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#1 Oct 18 2004 at 5:53 PM Rating: Good
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Well, going through my mind right now, is the thought that has probably crossed everyone's mind that has played this game for more than a couple of months: What am I still doing in Vana'diel?

I'm not making this post, to be another one of those "This game sucks" posts, but just to post my feelings about my recent play, and hopefully receive some good feedback.

A little background. I started the game as a Tarutaru Black Mage, from San D'oria. Back right around Halloween last year, I remember holding the game in my hands, unable to play, because I had read about "World passes" and the fact that if you wanted to play together with your friends, somebody has to buy you a worldpass to join their server. So my little brother was the first to install the game. Anxiously, my fianc, now my wife, my best friend, and myself, waited for him to collect enough gil to buy us one. After the first day of him playing, we check up on him, and ask "so how much is a worldpass, and how much gil do you have?" He replies with, well, they are about 1000gil, and I collected 90 gil today, and got level 3. We all fainted. "Was it really this hard?!?" It took him about 4 days to gather 500 gil, and an hour of shouting to find one very nice player, to loan him 500 gil to buy a world pass so we could all join up.

After we were all in, we wanted to play together right away, this was an MMORPG after all. We were told however, that it isn't worth partying until level 10. So, over the next month, we all struggled on our own to reach level 10, and then joined our first group. The rest is history.

In the beginning, everything is new to you, journeying to distant places, meeting others from accross the globe, making barely enough gil to afford the Willow Wand, etc. I remember how exciting it was, for all of us to make our first trip from San D'oria, to Windurst, because we were anxious to see what it was like. We took the boat, and nearly died in Buburimu Penninsula, from the higher level goblins. After that, the hour long walk to Jueno, was a very exciting moment.

Soon afterwards, our schedules changed a bit. I got a new job, and I could no longer play in the afternoons (work 2-12). my wife worked as a teacher, from 7-3, and our other friend had a pretty random schedule. we found our times to party together getting fewer. Regardless, my brother and I, having more time online together, ended up doing things such as crafting, and fishing, that we enjoyed. A few months later, my brother and I found boredom in waiting for the other two, so we took up side jobs. We started with combos such as Paladin and Samurai, Summoner and thief, Ninja and Ninja, and then Summoner and Ranger. We changed our minds a few times (and I was getting tired of literally throwing my gil at ninja), and finally settled on a new static with RDM, SMN, RNG. This was the party we played with in the mornings, and weekends were for our original group. Well, the four of us struggled up to level 43, and then my wife, and friend quit.

So that left us, with a lot of wasted time we could've spent leveling our 43 jobs. We pushed on, with our new redmage friend, and made it to 38. It was taking so long to form groups at that point, because less were on (stop at 37 for subs) and JP's nowadays STILL refuse invites from me, even though we've proved our selves many times over (its always funny to search and see them either still seeking, or a few levels behind, because of their own arrogance). So, fed up with taking 2+ hours to make parties, then playing for another two, we switch, yet again, to a trio of beastmasters. The first 5 levels were fun, hacking through gobs, orcs, and such, but then this morning, it was a pain to get to level 8(is with all jobs).

With all of this said, I guess my main question is, what are we working towards? What are you afforded above level 43 to keep you interested in the game? I hear nothing but horror stories about Genkai, and the oodles of experience needed to gain a single level. I want to experience high level play on at least one of my jobs, possibly do HNM, or dynamis.

So, what have you higher levels experienced? How much time is really needed to camp a HNM, and how much time does it take to do a round through dynamis. As I see another schedule change in the near future (gotta love promotions) I want to know if I'm even going to have the time, to sit there and do all of that. I would hate to quit, because i would miss friends in my Linkshells, and I wouldn't have these forums to browse at work, and my FFXI websites i've been working on.

If you read my entire post, I just wanted to thank you in advance and any advice or support you can offer, is appreciated.
#2 Oct 19 2004 at 8:46 AM Rating: Decent
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I Can totaly relate to your plight. i oftin find my self being "burnt out" from FFXI but that because i spend hours at a time when i can on it

With these games there is always somthing to do but even so if you still find your self geting bored its time to make possable changes (hence this post im sure)

we can listin to the possable flames and whatnot from fanboys/girls and the many possable suggestions every player and his dog could give but when its all said and done your paying that monthly fee to have "FUN" and if your not haveing fun well...

a few points though (my suggestions hehe)

1. static play sucks as you now know being on a scheduel works only if everybody is able to adhear to said scheduel.
2. limiting your self by waiting on statics or certin people WILL cause frustration (as you already now know)
3.Develope a HUGE friendslist 50+ names this will give you a good base of people to pull from to find somthing entertaining to do
4. above all else have fun if this ability is lost to you now due to game mechanics scheduel etc then it may be time for a change but do make the effort to try to have fun before that drastic change=)
#3 Oct 19 2004 at 9:58 AM Rating: Decent
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Random thoughts:

1. Genkai 1 and 2 aren't THAT bad. As far as I am concerned, it is a nice change of pace from the constant grinding through levels.

