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#1 May 28 2007 at 3:18 PM Rating: Decent
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SE seems to be doing things that is really backwards. First of all i feel for you new players,50 starting gil really does suck. SE brags about how they remove 60somewhat billion gil from circulation, but come on guys what does that do for us? I have finished CoP since december 05, lost numerous amounts of xp and gil and NoW!!! they wanna make CoP missions easier and w/o xp lost? **** i guess that means i should be more patient.I remember a time when i could go farm and mine or w/e to make tons of gil and now people if you have 1million you should consider yourselves lucky. I bust my **** to get tons of kindred seals only to make 20k in a single run because SE FF11 has the worst random BS **** system of any game i have ever played. Yeah i know folks will say well just quit then and no problems i am doing just that. No longer will SE take over my life like it did in the past. Take Care get smart and open your eyes, this game is changing things a few years too late in my opinion. Oh and to the people that lvl and lvl and lvl cause you want Maats cap. .. . good luck to you i hope when you get it in 5 years you won't feel like you wasted your life. If any of this makes since to 1 person then good... if not well don't worry about it, cause maybe it is just me. . . .
#2 May 29 2007 at 10:05 AM Rating: Good
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Makes Sense

You whine to much for 4am in the morning lol :P

Anyways only commenting on the mention about COP, No xp Loss and easier missions.

Since you've finished it since 05. Thats 1-2 years of Sea you've been able to do, acquire new items, do different and somtimes better things than people who havent been and finished CoP.

The Economy I agree on about, Personally this deflation is kinda over the top really.

Yes /random ftl, but its the game we chose, I play to hang with friends. Works for me.

Good Luck with your next game though
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