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HNM and Dynamis LS Help Please~! ^^Follow

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So... I finally reached [zomgwtfbbq!!!! XD] level 70 on my WHM two nights ago. *throws confetti* My mentor since the beginning of my game career suggests that I should join a HNM and a Dynamis LS. So... Can anyone give me some suggestions on a good HNM and Dynamis LS that's on PST time? And if possible, their website so I can read up before tackling anyone with stupid questions? ^^ Thank you!
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Harbingers of Fate (sp?)

its on invasion board.. I keep forgetting about them.

These are the major HNMLSes on the server.

There are a ton of Dynamis LSes though

Just ask those you are partying with for a Dyna LS. Most of the people at 70+ either are in a major player LS or know of them.
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EliteZ is a dynamis shell that is focused on Northlands and CoP dynamis, but does occasional city runs (which you need to access northlands).

On a side note, you didn't say if you had access to Sky, but most HNM shells will want you to. Most LSs should also also be able to help you gain that access.
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