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Returning to Titan after a long absence...Follow

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Count me in along with those returning to the Titan server after having not played for a long old character was a WHM47 by the name of Ryn (also on Titan), and my new character is a WHM11 (so far) named Cyrian.

Two questions for you guys - first, when I first played, I made all my money by gardening for elemental ores, and I just don't have the time now to be checking in on my plants multiple times a day. What's the best thing to farm at my level, and what would be the best way eventually to make a sustainable source of income? (I started off in San d'Oria and have thus far been farming bat wings at King Ranperre's Tomb).

Secondly, does anyone have a good linkshell they can recommend where the members will be willing to help out lower-level players?

Thanks, and it's good to be back on Titan!
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wb to titan. Ele ores have gone down in value to what you were prolly used to when you were playing. Actually the prices on just about everything has plummeted. So it's a good thing if you are a buyer, but not the best if a seller. hehe. But I guess that evens out. You may want to check out It has a pretty comprehensive list of what has been sold on AH. You can always use that to see what the decent items are.

You can ask Mdwarlord for a pearl to Demons&Soldiers LS. Just let him know I said to talk to him. We're a social shell and the people are very helpful. It's pretty much a bunch of hi-lvl's, but there people will want to lvl other jobs too. Our only requirement for joining the shell really is to pay it forward. I would give you a pearl myself, but I am on a 2 month sabbatical at the moment. Hopefully should be back in june or so.

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