2. You will NEVER gain that same sense of wonder you experienced when you first started. Maybe a new MMORPG will do it for you, or you may have small bursts of it when you see places like Promyvion, but there is something special about your first few weeks in a new game.

3. The best thing you can do when you start to feel burnt out is take a week, or even a month, off. When you come back you will either be really excited about playing, or you will decide it is better not to play any more.

4. Helping people out (quests, missions, etc) is ALWAYS a great way to spend your time. Just make sure that you are not doing it expecting something back later.

5. My current goal is level 60 with full AF (I am currently 57 with all but 2 pieces). When I get there I am going to take a break. I don't plan on doing G3 or XPing for a while. I may craft, farm, help people or do some quests, but a break sounds like 'just what the doctor ordered'.

6. FFXI is a game... you are supposed to be having fun. When that stops happening, do what you need to do to make your free time fun again (which may even mean quiting).

7. If you want to go adventuring, look me up in game ^^ I always love going to see new places or trying a new quest, etc.
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#4 Oct 19 2004 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
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thanks for the replies. I think I'll try to get some promyvion groups going, to get a little change of pace. The nice thing is, my static of 3, is available every day at the same time, so we have plenty of time to level, just getting certain people to party can be a little difficult.

We're going to get back into it tomorrow, and hopefully get level 40 :)
#5 Oct 19 2004 at 8:33 PM Rating: Decent
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First of all...nice post Chipotle, you never disappoint me =P

It's hard for me to answer your questions because I am only a lvl 50 myself, but just don't give up dude. If it means only playing 1-2 hours a day that's ok. As long as you try the best you can, you can succeed. I'm only usually on 3-4 hours a day until every other weekend and I plan to get Goldsmithing to 90. It'll take me a while, but I don't lose hope.

The people that fail are the ones who think negatively. Panicking because you have a tight schedule will only get you nowhere.

I really don't mind if you consider leaving FFXI. If you think it's the best thing for you to do, it's cool. (We'd all miss you though ^_^)

Eep! G2G! Good luck Chip, hope things work out!
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#6 Oct 19 2004 at 8:40 PM Rating: Good
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Thanks for the reply Lux.

I've found my calling again, with summoner, I just needed 4 days off I guess, haha. Now, the only problem is, I want Fenrir, and it looks like i'll have to pay big bucks to get him. I've heard of mercenaries going for 100k each, which I can do, but i'd rather spend that on staves and such. we'll see, hopefully we can get a decent party going tomorrow morning, and get to level 40, from 38.
#7 Oct 19 2004 at 9:32 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm not sure if this is an option...but you could get to the 60's as a BLM/SMN, then you can get a Fenrir PT I think. My friend told me 60+ can contribute to Avatar PT's. If you're lucky enough, you might get 5 nice lvl 70+'s to help you at your current LVL. I wouldn't count on it thought ^_^;

Eeeeh, on second thought...Fenrir is 5 levels higher than others, so you might not be able to get it until your a high enough level to contribute to the PT.
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#8 Oct 20 2004 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Holy smoke chip quess we really were in a funk. After /c off the last of the honey do list I tried to catch up on some server news and found your thread. Looks like it was time for a breaking of the fellowship and to start Act II.

For me there is always something to do and little of it has to do with leveling a charactor. Never could just sit around with a flag up waiting for an invite, or waiting to fill up a party. There are quests, farming, crafting, exploring and so on. But the best part of this game is that out of the blue you might bump into couple of peeps on a crag one day and make new friends.

So for now its a lot of this and that. Start to go here and end up there. Might even join a exp party now and then. But always will remember the fun we had and hoping to join you two for act III
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#9 Oct 21 2004 at 2:44 PM Rating: Decent
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I find it best to have 3/4 jobs.

For me I list the mine below:

1. My BLM you level whenever I want, no static, no waiting, meet random(good and bad) people.

2. My WHM in a static. I won't level outside of it.

3. My Bard also in a static

4. My BST in a dou, but we live on diffrent sides of the world so we pick a time/level range to meet up.

Not sure if you do any of the group missions, Take off the /shout filter (if you have it on) and do some of the Eco Warrior, Garrison, Promethias, Other missions etc. Great way to meet people try some new things etc.

Eco warrior/promethia is a BLAST. (specially as BLM) Just do a them for fun, if you die or succeed, its still all about Manafont NUKE :P

Not sure if you Aerial Armor for your SMN, But Mana Burn Party would be FUN!!!

