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I remember the good old days on SylphFollow

#27 Apr 23 2009 at 11:30 AM Rating: Good
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Well, thanks to Fields of Valor and the EXP Boost, you CAN colo a lot further than you possibly could before.

It WILL take you longer, but its totally possibly so ride EP-DC mobs on Most jobs for ~70 exp a pop.

It now only takes you about 2-3 hrs to take a job from 1 to 20 (little more or less situation depending)

If you Do play on coming back, now Would be the time to do so. SE seems to be in the mode of trying to get people to stay, so they are making things easler.

Some of the good old things i remember.

My first party was in Saturabaruta, where we then went into the towers there, a whm, Blm and Rdm trioing stuff XD

Meeting all the people i have met, people from all over the world. People i talk to on a daily basis now, people i am inviting to my wedding. I know this is about the things that have changed, but the things i care about the most are my friends. Sure i liked how some things were, Skillchains and magic bursts with 5/6 jobs in a party; Nin, Drk, Blm, Whm, Rdm. But my friends are what keep me playing. To those who left, we miss you.
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#28 Apr 25 2009 at 2:57 PM Rating: Good
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I remember being a 'HIGH' level at 50 and standing gate guard at Selbina to pull trains off parties....felt so smug to be so 'cool'. Miss the days of saving parties and raising the dead.
#29 Apr 29 2009 at 12:35 AM Rating: Good
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Massive wrote:
I remember wearing elemental bonus gear, thinking it was actually helpful.

When I first got to Qufim, I had a fire sword equipped, and I bought all the armor possible with +fire on it, thinking i was enhancing my uber fire sword.

I remember being a 'HIGH' level at 50 and standing gate guard at Selbina to pull trains off parties....felt so smug to be so 'cool'. Miss the days of saving parties and raising the dead.

Yeah, when SE got rid of that aspect of the game, it made pty'ing a lot more 'closed doors'. You get your 6, go exp. Only time you might seek assistance from somebody not in your pty is if you need a raise in early levels.

I personally feel the community spirit, the 'pull togetherness' (especially on Slyph) has gone. Once 75, its all about maximum exp, new armor etc. Like sumone said earlier on in the thread, unfortunately, the magic has gone.

On the positive side:

SE and ffxi is still thriving. The servers are still full. There are more story's (mission patches) to come, and who knows what else after those SE has in store for us (fingers crossed unlimited combat merits ffs SE >.>). FFxi lives on, and there is no sign of that stopping any time soon.
Taking a break.
#30 Apr 29 2009 at 8:20 AM Rating: Decent
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Things I most fondly remember:

1. My first party....maze makers in the Maze of Shakrami. Felt so powerful with a gang of us beating up on a worm. Then the gobbie tinkerer stopped by....

2. My first limit break.....hunting paper in the Eldieme Necropolis for my limit break. 6 hours later it dropped. I remember how thankful I was to the two uber players (one Monk and one Paladin both at level 67) for taking six hours of their life and giving it to me.

3. The first time I walked through a wall in the Maze of Shakrami and found "a secret room". Better yet, when I figured out how to use it and get the goodies.

4. My first endgame LS (SKYNET) teamup with the BLACK ROSES to kill VRTRA. Seeing close to 70 level 75 players in King Ranpere's Tomb. And the ease we killed that wyrm with leadership from CrazyPluto and Aviendha.

5. My first Kirin zerg. Here to dead in 57 seconds.... Wow, what a sense of accomplishment.

6. Completing COP

7. My first airship ride thinking of how fast it was.

8. Learning how to optimize hate and emnity with my other endgame tanks Mikey and Sarron. Ahh the hate battles we had all the while tanking sky and sea gods.

9. Tanking the Wyrm in the KS99 "Early Bird Catches the Wyrm" and having 16 of 18 people dead from a spike flail. Tanked that wyrm with a RDM for 7 straight minutes while the Alliance recovered and we went on to win.

10. Alchemy to 100...

11. Actually having 100 million gil from selling cursed gear -1

12. All subs to 60....

13. Fishing to 100...

14. Garrison .... with the RGONOTS

15. Building a gear swap to survive Proto-Ultima's Citadel Buster. Took 7 in one fight and lived through them all.

16. Old friends lost, new friends made, old friends returned. Tungfu just returned....its been ... 3 years?

#31 Apr 29 2009 at 9:29 AM Rating: Good
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I remember the first job i got to 50 was my white mage was so proud and it was so fun back then. Good to see FFXI is still kicking.
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#32 Apr 29 2009 at 12:25 PM Rating: Good
More of the fun days.
I remember when you knew NOTHING about FFXI, and when you were on PS2, fun parts was talking to the NPCs and getting lost in the zones. =p

Also was easy to spot a PS2 player who didnt have a keyboard hehe..

