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Seeking MST LS (GMT -7)Follow

#1 Nov 06 2007 at 7:45 PM Rating: Decent
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Dedicated player looking for MST from 7pm to 11pm (or later, depending on what it is) event or endgame based LS. Sky, Sea, Limbus, Dynamis, Assault, Salvage, Einherjar, ENM, BCNM, ISNM, HNM, pop NM, etc. Prefer LS that does not discriminate drops based on job (ie no forced WAR af2 just because I am WAR main... come on, WAR af all sucks, you only wear the red boots 'cause there is nothing better for less than 300k >_<), but I don't mind doing any events with any job so long as I get to actually do something, at some time. My first priority in a LS is that they be active, and doing something on at least 3 or 4 nights a week, if not more. I can go without any chance of drops for a few months if that is how long it takes me to finish leveling BLM (or whatever else may be needed... I would like to try COR after I finish BLM), so long as I'm getting to join in on *some* kind of activity.

Currently working on Bastok rank missions, then Windurst, Apoc Nigh, leveling RDM as sub for BLM, leveling BLM from 59-75, BLM AF hat, and Assault PFC (24/25 points). Dynamis need Windy win, Completed CoP, ToAU, ZM, Sandy missions.

Current jobs are:

WAR 75 (main)
MNK 25
WHM 37
BLM 59 (2nd)
RDM 29
THF 37
PLD 16
DRK 16
BST 17
BRD 20
RNG 20
SAM 37
NIN 37
DRG 17
SMN 20


GAxe 4
Crit+ 4
Berserk 4
Agressor 4


Manny/Juggy, Byakko's Axe/Pole Strap
Fire Bomblet
Walahra Turban, OHat, Genbu's Kabuto
Chivalrous Chain, PCC
Brutal, Suppa, Assault, Fowling
Hauberk +1
Dusk Gloves, Alky's, Spiked Fingers
Raja's, Ulthalam's, Flame Ring, Snipers
Forager's Mantle
Swift Belt, Warwolf, Life Belt
Haidate... yeah, do I need something else?
Unicorn Leggings, Dusk Ledelsens, Fighter's Calligae

Capped gear for lvl30, 40, 50, 60, nothing but the best.

My BLM gear is of similar quality, full set HQ staves, Shaman's Robe, etc. etc. etc. I take great care to play each job to it's fullest, and to me that means acquiring and using nothing but the best gear(ok, well, not if you count things like Speed Belt, KClub, or Ridill, etc. =P), not for 'pimp' factor, but because it helps to bring out the mistakes in how I play. It's easier for me to adjust how I do things when I have nobody to blame but myself. Also, just to get it out there, I have no interest in being a Sword-chucks WAR. I'm GAxe all the way, and I've already got axes covered.

That said, I take criticism well, follow orders, understand directions, look up mob/NM strats ahead of time, ask questions when I don't know, and generally try to be as useful as I can be in any given situation. I never leave my mog house without a stack of sneak, invis, and echo drops, RR, warp, hi-pot drops, and an Icarus Wing or two. Nothing beats being prepared.

So, uh... I don't really know what else to say. Anybody who may be interested in having somebody like me in their LS< please pm me with any other questions you might have. I'm not going to actively seek anything out at this time, simply because I know most LSs aren't in need of WAR only, and I would like to get some Assault missions done. I really would prefer to join a LS that does a wide variety of events on a regular basis. I'm interested in experiencing as much of the game's content as I can. ^^

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Dooom wrote:
BG elitists <3 haste.

Allatards/uber casuals hate elitists.

Allatards/uber casuals hate haste, as valuing it would acknowledge that elitists are right

kerberoz wrote:
People don't hate emo kids because they're "misunderstood." People hate emo kids because they're useless.

Realix wrote:
PUP is an average to above average DD... when not in a zerg situation... or on particularly hard targets... and when properly configured... on windsday... with a RDM...
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