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#1 Oct 16 2010 at 5:55 AM Rating: Excellent
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Hi All,

Just wanted to relate a story I experienced yesterday.

I was partying on worms in Abyssea when our box opener left. I was going to bring in my 2nd account to open boxes - and I said it in pt chat - but the leader of that party went ahead and just invited someone named Willowr without telling me, with the goal of opening boxes. Fine, she was within the range of 75-85 and my other account is only mid 30s anyway.

So, the gigas armband key item drops, and I win lot. She says "Can I have it" and I said no, unless you win the lot and told her to random. She lost. I then checked the log history and found that was her second time randoming.......

Fast forward about an hour. Some great augmented SAM/NIN piece drops and a guy named Pezerton wins the lot with a whopping 999. We all congratulate him on an awesome lot. We then see "Willowr obtains so-and-so", but she promptly died to AoE. She then said "I thought I won the lot..." and I promptly had her booted from the alliance.

She then sent me a bunch of tells asking me why I had her kicked, and that Pezerton won something else so Willowr took it upon herself to just grab what was in the box.

LOL worthy:
*Randoming 2X on an item
*Thinking you win the lot after someone got a 999
*Dying after doing something horrendous and being immediately kicked - hopefully without RR up.
*Changing the story on why you took the item.

and I guess a LOL on myself:
*Not booting Willowr immediately.

Also of smaller note: I had a friend join her party with her shouting "Abyssea 10/18" and she had 2 people when he joined. When asked, she said it was because "people would respond better to 10 over 2." She is dishonest from every angle.
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#2 Oct 16 2010 at 11:14 PM Rating: Good
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Wow that's pretty sad. I think I've seen Willowr around but I haven't had the (dis)pleasure of being in a party or alliance when them.
thumperbs wrote:
My only complaint thus far is the phasing towards "equal" play. The whining and the nerfing has graduated from particular talent/ability nonsense towards this new complete rewrite on what it means to be "balanced". If anything is going to kill this game its the sad state of people in general wanting things their way and only their way. Keep it up and we'll all be pansies with the same number of petals, thrown in an arena and told to pluck ourselves.
#3 Oct 29 2010 at 3:28 AM Rating: Good
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Can't say i've run into this person yet. Sounds like an absolute winner. I'll be sure to keep my eyes out for this one Mani >_>;
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