But I will relate to the "Trioing" in the towers to get Missions done. When early LSes they would party together or seperate, but did missions together to keep in touch.

Then getting your 1st choco.
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#33 Apr 30 2009 at 3:05 AM Rating: Good
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sounds weird but i do remember the days before a few things...

i remember when the PC and PS2 where the only game in town... dang do i remember that mass group that came from the 360 beta, we all wanted to know how did it work on that machine

i remember another day like that when it was just NA and the Japanese players, i really remember the day that the British came on board and we had 10x's the people to talk to :)
#34 Apr 30 2009 at 11:39 AM Rating: Good
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The more I try to recall the olden days, the worse and worse it seem to be.

Me being a WAR/THF with sword/shield and underlevelled sub to 30

Party fighting IT 10 levels above the highest level melee, without sushi and a pair of balance ring as the closest thing to accuracy gear.

4+ party in the zone where I wouldn't even consider camping when a party is already there now

2-3k/hour being considered good exp, 5k/hour being @#%^ing amazing party, 10k/hour means you're bullsh*tting

Dungeon camp being clogged in the entrance from zoning mobs for a good amount of time

Needing THF to close skillchain and BLM to magic burst it if you want a good party type of mentality

RDM without dispels, WHM without erase, and NIN without Utsu Ni because it's too ******* expensive you guyz

melee taking full AF to 75, and basic minimal functionality gears like PCC, haub, SH, snipers being practically unreachable for a good 95% of the population

Alliance coffer key farming, where keys are fought over like @#%^ing xarcabard relic pieces

DC EP mobs beating the living sh*t of you, and giving you 12 exp for your trouble if you somehow manage to live the encounter

Yeah, there isn't much of it that I actually miss, beside RNG being gods.

Edited, Apr 30th 2009 3:40pm by ArsDraconis
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#35 May 02 2009 at 4:15 PM Rating: Excellent
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Things I remember (most of which aren't from the good ol' days)...

*Being extremely proud of having my WHM AF shoes and rocking them proudly until blessed pumps. Now a days I wouldn't even think of equipping them

*Running into Jormungand and trying to rally people to fight him since I was so excited he was up, before realizing no one (understandably) wanted to fight him. But I eventually fought him and got his title.

*Getting tossed into Mordion Gaol!

*Grinding through VD on my first job as a Warrior with a great axe while subbing monk. I still have not finished getting it to 37 as a sub.

*Farming Ghelsba Outpost so I could sell fire crystals for 7k a stack.

*Making the mistake of starting smithing in 2005 at level 20 on my first job, while paying 7k a stack of fire crystals. I lost a lot of money making only the recommended crafts from the NPC until I discovered I could make 30k by converting a stack iron ingots into sheets. My first synth was a bronze dagger, and it cost me 7k to make and sold for 2k. I didn't get a skillup.

*Claiming Aspidochelone as a WHM75/WAR35 against 70 other people while a trial member. He dropped a W. Body

*The first mob I ever fought was a Young Quadav. And by "fought" I mean "Ran across half of North Gustaberg AWAY from Bastok while being thoroughly confused about why it was attacking me"

*My first linkshell was Rgonots. Not RgoNots nor RgoNotsofSylph. Rgonots. I wore my pearlsack with pride.

*Oddly enough I remember my first foray into Promyvion. I was lagging real bad, didn't know about true sound/sight, and accidentally killed Tebian.

*Finally getting 20/20 jobs high enough to never have to step foot into Valkurm Dunes again. That was Wednesday.

*My first party at level 12. I had no idea what to do and we were in Konschtat Highlands. I checked a Tremor Ram and provoked it so we could fight it. There were 3 of us (total) level 11-13. It went about as well as you can imagine.
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#36 May 04 2009 at 3:08 PM Rating: Good
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*Getting tossed into Mordion Gaol!

hehe ok you can add that to my list too, funny matt very funny :)
#37 May 11 2009 at 9:31 AM Rating: Excellent
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I had to quit playing in 2006 due to real life and just burnt out on the game. Oh sometimes how I wish I kept all of my disks and info! Alas, I have a six month old and by the time I get home from work/cook dinner/play with baby/put him to bed/make lunches for next day/shower it's late and I collapse into bed.