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#10 Oct 21 2004 at 7:29 PM Rating: Decent
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If you need a break, I'll hold on to your gilsack! :D
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#11 Oct 22 2004 at 3:19 AM Rating: Good
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Chipotle, your my hero man.
I first meet you here on the forums over a crafting discussion about cooking I believe. I hadn't even got the game yet, as I'm a PS2 player, but I had been planning my actions for the game months in advance. I had some concerns over the server I landed on as the economies of each server have many differences. You told me that you would get me a World Pass for Titan if I decided that Titan sounded right for me. After alot of thought I gave you an email telling you that I would in fact enjoy and appreciate the World Pass if you could get it for me. You gave me the pass and I was a member of the Titan Server.
I leveled my RDM soloing in Windurst so I could get the starting ring for my Tarutaru. Once I hit level 14 or something soloing I ran into your brother in Windurst Woods. He gave me a linkpearl and I became apart of your group.
You've helped me all the way. I don't think I had been in one party without you or Twig in one of my parties all the way up to 30.
I've always been into crafting more than leveling and my goals in crafting are getting nearer and nearer.

Don't Go Chipotle!!
(But if you do decide to go you will definitely be missed)

If you want something to do you can focus your money onto a craft and get it into the 60+ area and pass me up on something =0)
The important thing to do is to set a goal and work towards it the best of your abilities. Check up on your goal every now and then and make sure your moving forwards on it.

As soon as your promotion starts to take the affect on your schedule you'll be able to play at night and hang out with me again. Hopefully by then I'll either be at your lvl 43 area and you can join our static or you can join our static with your lvl 37 job. Either way, good times will be had by all.

/salute Chipotle
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#12 Oct 22 2004 at 9:22 AM Rating: Decent
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Nice post Snaps Smiley: clap (/wave Snaps BTW)

Snaps has a point. When your on a tight schedule, the best thing to do is crafting. The whole reason I chose to craft is because I don't really have time for anything else (until every other weekend as you know).

Just don't mine in Ifrit's Cauldron like me, because you can't just log anywhere, and I've been here 3 days without an adaman Smiley: cry

I've been on mythril rings for like 3 weeks now, yet I have 600k Smiley: lol
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#13 Oct 22 2004 at 10:15 AM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the replys guys, I want to try and get a promyvion group together this weekend. Its fun to do, and can be done with 6 good people. I'll go as summoner to rip appart the BCNM boss (astral flow Smiley: grin)

Hope to see you all on soon.
#14 Oct 22 2004 at 1:06 PM Rating: Good
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Here's my perspective on things a bit.

I like to play with skillfull people, meet new friends and communicate in new languages. I really enjoy xping now more than I ever did before. Back when everyone was learning, getting xp was rather difficult and there were SO MANY people in the game that really should have never even considered a MMORPG. At the higher levels yes there are way fewer people to party with, but the number of really horrible players can also be counted on one hand. This means that parties you do get in will generally be pretty good. I have found that now there is more of a balance between potential leveling places and the number of parties competing for them. I mean sure, sometimes it can get over crowded if everyone by chance hits the same spot, but normally people will check the number of PT's in a zone before going. Also, at the upper levels yo do not get the "Valkrum Syndrome" quite as often, meaning if one area is camped, it is very easy to say, it's camped so lets go to X. This is my experience so far anyway.

Also, with leveling sub-jobs, depending on what level/job you are doing, you can usually seek out people who are not brand new to the game and therefore again, the party will have a different atmoshpere. Instead of omg this PT is teh suxxorz, or the whm meleeing, people will generally fit into their roles and work as a team. This is not always the case, but most of the time.

All I can really conclude based on my adventures is if you made friends on your way up, people will seek you out. If you have a decent reputation and demeanor, people will be more apt to listen to advice. A little kindness goes a long way, and people DO remember and want to help you in return when they can, which may equate to inviting you for a slot in their party.

One other thing I personally have learned in my time with FFXI is that life is goal oriented, there is no need to set such high expectations in the game. Play at your own pace. I set little mini-goals everyday. Like "Today I want to gain 1 level in Alchemy, and finish such and such quest". If you rush rush rush, you will have this done in an hour and be bored. I sometimes won't get that little goal done in 4 hours. Why? Because sometimes I will stop to chat with an old friend. Sometimes I will stop to help *somerandomguy* with *somerandomproblem* as I pass by. Other times I will get invites to parties for a job level that people know I have because we partied recently. Everytime I log in it's a new day and a new adventure. I just like to log in to see what that day will bring.

The most important thing I had to do to have fun in the game was to stop thinking about the monthly fee. Don't think of it likea loan payment where once you finally finish, that expense will go away. Think of it like paying for your internet access. Will you ever "be done" with your internet access? Is there some grand goal to paying for this access every month? No. You just pay for it and forget about it. In return you get to do a bunch of stuff you otherwise could not. Same goes for FFXI.

#15 Oct 25 2004 at 9:29 AM Rating: Decent
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Chipolte, Count me in for Prom-(any of them) I have done Dem. Some of my LS friends still need to do it so I could scrounge up a decent pt to form an alliance with.
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