites and linkshells and let's all get something done. Because while we may be on different servers, we're all a part of Vana'diel.
#2 Dec 23 2007 at 5:31 PM Rating: Good
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Signed. Someone I know from an old Linkshell was also a victim of this problem... I hope something is done about this. (I have no idea if something already has been?)

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#3 Dec 24 2007 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
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OKOk I adinmt it.

I hackeed all those accounts/
Nixnot wrote:
Wait, why am I being quoted in here?Smiley: confused
#4 Jan 07 2008 at 11:13 AM Rating: Default
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On the date of December 11th, 2007 malicious code was discovered on popular FFXI resource site ffxi.cannotlinkto that subjected users to a security exploit through Realplayer software. Through this website, persons able to manipulate the security exploit gained unauthorized access to over one hundred accounts, and were able to change relevant membership information resulting in the permanent transfer of these accounts, with the intent of sale or other use. Additionally, there seems to be a new, unrelated and unidentified threat, with a dramatic increase in the number of stolen accounts being reported every day. Unfortunately, due to Playonline account policies these players, who are the victims of a security exploit created through legitimate software, have almost zero recourse in recovering their rightful accounts. This petition is a proposal on changes that we as the players, and in many cases victims, rightfully deserve

Hold on, so let me get this straight. When you register on cannotlinkto you have to give them all your playonline account details? Or is this entire petition about somepage accounts and not playonline accounts? cos how the **** would they get your playonline account details from somepage unless you were retarded enough to provide them? (Am I reading this wrong?)
IMO the only way account theft is likely to take place, is if A the account owner is stupid enough to give out his information (be it online to some third party website or to a friend in game or otherwise), or B has a ridiculously simple password that can be guessed or brute forced in a short time (your second name, date of birth, etc). Either way its the account owners fault for being an idiot. And let's not forget the people who sell there accounts, start new chars and say there old one was stolen in a bid for there LS mates to pity them and shower them with gil.(Happens) Or those who simply regret selling there character and claim it was stolen.
Do people seriously believe that Playonline's security that harbors extremely sensitive data such as credit card details is actually easily hackable? If I thought this for a second, I would never have even bought FF11.

Putting a policy in place like the one mentioned in your petition would result in people stealing other peoples accounts by claiming it was originally theres in the first place, not stop people from stealing. (providing maiden names and previous addresses to reclaim your account lmao, **** like that can be ripped off myspace and facebook in minutes)
You don't want your account stolen? set a decent password (5 random numbers 5 random letters jumbled etc.), don't play in cyber cafes (keyloggers much?) and dont FFS tell anyone.
Of course if this is all about somepage accounts and I'm completely misunderstanding this then my condolences to those affected. (Still aint signing though, sounds spurious)
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