I miss crafting. The challenge to make money, watch when Windy was in power so I could get cheaper items in the stores, craft like **** on the right days for HQs, etc. I miss my crafting mules, just getting up early in the morning to mass produce pies before LS events.

I miss "just farting around". When crafting was done (no money/AH full of stuff to sell) I'd go wack things in VD, go around raising people, just walk around Vana'diel to see what there was to see.

I miss the old way of fishing. When they changed it I tried it, didn't like it, and quit fishing. I enjoyed sitting back and fishing lazily while chatting to my LS or to those on the boat when trying to fish for big ones/level woodworking.

I miss my friends. I had some great and crazy times. Especially when it was a ragtag of people/levels helping out in various quests.

I do wonder who is left out of the old crew that still plays. I hold no ill will to anyone still playing/played. I wish I could if I had the time, but **** I'm OCD and know I'd spend way too much time in game! I do look forward to seeing the Distant Worlds concert here in Baltimore next month.
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#38 May 12 2009 at 11:28 AM Rating: Decent
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ah yes i remember, early to mid 2005.
I meet Airrun in RL in my hometown, and he got me a world pass to sylph
then i meet alot of good friends on his shell, that was my first LS
i think it was called, abandonallhope or something along the lines
i remember quakon, pumba or poomba a taru i really forgot his name
andmany others who name i have forgotten, then i meet Fasl , my mentor in the earlydays and good friend, along with hakha.
**** so many memories lol
then i became friends with Nilatai and end of story..... lol
#39 May 20 2009 at 5:03 PM Rating: Good
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i remember when i first started playing and someone came up to me and had me come with him to the AH and he bought me gear. it was only bronze gear but since i was new i thought it was the best gear ever :)
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#40 May 25 2009 at 1:54 AM Rating: Good
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I remember logging in for the first time too. I couldnt get the controls down at all either lol. I was stuck running in circles or something trying to run with the mouse. I met a player Klyprez who tried to help me and told me to use the num pad. We were in Port San d'Oria. That was the first zone i was ever in.

I remember starting with about 6-7 RL friends and almost all of them quitting after 2 weeks except two of them.

My first linkshell, "Taiwan". Met a lot of cool people in that linkshell some of them i spent years playing with even though we switched linkshells within weeks due to im timezone and maybe language.

Zilart missions and even the normal rank missions. Recently i did some of the Windy rank missions (originally Sando) so that brought a lot of the memories back.

Joining the linkshell KawaiiIchimi, i remember how nervous i was when i first joined i didnt want to ***** up any of the big fights or anything like that. Meeting tons of awesome people most of them dont play any more but i keep in contact with a lot of them.

I really could sit here typing all night i guess. There is so much i loved and miss about this game. It really seems so different now. It doesnt give me the same feeling it used to. I guess years will do that lol.
#41 Jul 04 2009 at 10:06 PM Rating: Good
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I remember hanging out in The Sanctuary of Zi'tah farming with members of the Cheapskinks and just enjoying the company and the beautiful music...

Death training mobs away in Dynamis as a Taru RDM so that HKS could clear a zone...

Running level 1 mules from Windy to Jeuno with all my old friends...
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#42 Jul 06 2009 at 10:43 AM Rating: Good
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I reamember back when I first started the game, and a guy named Serovial helped me out and taught me the ropes of being a warrior. He taught me how to work the controls and all of the other perks and what not of the game, and officially got me started on my very first MMO. I too started playing right when ever the NA release came out. I never really herd of many problems with hundreds of people calling GM's and what not because of different players... everything was really laid back and no one had problems with one another.

I also remember when I figured out about the check command. I remember running up to a sheep in W. Ron. and hitting it... After it took out about 50 HP, I said "Oh, **** this" and took off running. xD
#43 Jul 15 2009 at 11:22 PM Rating: Good
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I remember the powerful music when you first ACCEPT the terms for the first time

I remember the animations of the races performed in the character creation screen. From the tarutaru running around playfully and eventually falling to the ground to the Mithra sitting around.

I remember reading both Strategy guides and believing what it said.

I remember starting at the NA PC release. Which happened to be roughly around Halloween. I received my original pumpkin hat and never threw it out.

I remember choosing Tarutaru not knowing the consequences (high INT & MP, low HP & STR).

I remember first time I saw /panic for the first time.

I remember when travelling wasn't about shortcuts of teleporting. It was actually travelling. Seeing things you never saw before. Seeing mobs for the first time (and not just color variations).

I remember my first Notorious Monster sighting: Tom Tit Tat. Forever it would change the game that I knew.

I remember my first Linkshell when my chat log filled up with other people's chatter and it was colored differently.

