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#1 Mar 01 2010 at 2:36 PM Rating: Decent
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So i started playing ffxi on ps2 when it came out , ended up haveing a beautiful daughter and put the game aside for her ,then i had gotten it again stoped cause of family issues,but if u look me up or seen me around my names where "JURRASIC" & "GRAPHICJURRASIC" i had jobs whm 50 smn 30 bst 25 pup 40 blm 20 drg 30 , anyway i find that i have more free time and am currently awaiting my ultimate collection for xbox 360. so i will b starting from 1 again and without my beloved carby . 1vs1 ava fights so awsome .. but i have lost contact with many friends i had on there and am looking to make new ones and if it isnt to much maybe get some help finding carby ruby and or the the quest to do it when i reach that point . i can pretty much manege till lvl 30 by myself from what i remember . would like to meet people whom love to chat and help others as well as exp groups . when i play in a party im there for the party like many of u i dont like sitting in a spot for hours to gain no exp or lose it . although death doesn't bother me i find it funny when a pt runs for zone its a game and should b treated as it is .. everyone makes bad pulls and or doesnt see a link till its to late it happens i laugh about it and drink another beer . i havnet got my game yet should b here around the 10th . but if u have xbox add me "SHAATERDABYSS" or if not leave a char name on here and when i get back on and through all the download stuff ill send a /tell thank you very much for your time..
#2 Mar 08 2010 at 4:46 PM Rating: Decent
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With respect to the carby ruby: I farm passhow quite frequently and see Bloodpool Vorax (nm that drops carby ruby at higher rate than a majority of leeches) up plenty. I already have my ruby, got super lucky and went 1/5 on it, so kill doesn't matter much to me. Sad that more people don't help others out with what seems to be a miserable item to get. Drop a char name here and I will /tell you whenever I see it up.

With respect to the linkshell: I have a good friend who has put together an ls full of people just starting out. Seems there's been a wave of brand new players lately on Titan. Would be great for you if you're not into hanging with people who've leveled 9+ jobs to 75 and have been playing for 7 years. I'm sure he'd be happy to have you join. On the other hand, I'm currently in a linkshell full of the aforementioned people--despite the fact that they all know WAYYYY more than me they are all still quite helpful, a nice bunch of people, and a wealth of information. Perhaps I can ask one of the leaders to get you a linkpearl once you get settled a bit.

In short: {Welcome Back}
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#3 Mar 12 2010 at 10:20 PM Rating: Default
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It's too bad that there are so many threads with people looking for a LS. My wife and I are going to start fresh on Titan and we too will be seeking an LS to get going with. I'll edit my post hereafter with toonnames. I hope this doesn't count as a Hijack of some sort to the OP. I thank you for starting the thread (=.

I am Ithaku
My wife's Taru is Rosehips

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#4 Mar 13 2010 at 6:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi guys, I am also looking to start anew and would like to be in a LS with nice people. I've played before, and even though it's been a while I don't think I'm a total FFXI newb. I'm really interested in joining a LS with new characters as well.

If you could reply here or private message me with someone I could contact in game I'd be very thankful.

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Valirin Drayke
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#5 Mar 22 2010 at 5:27 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok sorry been locked into this game .alot has changed and very addicting . well some of u might have seen me running around already . my names Herbalessence iv gotten my whm to 30 my blm to 16 and the ruby in hand awiting scorching day in dunes and hopeing someone will b nice/board enough to escort me to ice weather . BTW ithaku hows it going ? lol fun pt . was gonna go for pup job 1st but seems alot of people gonna b all over that after this update .. plus the whole items thing for boat wont b esy to do till round lvl 45-50 .. anyway Gadsden send me a friend invite can always use more friends .. ok imma do something constructive till update is done then hope to see yall on . (take care)
#6 Mar 22 2010 at 9:46 PM Rating: Decent
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haha herbal Ive totally grouped with you in the dunes! Valrin, BLM/WHM here lol
Valirin Drayke
Midland Hyur, Ul'dah, Palamecia
#7 Mar 22 2010 at 10:14 PM Rating: Decent
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Ha ha yeah hows it going u should send me a friend invite , well when this update finishes u should lol. its killing me no ff . dont wanna play cod mw2 .. /sigh
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