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#1 Oct 20 2004 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey Everyone, I made a new LS, and It has a few requirements:

1. You must have NIN or (possibly THF) RDM over level 20.

2. You gotta be good at what you do...

(by good at what you do, it means you know wtf you're doing when you play a job)

So much for a few.... the LS name is "TheAssassins", if you want a pearl, gimme a /tell in game.. or send me a message via PlayOnline Viewer...

We will do BCNM battles, Camp NMs, do Garrison, and as you *might* have guessed, take a hit out for someone. (Killing a certain monster for someone, getting hard to get drops for a quest) We will have 1 or more event a week. We will also try to do a BCNM, or Garrison every 2 weeks, maybe more often...

Later on, the requirement for joining might rise, but not for people already in. I want this to be a fun LS, please give me ideas, I am open, I will be choosing a sack-holder sometime soon.

Thanks! I'm open to ideas! /tell me if you want in!


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