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Hi all Yumiko here, i thought i might get a new subject out there so from now utill i leave this **** hole in the middle east I figured i'd tell you all about it. if this strikes your intrest let me know and i'll begin my long and boring tales of this place.not too boring i asure you.
Ok so its bin about 3 months since i played last...i think...perhaps longer last thing i remember is lvling RNG befor coming over here. i got it from 50-61 in 7 days not bad if u don't mind late nights with JP players which i love cuz there all about grinding! but anyway after i found out i was coming back to this place for the 3rd time i had to put all my cool stuff in storage.
after that was done i packed my duffle bags and hoped on a plane.
first stop Main: plane breaks down we stay the night in a ***** hotel and back on the plane the next morning.
second stop Germany: nice place even though it was cold and we stayed in an out of the way place just for military pple. no delays back on plane.
third stop Qatar: nice place great for R&R...kinda
fourth stop Kuwait: this place is ok we where staying in tents for awile then we moved to some barracks nice but now instead of a 5 man tent we have 40-50 man bays,less room,pple getting sick faster and poor ventalation. oh and i sleep on a bunk bed...yes i am on the top bunk it sucks.
ok now that thats out of the way let me start by telling you what i do and how i do it.
my job is pretty easy. the short term name for it is 14J. now the long term name for this is... Early warning system operator. maintainer. to put it in a nut shell i watch 3-4 diff moniters and what i'm looking for is any TBM/ABT
TBM=tactical balistic missle. ABT=air breathing threat ie,planes,uav's.hellicopters ect. that are not friendly. the bad guy.
my job is used by all branches of the military but they call it somthing diff. i'm in the army bin in for 6 years now yeah its an easy job trust me.
its just all the BS that comes with the job that is the hard part and all the jackasses you have to deal with. but you find ways around them after time.
but anyway, my story really starts here
DAY 1 on site: 0600.
It started out as a good day i was awoke to the sound of my alarm clock not the beep beep beep that most ao you are used to oh no i go all out plus im a heave sleeper no i got the bell alarm boy that **** is loud. so after i wake up the rest of the tent with my,wake the dead bell thing, i crawl out and put my sandels on grab my hygine kit ,towel and hit the showers. the sun hasn't poped up yet so its still little dark out as i make my way to the mobil home looking bathrooms they have. as i walk in i see 6 stalls 5 sinks and 8 showers with turn on the water to the shower, strip and hop in. surprisingly the water is hot as ****. >,<
after showering and brushing my teeth i head back to the tent. change into my ACU's (army combat unifor) and head to breakfast. as i get out of the tent and look around i come to the conclusion that i have no clue where the **** chow hall is.back intot he tent i ask my friends if they know. and they don' i go down to the guys tents and ask them luckily one of them does. so we all head to the chow hall eat and get ready for formation. (gathering where they put out useless info for the day)
so i'm in formation and my friend ask me. "Yumi what do you have planned for today?" "I have no clue what they want us todo today" i reply. "oh..well if nothing you wanna go scout this place out?" he asks. "sure why not"
the 1sgt calls the formation to attension.
"Ok troops welcome to Kuwait. today we don't have much todo so if you go anywhere let me or one of your sgt's know where your going" he says "there will be another formation at 1700 don't be late! section sgts take charge of your platoons" he salutes then walks away to talk to someone.
"Sweeet!" i say "now we can go explor this **** hole." after Leblue and I are released we start to walk around the area. "wonder where the PX is" i say to Blue. "Not sure but we'll find it sooner or later" he expains to me.
after walking around for over an hour we find all the cool places, the PX,Gym,rec, phone center,comp center and some little shops all around the place that sell local goods.

i gotta cut it short for now but i'll pick it back up tomarrow gimme some feed back on this please, thanks
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#2 Apr 07 2007 at 11:20 PM Rating: Decent
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Sounds awesome. Bring me back a **** ear. I'm trying to improve my dual wield.
... pretty much a low-lvl BST these days ...
#3 Apr 09 2007 at 3:20 AM Rating: Decent
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Someone in my LS is from Kuwait. He works in one of the cinema's there.
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