I remember attacking elementals or aggroing them.

I remember tossing Beastmen seals because I didn't know what they were for.

I remember my first crag I saw: Tahrongi Canyon and how the weather effects were on and getting my first warp crystal.

I remember the Maze of Shakrami and the large bones in the first open area.

I remember Selbina and the Valkrum Dunes seeing those disgusting pugils.

I remember when going into Lower Jeuno and it would take half a minute for people around you to appear.

I remember the first time I joined these forums and reading threads and other forums thoroughly. Replying if I have any knowledge of the topic. I remember the freshness of reading about monsters and job forums. How a lot of the time was spent here when there was downtime due to maintenance or new patch was released.

I remember getting my first drop: Emperor's Hairpin. A friend wanted it for so long and I gave to him as a present because his Thief would use the DEX and AGI boost more than I could. That was a real feeling of accomplishment: To help someone get what they want. Sadly this accomplishment slowly changed to greed in end game. Needs became wants, but lets not talk about that.

There is so much more that I can talk about. I'll post another time. These are great memories that I tend to always come back to. A lot of bad memories as well come back, but it's best to think of the good times.
#44 Jul 16 2009 at 2:36 AM Rating: Good
1,408 posts
Ahh 1st NM, always remember the 1st, I got slaughtered by my 1st!!!

I remember being new to LS's when it was just about socialising and asking for for advice. I rarely liked to ask for help to do stuff so always went when others were doing. Now LS's are all about events, moaning, crying, controlling....

Also remember when Partying was fun, not feeling like tedious endless fights. I remember when WHM was fun at times, now it feels like a total chore and I rarely see any one leveling it.

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#45 Jul 17 2009 at 1:20 AM Rating: Good
132 posts
Ha...I'm the one that got Airrun to start playing.

AAH was the best LS I was ever in. Back when Hotdogs, Phrozen, Airrun and other various members were playing regularly was the most fun I had in game.

However, as with all good things, they must eventually end.
#46 Jul 18 2009 at 2:12 AM Rating: Good
230 posts
Phrozen still plays.
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#47 Jul 21 2009 at 10:32 AM Rating: Decent
483 posts

I remember when fishing and gardening was fun and 'not' potentially character life threatening. The days before the rmt wars when we all had fun and they where "just there" but we did not have suffer every single update as Square tries to get "them"...


FFXI where did you go when Sandy was cool and Jueno was so far away it was an adventure just to go there !

yeps, i remember the good old days on Sylph
#49 Aug 09 2009 at 10:19 PM Rating: Good
179 posts
I remember spending hours mining and trying to level all of my crafts because it was fun and I could make money. I remember a couple of years later when I made my first Hauby +1. The best was trying to figure out why I could easily kill some rabbits, but others would slaughter me. All the great people met along the way make the memories great. I doubt I will ever go back because I remember all of the times I would play for about 18 hours straight and go to bed at like 8am.
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#50 Sep 01 2009 at 1:26 AM Rating: Decent
6 posts
Tebian, I beleave your original post was about the "Bloodline Legion" That Both Players, Scye And Ariciont Were a major part of after branching off from Crystaline after...(Problems) Of in character Roleplaying felt to be (Uneducated) In best of terms, lol.

Those........Those were the good old days, When Shortyellowbus, Acara, Enigmaticknight, Krain, Ariciont, Shuki,Ikijha, Canadaman(TeamBlitz Endgame), Mikey(Endgame), Ect, And others were all Branching into Linkshells And main end-game shells, after leaving many shells such as MuchHated or Even TeamBlitz.....TeamBlitz...Ftr, Best LS Ever.

I remember a specific Massivenoneko, Best in game ninja even today next to Twolipsrbetter, many memories of FFXI, shame i only pop on once in a while....

And many many more who escape me,
Man....So many names....

And before you an flame me, Chest! Muahaha, Said it for you. <3

I miss all of you who stuck with me even those who support me as a ninja and sam main now when i pop on...your a part of my life i can never forget...and Crystalline I hope your striving stronger then ever as a RPG LS Community. <3

And Truebrotherhood, Those who still hold your pearls for the last 6 years of leveling and being there for closet friends on FFXI Even though I vanish at long periods of time, You always have your pearl with pride knowing Scye will never die through the ridiculous rumors and tragedies we have all fought as a team. <3
#51 Sep 01 2009 at 1:32 AM Rating: Good
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I remember when linkshells use to hold In-Character Meetings in Sandoria Or Windurst....Before they realized telling everyone on the linkshell to STFU Worked just as well. <3
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